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Medicinal pot a healthy plan

January 12, 2014

New York state is not going to pot, despite the recent medical marijuana proposal discussed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo during his state of the state speech Wednesday....

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Jan-16-14 11:02 AM

So more than 50% are ready to get stoned? They are demanding medical marijuana. The next question on legalization are they going to buy it? Or are they just tired of the incessant noise about it? Me I'm tired of the noise and I prefer an unmodified reality.

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Jan-16-14 7:52 AM

There you have it, G70 listens to Rush! Must be an endorsement!

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Jan-15-14 4:33 PM

Give up what gville70? My distaste for racism? My dislike of liberal ideology? Making you liberals look like the fools you are by as easily maneuvering you as your liberal masters? Be specific and I'll give it the consideration it's due. Since you appear to approve of racist remarks as long as it's directed to White Males you go right ahead and try to make it about me.

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Jan-15-14 4:18 PM


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Jan-15-14 10:48 AM

Mea culpa - you are absolutely right. I apologize for that comment. I am not a racist so I don't worry about what I say because I know what's in my own heart but I can't account for others' interpretations, so, point taken. FYI - I am a middle aged white male, in case you couldn't tell.

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Jan-15-14 10:24 AM

Give it up Bob..Pot calling kettle.. You sound like Rush after the drug scandal .. What about white male mindset got your geritol all worked up? You are that old grumpy guy from monster house aren't you??LOL

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Jan-15-14 8:10 AM

"Middle aged WHITE MALE mindset"? BF1 you can take your racist remarks and go straight to hell. This is NOT the place for that kind of racist, bigoted garbage and I for one will not tolerate your insinuations. I have absolutely no power to ban you but I suggest you go somewhere else and post your opinions of ignorance and hate. I had you pegged from the beginning and it looks like I was right. Ignorant, racist, deceptive AND insufferable liberal.

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Jan-15-14 7:50 AM

The government and put money to good use in one post... is this wonderland?

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Jan-15-14 4:53 AM

The marijuana trade is a billion dollar enterprise here in the US. That is not a "small vocal minority". There is money to be made and if Congress would only set aside their outmoded middle aged white male mindset and give the people what they clearly want, all that money could be put to good use.

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Jan-14-14 4:04 PM

Not everyone is demanding it. A small vocal minority is demanding it the rest don't care and are probably tired of hearing about it.

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Jan-14-14 2:25 PM

There is a great demand for guns, there is a proven want for them, ammunition is very hard to acquire and I know for a fact that it would bring in a fortune if it suddenly was available. Why supply drugs over what is already legal?

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Jan-13-14 11:53 AM

It has always been my belief that those founding this country intended to allow the individual to live as he pleases, so long as he does not harm other citizens and contributes in some way to the welfare and betterment of our society - usually nthrough taxes. How does our country now justify telling an adult citizen what she can or cannot put into their own body? It is an absurd and completely unattainable pursuit. The War on Drugs is an abject failure and a complete waste of time and resources. Is it not clear that the people of the US demand access to marijuana? That is not chipping away at society - it is ECON 101: Supply & Demand.

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Jan-13-14 10:27 AM

MrBob said, "I wonder, If I get stoned before paying my Prop. Taxes will I feel better about it?" Probably so! 'Cause if you got drunk before paying them you'd probably get depressed!

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Jan-13-14 8:54 AM

I hear you drugs but don't ask a lib what is 'socially acceptable', it's one of the few times you will get an answer and a new law shoved up your....well, you know the rest.

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Jan-12-14 1:03 PM

TOT and Knickman, a few years ago one of the pharmaceutical companies that I do some work for tried that (THC in pill form, but I don't think the desired results were accomplished. I think everybody realizes that there are medicinal benefits for certain conditions, the problem is how do we deliver this in a socially acceptable form.

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Jan-12-14 11:52 AM

All drugs have been legal in Gloversville for a long time. Dealers sell right out in the open and nothing is done about it when you complain

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Jan-12-14 10:38 AM

Do you think that for one minute that the government's role in health care is for our good? There is not one thing that pot can do that isn't already being done by a legal medicine! This is just another step towards legal pot and a more mellow controllable mass that will take any abuse that government issues.

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Jan-12-14 10:28 AM

Hill, your post sounds like a direct tv commercial don't end up in a roadside ditch. But the commercial was closer to reality than yours.

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Jan-12-14 9:43 AM

Smoking pot will lead to selling all your possessions for your next fix. No need to worry about property tax, you won't have any property. Why should we as a society worry about people in pain when making medicinal marijuana legal will cause the sky to fall? Bring back the Rockefeller drug laws since they worked so well.

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Jan-12-14 9:27 AM

I just want to clarify my previous post: I do not support recreational use. I do however realize that medical use may be warranted, once again, it would be nice if it could be in pill form.

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Jan-12-14 9:22 AM

Why not legalize all of it, even recreational use. I don't smoke it but I will guarantee you that given $100 and 4 hours time I could buy some right here in Fulton County. We bury our heads in the sand making believe laws like this and the SAFE act will actually prevent something.

Like it or not, laws do not always work. Legalize it all and regulate and tax it just like alcohol and tobacco.

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Jan-12-14 9:01 AM

Government decides the cost of owning property through taxes. It decides what ammo we can use. It tells us what insurance we need. It regulates fat content in food. It permits us to form a business. Now it's going to tell us what is proper medicine. Has anyone had enough of government intrusion?

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Jan-12-14 8:10 AM

I wonder, If I get stoned before paying my Prop. Taxes will I feel better about it?

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Jan-12-14 8:00 AM

Knickman, there is absolutely no reason that they couldn't, you find a way to ingest pot and it is going to do its work. But that is not what the dopers want, they like other moral "chips" want to have it their way. Just like Burger King!

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Jan-12-14 7:57 AM

I see this as the first step in weakening laws that outlaw illegal drugs. Our government is having its core chipped away with every one of these attempts. Our values are degrading one chip at a time and after this step is it over? No not on you life the next step is total decriminalization. Would that be the end? No not on your life it is simply on to the next chip. After you chip away at the tree long enough it is going to fall, throw morals out the window, let it all crash to the ground? Or fight every single chip to try to ensure that the strength is there to keep it standing. I plan to fight to keep the moral tree standing. Every single chip!

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