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Gun sales shoot up, according to groups

February 3, 2014

Gun sales and background requests for firearms have gone up in New York since the SAFE Act passed last year, a local gun dealer and gun groups report....

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Feb-03-14 7:23 PM

This is one of the unintended consequences that the recent liberal policies abound with! If they had ignored the problem I personally believe we would be far better off. Just like that other albatross... obamacare!

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Feb-03-14 4:29 PM

Let's not forget the millions of dollars in sales tax going to other states from now on.

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Feb-03-14 1:45 PM

Cuomo is nothing but a liberal POS, he wastes so much money and the people of the state let him get away with it. If it were 100 years ago he would be swinging from the gallows for he is nothing more than a tyrant and the exact reason our founding fathers left us with the second amendment. I will not comply to his unconstitutional laws, I will register no gun ever, I will fill my mags to the max, I will stand for my patriotic beliefs. Molon Labe and go to*****Cuomo and all the useless tyrannical scum like you.

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Feb-03-14 1:30 PM

The real deal is the reason for the so called safe act was to get cuomo in the ring for our next president. It did spike up gun ownership, it also made things way over priced due to supply and demand. Shooting is a great sport and it is becoming a rich mans game. If you do purchase a firearm please be trained. Btw, it is a pistol license, not permit.

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Feb-03-14 1:13 PM

All the SAFE act did was to increase gun sales and ammo purchases. Gun owners and hunters fear they won't be able to get them in the future so they are buying up everything they can get their hands on. So in the end it only increses the number of guns bought sold and traded in NYS. Anything that is prohibited in NY can still be purchased from other states where they are still legal including so called Assault (Modern Sporting Rifle). You can still buy an AR lower receive in NYS and build your own (not leagal of course)And gun companies already have NY Compliant Assault guns on the shelf for sale. Gun owners in NY will continue to buy more and more guns, more pistol permits will be issued and ammo will continue to be stock piled. So in the end NYS will have more guns than ever, not what was intended by the Govt. too bad for them.

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Feb-03-14 1:01 PM

If he does make it to Washington, they'll chew him up and spit him out but at least we'll be rid of him.

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Feb-03-14 12:31 PM

Further proof there is no room in NY for extreme radicals like Andy.

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Feb-03-14 12:31 PM

I don't even want to own a gun as I live in one of our cities, but it is easy to see that this is nothing more than Cuomo's idea of a ticket to Washington. It won't change anything much. Friends will go right on trading guns without any checks, people who know how will load their own ammunition as before, and anyone needing to buy any cartridges will just slip over to Vermont for it. Ho-hum. The funny part is that some people are dumb enough to think it really changes something.

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