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New standards should stay

February 11, 2014

It seems like everywhere you look, the Common Core education reform is coming under attac....

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Feb-13-14 3:43 PM

That may be drugs but there is a whole lot of 'poor performance' going on.

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Feb-13-14 11:05 AM

BoB, teachers are always blamed for poor performance of the kiddies. We never blame the poor pupils for not paying attention or not being eager learners. BUT the teachers also see the absurdity in making 13 X 24 a 108 step process.

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Feb-13-14 7:57 AM

Drugs, most of the 'fights' are coming from teachers and their union. They DO NOT want to be held accountable for their skills and abilities OR this Program (for which there is no clean end). Hell, even Cuomo knows that.

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Feb-12-14 8:14 PM

yadda, 45 states???? Common Core is being "fought" against in all states. I will admit a bit unsuccessfully and not quite wholeheartedly, but it is being fought.

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Feb-12-14 12:40 PM

If 45 other states can handle common core, why can't we?

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Feb-12-14 11:37 AM

Scare, I have the idea that you wanted to put "TOO BAD" before or after your theme. Heheh.

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Feb-12-14 11:28 AM

Every Administration in memory has had an agenda to 'improve' Education...and here we are, once again trying in desperation to pick up the clean end of another liberal turd. Get the Govt. and Unions out of Education if you're really serious. Let's face it, Common Core, Obamacare...if these liberal idiocies are so friggin great then why are Americans, from both sides, running away from them instead of breaking down doors to jump on board and embrace such wonderful ideas???? BTW, the 'Blame-Bush' and 'You're a Racist' cards have expired.

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Feb-12-14 9:54 AM

Didn't the Bush administration try a "one size fits all" approach to No Child Held Behind and failed?

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Feb-12-14 8:09 AM

One good thing thing about Common Core is that it's a great recruitment tool for Private and Charter Schools. Good employees are not afraid of being held accountable and bad employees get the boot just like everywhere else (except Govt employees).

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Feb-12-14 7:46 AM

The implementation of common core "across the board" will in all probability result in many fine teachers being inappropriately sanctioned because at the higher grades, many of the so-called "students" will have received a "gentleman's pass" as they progressed to a higher grade. A teacher cannot logically teach to a higher common-core standard when the student has been erroneously "passed up the ladder". Those teachers who are erroneously sanctioned will leave for greener pastures (probably private schools or charters) and will be welcomed with open arms by those schools. Meanwhile, other schools will languish until the precepts of common core is implemented at the earliest grade.

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Feb-12-14 7:08 AM

I agree school should be year round, they can still have their vacations two weeks in the summer. Children would not loose what they have learned and the first two months back to school would not be review.

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Feb-11-14 5:21 PM

Common Core needs to be squashed. The standards are lower than a snakes belly and it more about indoctrination than learning. Let's just return to the standards of the 1960s. Educational problems were minimal then and graduation rates were near 100%.

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Feb-11-14 3:57 PM

Phasing in means we wait 12 years before we se results. we should still have the older kids trying to meet the standard.

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Feb-11-14 3:28 PM

I agree - phasing Common Core standards in w/ the next kindergarten class makes sense. The concept and the intentions behind this initiative is sound and everyone should support the Common Core standards. The implementation is the problem.

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Feb-11-14 1:47 PM

Phasing it in starting in Kindergarten makes the most sense - it's not too late!

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Feb-11-14 12:28 PM

How about government just get off their backs and let good teachers teach?

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Feb-11-14 12:27 PM

The entire educational systen needs to be revised. School should be year round, not so many vacations or days off. KIds would learn so much more if they actually had time to. We are not all farmers anymore.

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Feb-11-14 12:22 PM

How about a new them for the Common Core. Instead of all the pessimism and negativity, why don't the teachers adopt a new slogan. I suggest


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