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County planning stricter pet laws

February 2, 2014

FONDA — After the recent rescue of more than 50 dogs from a breeding facility in Sprakers, Montgomery County legislators are hashing out plans to make local animal laws stricter. On Jan. 10, Gov....

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Feb-05-14 4:16 PM

The Lexus Group is "animal rights" oriented and looking to make a name for themselves by pushing the envelope on animal ownership. They may be experts in their area of law, but they are NOT experts in animal care. That is very relevant! Their thrust is to put animals equal to or above people. That is a sociopathic goal.

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Feb-05-14 4:13 PM

>>These dogs were not "pets", BorderCollie. They were a cash cow and nothing more. These people had a dog farm. Case closed.<< WTH! There nothing wrong with being a breeder, folks. Where do you think purpose-bred purebreds (for a specific purpose, size, temperament) are going to come from if not from breeders? From the "shelter pet stores" where there is no history, guarantee, etc.? Yup, or black market? Or maybe importing even *thousands more* street mutts from outside the U.S.?

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Feb-04-14 3:04 PM

The Lexus Project is a money scamming operation run by lawyers who are looking for money. The "we care about pets" is bogus. I wonder how many times Eric Bellows has been checked by the country. Does the man have a real job? or is torment others his main concern in life. There is something seriously wrong with a person who lives off of the succor of others and does nothing themselves.

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Feb-04-14 5:49 AM


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Feb-04-14 5:37 AM

Confirms that the mobbing of this breeder was to create 'puppy mill' laws...not just in the county but to get stricter NY laws. They needed a large seizure and now they got their way with a weak sheriff...Just like they stole John Wilson's Border Collies in Texas a few years back with no due process while law enforcement watched them do it and anyone with any of those dogs now is in possession of stolen property!!! They knew it when they collected funds to steal his dogs and know it now as they attempt to hide the truth of the Wilson case. How many of those Border Collies are now breeders for someone else just as some of these will become breeders for someone else...They know it and so do others!!! Top Bloodlines on these dogs as the Wilson dogs...Someone should have looked into this before they seized those dogs and before prosecuting...

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Feb-03-14 12:51 PM

Before the new legislators enact stricter laws, perhaps they should encourage the local town dog wardens to enforce the rules already enacted. If the towns and their officers are unable to enforce current laws, how do the legislators expect them to enact and enforce stricter laws? I speak from personal experience and having dealt with the town of canajoharie and the town of root officers on an issue, I know first hand they are not enforcing current local ordinances.

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Feb-03-14 12:37 PM

Pretty sure Roy Dimond has lived here all his life, just like Mr. Ossenfort. Keep the pressure on Roy - you've got more support than you realize.

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Feb-03-14 10:10 AM

You are absolutely correct Jr88...keep this local and be informed. The thing is BorderCollie is right too, there's more to the Lexis Project (and affiliated Orgs.) than some would admit. That being said, Ossenfort is handling this in a sensible manner. It is ALWAYS good to question where proposed local Laws come from and who is proposing them.

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Feb-03-14 5:13 AM

These dogs were not "pets", BorderCollie. They were a cash cow and nothing more. These people had a dog farm. Case closed.

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Feb-02-14 4:41 PM

Maybe Lexus should tie in with the anti-gun groups. Then we could lose our guns and our pets at the same time.

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Feb-02-14 3:30 PM

Border Collie - you're way off base here. The Lexus Project began as a vehicle to adopt out retired greyhounds, and from there blossomed into what it is today. They have no plans to "end pet ownership", none at all. They do, however consistently say they "work for the animals", and if they offend anyone along the way, too bad. For them, it's not about breeders, puppy mill owners, authorities, local governments, shelters or any other faction. It's about the animals, and that's how it should be in these cases.

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Feb-02-14 3:21 PM

Border Collie, have you dealt with or been involved in any way with Lexus? If not, I guess that's just an opinion, and we all know what that means. And their goal is certainly not to end pet ownership!

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Feb-02-14 12:15 PM

Just because the "Lexus Project" makes a lot of noise and puts its name in front of the public often does NOT mean that they are "experts" OR that they want to do something good for animals. They are an animal rights front group -- that means their ultimate goal is to end all pet ownership. And what better way to achieve that than through putting in place LOTS of confusing, restrictive laws about pet ownership to discourage people from owning animals? LISTEN to the county executive. He has presented a wise, common sense approach utilizing the wisdom of REAL animal experts who also have the advantage of living in the area that will be affected.

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Feb-02-14 11:25 AM

The Ayres Shelter? Are you kidding me? I think they do great work, but come on - they had no clue this was happening right under their noses until someone brought it to the attention of the press? I don't believe that for a second.

If it took a Buffalo lawyer and a downstate lawyer to get the situation taken care of, then they're what's needed to move forward.

No one was serving those dogs, letting that situation get to the point where it did. Please, use some common sense.

Kudos, Roy - you're doing the right thing, and you're going about it the right way.

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Feb-02-14 9:39 AM

This is fitting since Montgomery County has been going to the dogs for years already.

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Feb-02-14 7:05 AM

I personally think working with the Lexus Project is a great move!! They definitely know how to go about these things, since they're experts in the area of animals.Just like you have different specialty lawyers, their specialty is Animal laws. Do you have anyone in that area who specializes in Animal Law??

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Feb-02-14 1:22 AM

We do NOT need no Downstate or Buffalo lawyer making laws for our area. Talk to the people that live in this area, pay the taxes for this area and vote you all in office. There are people who LIVE in this county that have a great wealth of knowledge on pets and what the laws should be for them. I would suggest starting with Ayres shelter. Please do a google search on anyone who is giving you laws to put in place for those that you were elected to serve. Talk to the people you are serving.

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