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Northville voters reject merger

January 8, 2014

Some Northville school district residents said they want their school to remain small. Others said they don’t want their school taxes to go up....

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Jan-09-14 5:14 AM

Montef, If the school taxes were fair, then money would not be an issue. If students feel they are missing out, get your thinking caps on and make it happen yourself. That is what this country is really about, not looking at what your missing, but using ingenuity to make it happen. That creates character and problem solving, something useful in a student's future.

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Jan-08-14 9:56 PM

It ain't never over, not until you pass it. I congratulate you on defeating it again and hope that you can stay strong and continue to fight them off. I expect that you will be voting twice a year until they get you tired of driving in to vote it dawn and then sweep victory from what they should know very well that you do not want! This is one time I believe that there should be limits on how often an item can be brought forward to be voted on!

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Jan-08-14 6:36 PM

Its time for people like Pat McSpirit to run for the school board. With level headed people like Pat he could bring both communities to the table get them to relax and put the students of both schools first.

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Jan-08-14 5:08 PM

That being said, there's still Charter Schools...private in the sense that they are run like a business. Many Michigan Schools are good examples. Charter's also typically don't have union teachers and the baggage they represent. The teachers who taught at that school before Chartering are not (by choice) out of a job. Now, don't misunderstand, Teachers teach BUT Unions take money with no return on investment and they engage in politicking. it's not Teachers that cost Education so much, it's their forced union membership on the taxpayers dime everywhere in NYS. I can't speak for any of you but I hate giving my hard earned money to the teachers union. Perhaps at least research and consider.

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Jan-08-14 5:07 PM

We may not know how much the people in Northville are willing to spend to educate their kids. But we now sure know how much they are willing to pay to educate Mayfield kids.....

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Jan-08-14 4:49 PM

Greed???!! I don't pay Property Taxes in your beautiful County and I'M INSULTED!!!

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Jan-08-14 3:51 PM

I didn't know there were 979 people who lived in Northville?!

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Jan-08-14 2:02 PM

It is impressive that 68% of the Northville vote was anti-merger. The correct decision was made for the right reasons. If the Northville school is run without excesses and politically correct "feel-good" projects, nothing will be lost and the kids will still receive a quality education.

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Jan-08-14 1:22 PM

I think the merger would have been a good idea and helped to restore programs that had been cut in both districts. Its sad that people are letting their greed and bias interfere with their children getting the most of a school system that they can. Northville could have kept that small town feel.

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Jan-08-14 12:25 PM

Not voting for this merger is just hurting the students. People are more concerned about the money aspect of this with their taxes, travel and keeping a small classroom. The students are missing out on the larger classrooms, which they will experience when they go to college, the now lack of opportunities they will have by not having the merger, the trouble of your school budget to be met without cuts to programs or staff and the outright possibility that in a few years you will HAVE to look to merge with another school district. One question is that howmany of you actually own a 100,000.00 home in either one of these area's? I am thinking that it is not many of the residents. Just like anything else, when you make this about money, people are going to get hurt and in this case it is the children. Don;t worry Mayfield, you will survive due to the strong support that you have from the residents and that is evident based on the turnout from the voters.

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