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Cheers and Jeers

February 1, 2014

JEERS — To an elected bully. After the president’s State of the Union address, U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm from Staten Island was approached by a reporter for his thoughts about the addres....

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Feb-02-14 4:34 PM

Politics is a grimm business.

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Feb-02-14 7:45 AM

Anna, there are different rules for Tax cheat Wrangle, Cold Cash Jefferson, slap-a-cop McKinny, Jackson-Lee, the Black Panthers, Eric get the idea.

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Feb-01-14 10:31 AM

A leopard can't hide his spots and I'm sure this wasn't the first time nor will it be the last that Grimm goes off the deep end. At least the guy has a pulse, unlike some other members of the house. Ultimately its up to the Staten Island voters. As far as the "press" or paparazzi goes, there is a line between journalism/news, and stalking/ harassing of public figures and celebrities. As long as the low life with a camera is being protected I have trouble taking the press seriously when they claim foul. The only thing I'd like to see is Alec Baldwin actually deck the paparozzi that stalks him and his family.

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Feb-01-14 9:42 AM

Representative Michael Grimm apologized to the reporter and owned up to his bad behavior and you want to throw him out? Why not the same outrage against Charlie Wrangle. He actually broke the law with tax evasion and never apologized.

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Feb-01-14 9:35 AM

Mr Shumer, stay FAR away from our Home Rule, the last thing we want is your advice on anything. You and your idiocies are not welcome in our County. Don't take this lightly Mr. Ossenfort, this the second time in a week that your people have overreached their positions. We didn't vote for a new type of County Govt just to get the same old crap. Get a grip on this NOW and stop inviting unwanted interlopers into our County Government.

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Feb-01-14 9:26 AM


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The long-delayed Keystone XL oil pipeline cleared a major hurdle toward approval Friday, a serious blow to environmentalists' hopes that President Barack Obama will block the controversial project running more than 1,000 miles from Canada through the heart of the U.S.

The State Department reported no major environmental objections to the proposed $7 billion pipeline,

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Feb-01-14 9:19 AM

Our elected officials once again provide nothing but embarrassment to us, the people that they are supposed to REPRESENT! It is truly a shame that when a powerhouse like Schumer can do anything he wants and not fear losing his job. He is the example why term limits should rule. We need someone that has something other than his own power in mind for a change! Lets throw him out with Andy... what a great election day that would be!

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Feb-01-14 9:11 AM

lower down

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Feb-01-14 8:15 AM


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Feb-01-14 8:14 AM

Open government??!! Surely, you jest. Whether Washington D.C. or upstate New York counties, the "movers and shakers" of those counties and their hiher-up "string-pullers" (shall we interpret them as ATM dispensers) will conduct closed sessions anytime their agenda demands that they hide something (temporarily or permanently) from their non-adoring public.

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Feb-01-14 8:09 AM

The Salvation Army is one of the all time most worth while charities. Re Schumer, that's one oily character any way you look at him.

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Feb-01-14 7:02 AM

Slap Shumer's noggin of Leader judges. I'm sure he will cower in fear of your vast powers of opinion.

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