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Report: Local school districts ‘susceptible to fiscal stress’

January 18, 2014

A couple of local schools are among those in the state that are “susceptible to fiscal stress,” according to research done by the state Comptroller’s Office....

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Jan-20-14 9:09 AM

Agree with MrBo - I know of a bunch of people with kids who collect from dss when they could be working and then get a HUGE tax refund each year. They have money for cigs, iPhones, Mcdonalds, and everything else except paying their own rent, utilities and taxes. I for one and tired of paying for them while I go without.

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Jan-20-14 8:30 AM

Go back to basics alright, we can start by getting rid of the ineffectual, taxpayer money grabbing teachers union (not the teachers). HT's, the problem with every district citizen paying school taxes is that Property Tax payers will be paying twice; once for themselves and once for the welfare moochers who will pay with OUR money we so generously have to 'give' them. Screw that, we already pay their Medical care, State and local taxes whenever they spend our money to buy something and we actually give them Fed/State money in April for fleecing local taxpayers and not working. That's the Property Tax payers 'fiscal stress' nobody but us is talking about. Enough is enough, the price of Utopia is too d*mn high.

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Jan-18-14 11:08 PM

Easy fix to raise money. Make everybody pay school taxes, not just landowners and homeowners. Of course no sports teachers were affected or budgets. Why do we pay for buses to transport student athletes? Gas is astronomical and all these far away schools we send the kids to are ridiculous. Go back to basics necessary. Visit nearby schools for competition. Use parent volunteers, not paid teachers for coaches, club heads, etc.

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Jan-18-14 6:17 PM

FFCS has operated under complete incompetence. There was a $250,000 payout to an administrator a few years ago. Someone "lost" $500K between Sept. and June. At a BOE meeting, the BOCES head pointed at the audience and said "there will be no blame". The L-H ran an editorial with the headline "Board Decision was Fair". Are you kidding me? Where are the investigations? Where is the outrage? Then after all this mess, teachers were given a raise in June. Are you kidding me? The school was so broke in January that it had mid year layoffs and completely disrupted students, then there was money for raises in June?

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Jan-18-14 6:14 PM

Exactly, Taxed. Last January the school was so broke it got rid of the business teacher and school psychologist midyear and the after school Tues./Thurs. extra help bus. The bus. teacher had 7 classes. Only 2 were continued. The bus. teacher and school psych. had over 20 year each and were given no notice. Told on a Friday and the BOE voted on a Tuesday. The students were informed on Monday. They had to throw out work they had done all year and find new completely unrelated courses to take because the business teacher was the entire department. Both employees lost rest of year's pay and over 200 unused leave days. Given no opportunity to plan financially or look for other jobs. However, phys. ed. dept. retained all 6 teachers even though the pool closed. If phys. ed. teacher had gone, they could have just split up the students with very little disruption. Sports continued even though academic courses ended and the after school help bus. Brown's bused the kids for free.

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Jan-18-14 5:54 PM

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Jan-18-14 5:21 PM

Fonda wants a $25 million project approved along with a $24 million dollar budget but an outside auditor had to tell them they didn't have enough money to cover their budget last year? They were on the cliff, firing staff and taking programs away from the kids!!! They don't hire taxpayers - we look to all outsiders, no wonder they don't care how much the taxes are. All I can say is Wow.

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