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Sheriff must enforce laws

January 21, 2014

Fulton County Sheriff Thomas Lorey is one of a number of county sheriffs across New York state who have taken a stand against the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013....

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Jan-28-14 11:17 AM

When is the last time you were pulled over and let go with a warning. This time the Sheriff is blunt about his opinion. I personally agree with him and respect the man for taking this stand to protect the 2nd amendment. I don't appreciate your opinion and this kind of journalism puts you in the same category as MSNBC.

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Jan-26-14 8:45 AM

Lets toss Cuomo and the other progressive extremists in the harbor! Keep the TEA!

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Jan-25-14 3:23 PM

civil disobediance. worked out o.k. for those boston folks.. let's toss it in the harbor....

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Jan-25-14 10:23 AM

This Administration gets furious when we do as they do and not what they tell us to do. It confuses the Media and makes Statism look bad.

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Jan-24-14 5:18 PM

It's unfortunate that the sheriff must take this positon. Hundreds of Law Enforcement Officers across this nation have taken the same position. I agree with them in this instance. It is worthy of note that our nations Attorney General has also taken this position without the leftist media coming down on him. Holder has picked and chosen which laws to enforce and which to ignore. The Fulton County Sheriff has simply followed the lead of the nations head Law Enforcment Official.

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Jan-23-14 9:35 PM

He is a oath keeper he took a oath the constitution and stands by that as he should just remember if on a jury and you feel arrest was unconstitutional even if guilty you can jury nullification? Jury nullification occurs when a jury returns a verdict of "Not Guilty" despite its belief that the defendant is guilty of the violation charged. courts wont tell you this but its the law.

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Jan-23-14 1:03 PM

From a previous post: "the elected officials put in office by the NYS voting populace to represent the interests of their constituents"

The politicians vote based on party lines not on what the bill is about/states/covers.... This is evident and here are two examples: Pelosi: We have to pass the bill so that you can find out whats in it" and the recent Federal budget that was passed and nobody read the 1500+ pages. To me that does not reflect the best interests of the constituants.

The SAFE Act does not provide any protection to the public. Would not diminish the possiblity of future mass shootings.

It does strip away 2nd Amendment Rights. A little now. A little more and then they're gone. Now how do you enforce your 1st Amendment Rights? And your 5th? 6th? 10th

There is a bigger picture here than what is promoted in the media.

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Jan-23-14 9:18 AM

So Lorey has limited resources to use to enforce the laws, how would you purpose to use them. Chase down some guy who might have an "illegal" clip in his closet or some gang-banger dealing dealing coke. Maybe he should forget about some of the laws like rape, murder, meth labs? May be he should go out and arrest someone that might violate a law? I'm sure if he stumbles across someone who violated the safe act that he will do the appropriate thing.

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Jan-23-14 9:14 AM

Wow adkman, non sequitur much?

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Jan-23-14 3:24 AM

So who died and made you all constitutional scholars? Including Lorey, for that matter. The last I knew, you had to be a Supreme Court judge to do that, not some ******* ya-hoo.

We are a nation, and a state, of laws. We all disagree with certain laws, but for guys like Sheriff Lorey to decide he his judge and jury and will determine the constitutionality of laws is insane. He is NOT qualified to do so. He is not a constitutional scholar, nor a Supreme Court judge. He's a cop, and nothing more. His statements about not enforcing the SAFE Act would be like me saying that I don't agree with certain policies of our federal government, and therefore I'm not going to pay my taxes. In the end, it would go badly for me.

Sheriff Lorey has shown himself to be unfit for office. He needs to go, and to be replaced with someone who will actually enforce the laws. You know, the laws passed by our state legislature. That's the job of the sheriff.

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Jan-22-14 8:01 PM


Still Asking For Everything. The progressives credo!

It should help you understand their thinking!

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Jan-22-14 4:01 PM

BlackFrancis1 - thats not true its still in the courts.

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Jan-22-14 3:58 PM

Yes a federal judge did overturn the 7 Round Rule, however the remainder of the Act was upheld as constitutional.

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Jan-22-14 3:32 PM

For those that don't see the need to own so called assault rifles lets look at it this way. I don't see the need for beer, wine and smokes, golf, cars that go more then 65, or big cars that get 12 MPG. I don't see the need to for lots of things and its might right to own them or not own them...its called freedom something many fought and died for not so some Pencil neck geek in the White House or in Albany can take them away because they don't see the need. Don't like them don't buy them but leave rest of us alone. NYS is not my mother so hands off. I fought for my freedom once and put my life on the line for freedom I'm willing to do it again to keep my rights.

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Jan-22-14 2:33 PM

BF: while it's true that the legislature did indeed vote & pass the SAFE act, the way it was done & carried out by the governor's office is pretty questionable, and hardly anywhere near adherent to the Gov's promised transparency. While I don't quite understand the need of some folks to own such hardware, I really don't see the need to prohibit such ownership. Laws don't prevent crazy.

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Jan-22-14 2:32 PM

SAFE = An acronym for Show Andrew the F'in Exit

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Jan-22-14 2:14 PM

Gee insane, don't let facts get in the way of some good rants. BF and other posters obviously don't know how the SAFE act was enacted and, if standing in front of me right now, not one of you libs could tell me what SAFE stands for.

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Jan-22-14 2:02 PM

First and foremost the Sheriffs job is to enforce both the NYS Constitution and the United States Constitution. There are several reasons that the vast majority of Sheriffs in NY State are not enforcing the NY SAFE ACT. First law enforcement across the state know all too well that this law was rushed in overnight without due process and in violation of the NYS Constitution something the Sheriff’s Office is sworn to uphold. By the very nature of what the Cuomo admiration did was put law enforcement in an impossible situation, uphold the law or the constitution. Law enforcement has said time and time again portion of the law are not enforceable and will put their offices lives on the line trying to enforce an unjust law that many gun owners refuse and can’t obey. We have already seen parts of the SAFE ACT overturned, (7 rounds back to 10). Parts have been repealed, i.e. magazine capacity and other are simple not enforceable.

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Jan-22-14 12:44 PM

I guess we will see whether they voted our wishes when the next election comes around. They rammed this through and anyone who voted for this does not get my vote.

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Jan-22-14 12:13 PM

The SAFE Act was set in motion and voted on by the NYS Legislature - you know, the elected officials put in office by the NYS voting populace to represent the interests of their constituents. That's the way a republic works. We gave our opinions when we voted. No "dead of night" required.

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Jan-22-14 11:49 AM

Sheriffs must preserve, protect and defend the Constitution

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Jan-22-14 11:42 AM

Remember the "Safe Act" was set in motion and voted on in the dead of the night while we were all sleeping with no opionion allowed. Repeal the Safe Act NOW! We need to protect ourselves the Government (Washington and Albany)won't unless you collect from Social Services then you have it made in the shade with your hand extended!

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Jan-22-14 10:51 AM

So all of you suggesting this Sherriff MUST uphold the law also agree that President Obama must control the borders, detain and deport illegal aliens, enforce all provisions of OBAMACARE including the currently delayed individual mandates? I am correct in assuming that you are not Hypocrites ... right?

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Jan-22-14 10:35 AM

Ok, we'll call you JustAnotherEditorial so you'll always remember what an opinion is.

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Jan-22-14 9:38 AM

This is a editorial which is an opinion piece written by the senior editorial staff or publisher of a newspaper or magazine. Every newspaper left or right has one. I don't agree with many editorials however I respect the right for them to have one and the rights of others to comment on it. If we had more conversations with open minds the world would be a better place.

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