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Studies cannot take forever

January 6, 2014

For five years, President Barack Obama has delayed making a decision whether to allow construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to the United States....

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Jan-06-14 12:40 PM

EDITOR: After all this time you ask if government can do anything right? We all know the answer to that. If you are looking to have something run at a greater expense, with more paperwork and hurt the middle class - give it to the govt and they will make sure it happens. Why anyone would think a government so inept as ours could run one sixth of our economy (healthcare) or make a decision that would have been made in a week in the corporate world (Yes libs I said it - CORPORATE - you know the area you love to hate but also NEED to fund your bleeding heart programs for the lazy and unresponsible) Fracking and Keystone are no brainers except for those who are dumb enough to listen to YOKO ONO and SEAN LENNON. Shameful!!

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Jan-06-14 12:44 PM

Seriously? "If constructed, the pipeline would bring large quantities of oil from Canadian tar sands deposits to this country, helping Americans to achieve energy independence."

So we can become independent by importing oil from Canada? Does this editor understand that Canada is another country, and that their oil is foreign oil?

Does this editor understand that the US is currently refining more gasoline than it needs, and is exporting the excess?

Does this editor understand that foreign oil is presently being shipped in by tankers? Building the Keystone pipeline won't increase our refining capacity, it is only a way to import oil less expensively than by tanker. While reducing costs is important to any business, oil companies are already generating record profits the way things are. Why risk our environment to enrich oil companies?

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Jan-06-14 1:54 PM

Currently, the Canadian Oil is being sent via truck and train. Just last week, an oil train derailed and caused an oil spill and a great explosion. Is this saving the environment?

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Jan-06-14 1:57 PM

Oh, and Amazon, Banks and like corporations build safe, secure websites to handle enormous amounts of data every day, and yet our government cannot build one to handle 1/6 of our economy. Can't wait till 2016.

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Jan-06-14 2:02 PM

Just read an AP story in the Gazette (Jan. 6, 2014 pg D-3) that in Pennsylvania alone there were over 900 complaints of wells being polluted by gas and oil drilling in 2012 and 2013. Also Exxon-Mobile was running a TV ad explaining that most of the oil consumed in the US is produced in the US. Maybe they can get it cheaper from China, like Wal-Mart does with everything else, and save us a buck at the pump.

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Jan-06-14 2:04 PM

Incredibly weak and fatally ideologically political leadership on both levels to the detriment of both State and Country.

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Jan-06-14 2:10 PM

Hill, look into the history of contaminated wells. I saw videos of natural gas burning from a running faucet in a kitchen sink... IN THE 60'S! I do not believe fracking was an issue then. As far as the Keystone pipeline, even over the liberals objections it will be completed, roughly in 3 years when we boot the problem out of the White House!

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Jan-06-14 2:12 PM

Pipelines have been proven far less likely to fail then transporting oil in any other method. I know, but go find out something for yourself instead of demanding information!

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Jan-06-14 3:40 PM

Dave, Perhaps the editor's implying getting oil from a friendly nearby neighbor is in our county's interest as opposed to from the middle east . Could you at least agree with that???

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Jan-06-14 4:18 PM

The leading oil importers to the US already are Canada and Mexico. What is the final destination of the oil coming through the Keystone Pipeline? Will it be consumed in the US?

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Jan-06-14 4:27 PM

OT will never change her (possibly racially motivated?) hatred of our President....good thing that everything ran like clockwork when GW had the reigns(Sarcasm)....And no one was intruding in our private lives then either....oh, wait, I forgot about "homeland security" disregard that last statement...

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Jan-06-14 4:34 PM

Reuters, Oct. 15, 2013 "Last month, China surpassed the United States as the largest importer of crude, according to the U.S. government, as the rise of domestic output cuts the U.S. dependence on overseas oil. "(The U.S.) growth rate is greater than the sum of the growth of the next nine fastest growing countries combined and has covered most of the world's net demand growth over the past two years," PIRA Energy Group wrote. "The U.S. position as the largest oil supplier in the world looks to be secure for many years," it added." So, if we are the world's largest exporter of oil, we must have plenty to spare, right? And, all the crap about the pipeline is about refining the oil for export and profit.

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Jan-06-14 4:42 PM

PLEASEGETACLUE: Your response shows the mentality of the left. If you disagree with this president, you are a racist. That song, as well as you folks trotting out blaming Bush, is old and when you bring it up, you remind people just how small minded you really are. How about growing up and looking at your president without rose colored glasses? You responses continue to make me laugh, not from them being funny but because they are so pitiful.

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Jan-06-14 4:51 PM

TommyLarry, yes I would agree with that. But that's not what he wrote.

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Jan-06-14 4:55 PM

Hilltopper has it right. The demand for gasoline is flat, and even declining in the US. Any excess refinery output will be exported, and not make the US "energy independent".

Pipelines are very safe, but that doesn't mean that they don't spill. Most of the Canadian crude is now being brought to refineries by railroad, which is just about as safe as pipelines, but has the added benefit of being flexible. You can ship the oil where its needed. Some oil companies, including Continental, are now saying they don't need Keystone.

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Jan-06-14 5:15 PM

"Before TransCanada agreed to ship U.S. crude down Keystone XL, Hamm had lobbied in 2009 against the pipeline, arguing that it could flood the U.S. Midwest with a glut of cheap Canadian crude, hurting independent oil producers such as Continental." This clip was from Rueters which quoted Hamm, Continentals CEO. May be this had something to do with his comments.

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Jan-06-14 7:16 PM

I cannot believe that you think that the demand for gas is because people do not need to drive anymore... The demand is down because Obama has stated that the cost for fuel has got to be high to wean us off our use of it. The price has to be "Necessarily High" He said. He crushed the clunkers that many Americans could afford to buy and drive cash for clunker failure! Obama and liberal america is against our freedom of a vehicle. They do not want us to use fuels at all. They do not want fracking or a pipeline or any progress to make gasoline or fuels reasonably priced... but they sure do love to tax it!

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Jan-06-14 8:05 PM

TOT... really. The overall demand for gasoline in the US is flat, or in slight decline, because of the increased efficiency of American automobiles. If you want to know where our gasoline exports are going, look to China and India.

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Jan-06-14 8:31 PM

TOT: Are you suggesting that MobilExxon would have lowered the price we pay at the pumps had it not been for President Obama? Who's drinking the kool-aid now?

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Jan-06-14 10:15 PM

I am saying that the GOVERNMENT makes more per gallon than BIG OIL! Obama could have signed the bill to allow the pipeline and the reason the US fuel demand is lower is because of the promised high cost of fuel the lack of jobs and the result of Obama polices like CASH FOR CLUNKERS! I have no doubt on any of these statements whatsoever.

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Jan-06-14 10:17 PM

But you guys drink the KOOLAID, I am enjoying my tea!

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Jan-07-14 7:20 AM

And Dave, car companies especially GM are having a very hard time even giving away hybrid cars. GM has sold most of theirs at sub cost... that is how to run a strong automobile company don't you think?

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Jan-07-14 10:07 AM

Patriot1, great comment. Being blindly politically reliable is a liberal trait. I like to call it 'permanent cognitive dissonance',eg.; complaining about farmers with their mouth full, demanding green cars while driving their trucks, chasing ocean fishing vessels with ships that burn 500 gals of fuel/hr...and most of davegibsons comments...yeah, cognitive dissonance. Eminently stupid.

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Jan-07-14 11:49 AM

TOT: Have you been talking to Billy Fuccillo? He sells his cars below cost all the time. Just ask him. He's able to stay HUGE.

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Jan-07-14 1:09 PM

Hilltopper, Huge fuccillo is almost exactly the same problem as huge government. What happens when huge fails? It is a HUGE problem. I say smaller is almost always better... except where the ladies are concerned.

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