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Cheers and jeers

January 25, 2014

CHEERS — To those who step up....

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Jan-27-14 11:46 AM

The Founding Fathers were revolutionary. If you don't want their "label", don't use their premise to support your position.

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Jan-27-14 8:10 AM

Sorry Hill, I don't fit into liberals predetermined sociological pigeon-holes and dismiss your premise that I must place myself in such a position for your convenience.

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Jan-26-14 11:06 AM

On one end of the political spectrum is the revolutionary, on the other is the reactionary? Where do you claim to be?

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Jan-26-14 9:14 AM

Understanding what a liberal means when they label someone 'extreme' is very simple; anyone who does not follow their ideological premises' is by default 'extreme' and to be summarily vilified, ridiculed and ignored. That's why you'll never have a meaningful debate with a lib, they believe it's beneath them. Truth is, they cannot compete in the arena of ideas, that's not beneath them, it's simply beyond them.

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Jan-26-14 8:55 AM

For those few that believe Obama has total control over such things and have told us in the past to thank him for his help... read on! Shares around the world were hit yesterday as concerns over emerging markets saw global investors sell stocks and dive into safe-haven assets. The London market sank to a five-week low, with the FTSE 100 falling 1.6 per cent as Latin American currencies like the Argentinian peso suffered massive falls. The blue-chip index lost 109.54 points to 6,663.74 - its lowest close since December 20 - and was followed by falls on Wall Street, where the S&P 500 stock index tumbled 2.0 per cent. The Dow Jones industrial average also lost 2 per cent.

In fear of bank run, Some HSBC customers have been prevented from withdrawing large amounts of cash because they could not provide evidence of why they wanted it.

Thanks Obama!

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Jan-25-14 2:27 PM

Anyone hear what Cuomo's spokesman said about the budget? Didn't want to jump to any conclusions till he told us what he meant.

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Jan-25-14 1:57 PM

Druggy: I have no problem with assault rifles, tolerence of gays, and the right to choose during the early early stages of pregnancy. As far as NYS rejecting extreme political conservatives, Romney would be sitting in the White house today if not for Paul Ryan.

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Jan-25-14 1:38 PM

Hill, you're loosing it. -- "assault weapon" is a term invented by those who think that the people should be armed with muskets. It's funny how an AR-15 with a wood or camo stock is considered a hunting rifle, but paint that same thing black and it becomes a dangerous "assault weapon". And what "rights" have the LBGTQXZ gang - those who choose a "different" lifestyle been denied?? Why don't straight people hold hands and make out in public like they do??? Straight people don't have parades either -- why is that???

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Jan-25-14 1:31 PM

Cuomo's tenure has basically been a cover-up -- a sham, charade and a fraud designed to position himself as a centrist when he has obviously been held in thrall to the wishes of the far left so he can more easily position himself for election to higher office. Let's see him lift all mandates for the 62 counties in the state - then perhaps there's a chance (albeit, a very small chance) that I'll change my mind about the object of his governance.

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Jan-25-14 12:00 PM

Jeers to Cuomo for saying NYS has no room for "extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault weapon, and anti-gay". Jeers to extreme conseratives for saying there is no room in NYS for liberals who are right to choose, anti-assult weapon, and support gay rights.

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Jan-25-14 11:34 AM

All Cuomo needs is that little black mustache under his nose and an armband, but unless the Republicans ferret out a really credible opponent next time and not another remote rich guy nobody ever heard of, the mindless masses will dump him back into office.

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Jan-25-14 11:07 AM

Conservatives, flood the Planning Board with applications. There is one place you CAN make a difference.

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Jan-25-14 9:19 AM

The words from our Governor are not new, it is not a change of stance. It is his demented belief that the people that care about the future of this state and country and are the problem! To him it is, they are willing to speak out against his communistic and gun gabbing laws. They are concerned with how this state is in decline in so very many ways had that his policies are hastening our decent! I do hope that he uses this battle cry in all of his future election campaigns. What is not welcome here in New York is his type of divisive governing. I believe he has a roll model already in his anticipated seat in the white house... the divider in chief!

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Jan-25-14 6:59 AM

Cuomo's true colors come through from time to time. His SAFE Act, fracking sance (or lack of) and latest comments are a few examples. I am proud to say I didnt fall for it when he ran(as so many of my conservative friends did). Come to find out, he doesnt even want us in the state!! What a surprise. Not that it is an honor to be allowed to live here in the highest taxed state in the union. You liberals should be very proud of your TOLERANT leader. What a disgusting leader!!

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Jan-25-14 4:40 AM

Ok, I get it now. When Cuomo speaks it means nothing till I hear from his spokesman. Now it makes sense!

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Jan-25-14 1:17 AM

It seems to me that the "Historic Preservation" and "Ethics" board members have been asleep at the wheel for quite some time. Much of the history of the downtown area has been plowed under for a while (years) now.

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