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Assaults must stop

February 14, 2014

Many senior leaders in the armed forces admit the military has a serious problem in how it handles sexual assaults....

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Feb-14-14 11:51 AM

Not to minimize disgusting sexual assaults, but 1000 in eight years? That's a slow Weekend in Chicago, Obama's hometown. What about that?

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Feb-14-14 12:07 PM

Obama obeying the law? Now that's a far fetched concept.

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Feb-14-14 12:08 PM

"He should order - not ask, but order - that the military do more to deter sexual assaults." Yessir, we'll get right on that. As they walk away they think 'you can keep your doctor and insurance, Benghazi was about a movie, NSA and IRS are not abusing power...well, here's one back at you, Sir.'

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Feb-14-14 2:45 PM

I agree with the Editorial and the comments left. I don't mean to take away from the seriousness of these crimes, But I also have to remind you of the percent of cases that may be some one crying wolf.

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Feb-14-14 6:30 PM

1coach - what percent is that crying wolf?

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Feb-14-14 10:20 PM

"sexual assaults" are usually not about the sex but the controlling power and I'm not minimizing the true cases. BUT some of this is due to the girls wanting to be equal to the boys, doing all the same stuff. It's always cute and sexy when the wife or girlfriend "raids" his drawers and wears his boxers, shirts, etc. and that is all OK Turn the table and he is a sick dude. For ever women have been crying rape well after the fact and have gotten away with it. Now they call some of that "date rape" and it is always the guy's fault. maybe it's time to resegregate the military, this was not a problem years ago.

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Feb-14-14 11:59 PM

Drugy: "BUT some of this is due to the girls wanting to be equal to the boys, doing all the same stuff." Thanks for reminding us, in true Republican fashion, that equality for women has a long way to go.

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Feb-15-14 1:19 AM

'topper, you're baking up the wrong tree. There are lots of things where women are equal to thee men. There are also things that women are better at then men, BUT you don't too many guys complaining that they are just as good as a girl for a position that has been dominated by women. There are places women go that men aren't allowed, but men don't cry foul. Sexism is like racism -- a one way street.

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Feb-15-14 1:22 AM

and Hill, I'm an Independent. In case you haven't noticed there aren't too many differences in the parties as they now are.

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Feb-15-14 8:16 AM

way to go druggy, deflect blame by crying that you're Switzerland. You sound like Bobbi. I'm so and so, don't blame me, I've got all the answers, blah blah blah.... when you type like a duck, you're a freakin duck

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Feb-15-14 8:25 AM

Could be somebody looking for a pay check. Like that's not happened before.

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Feb-15-14 8:37 AM

Hill, if you're so concerned about some kind of 'war on women', I suggest you concentrate on the Feminist movement and Planned Parenthood. Both have been deceiving women and killing girl babies for decades. Or are you afraid to REALLY engage in 'war' in your own ideological backyard? Liberals approve of killing babies, Republicans do NOT, therefore Republicans hate women. That's real sick. Point is, you ARE purposely(?) barking up the wrong tree.

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Feb-15-14 9:11 AM

Poor usedto, does not care that looking for and having answers is better than constantly complaining about how others present their opinions. You yourself rarely offer anything of substance to any conversation or discussion so your singular purpose here is to try to minimize those who do...but you're not at all good at it. That being said, you are right about one thing, don't blame it on me.

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Feb-15-14 9:35 AM

If life begins at conception why is there no effort to get a social security number for the fetus so that full benefits can be afforded the woman who is pregnant? I don't recall seeing a Republican or Tea Party sponsered bill to that effect. The best way to prevent abortion is to use contraception, but the guys' club with big hats is against that too. Do any of you do gooders go to the Planned Parenthood clinic to inquire about adoption to prevent an abortion? Don't forget, Roe v Wade was passed by a Republican Supreme Court. Oh, I forgot, you walk, talk, and quack like a duck but you're not ducky.

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Feb-15-14 12:24 PM

Hill, the abortion issue is way overplayed by both sides, probably because it has become such a common procedure. It should NOT be used as a method of birth control and more needs to be done to educate on preventing the pregnancy in the first place. The law needs to stand mainly because there are times when the procedure is necessary to save the life of the mother or a condition of the fetus not developing in a "proper" manner. Those cases are few BUT they are there. That said, I don't see too many pro-lifers stepping up to become families of 20+ adopted children either.

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Feb-16-14 9:37 AM

"Fetus not growing in a 'proper' manner"?? Yup, straight out of the mouth of Planned Parenthood maven Margret Sanger, who defined not proper as black. Oh, and by the way drugs, about that specious last sentence of your own Mom, we pro lifers are busy raising our own families.

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Feb-16-14 9:47 AM

lot of substance in there Bobi, not

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Feb-16-14 9:56 AM

Hill, if every life begins at conception then every abortion is murder. You don't get Social Security Benefits in jail. Over 55.5 Million dead American babies and counting. How many more will it take before you hear the screaming as a life is extinguished? The parents of every poster here were pro life.....yet there are those who hate pro lifers. What the h##l happened to you??

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Feb-16-14 1:19 PM

It is a 2 way street, but you never here of the other side.

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Feb-16-14 2:56 PM

BoB, OK badf word choice. But there are, at times, legitimate concerns and "problems" that do occur and that is why the law should stay. Maybe the availability of the procedure needs to be tightened and reasons, documentation be tighter.

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Feb-17-14 4:46 AM

Drugs, I don't believe we need a Law, we need common sense and education. Problems with birthing, rape or incest should be left to parents, women and their doctor, not a bureaucrat. There are no easy answers but after 55 million dead babies why are we so concerned about some 'assaults'?

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