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Cheers and jeers

January 4, 2014

CHEERS — To the gift of life. On Sunday, we published the story of Johnstown resident and teacher Bonnie Miller, who received the gift of a new heart during the holiday season....

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Jan-06-14 8:18 AM

How 'bout that lucky luck Luck!!

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Jan-05-14 12:57 PM

swizzer, thanks for the disagree, only because I posted that. But please tell me what is to disagree with?? I merely stated facts. "youse" is an acceptable plural in the Philly area. and I do live there. the good news is that I'm not hearing much about the Eagles. All the jerseys and fan wear is either burned or tossed in the closet until August.

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Jan-05-14 9:11 AM

RS Thanks for reassuring me that I am on the right side of this topic. Horses pulling a cartload of people is not hard work. I have seen them haul logs out of the woods and other tasks that are of herculean stature. You cannot believe that anyone that loves an animal and uses it for work would treat them as you said. Especially in the middle of LIBERAL NYC! The PETA fanatics would be all over this like useless on a liberal policy. Why don't you go back to your global warming class that is currently stuck in the arctic ice and leave the farming to the farmers!

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Jan-05-14 9:10 AM

There you have it, straight from the horses..uh, mouth. Thank you Mr. Ed. Ohhhh Wilburrrr.

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Jan-05-14 2:39 AM

Tot, you are an inhumane piece of human excrement for promoting horse-drawn carriages. Those horses are charged with pulling heavy carriages through hot streets on pavements reaching 100+ degrees with no water until the end of the day, beaten if they don't perform well, kept cooped in a dirty stable all night, all in sub-par conditions. Some have fainted and/or died from the intense heat and overwork. Read for it yourself.

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Jan-04-14 10:21 PM

wow, youse guys should be in Philly. IF there is a real snowstorm the local network affiliates show no other programming than "live team coverage" all day long. It seems like every snowflake is a major disaster. They are worse than the robot on Lost in Space -- "DANGER Will Robinson DANGER"

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Jan-04-14 9:37 PM

Its the winter in the Northeast ..What kind of "surprise" should we be listening for??

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Jan-04-14 5:09 PM

I don't like the way Cuomo tells everyone to stay home. I don't need a governor telling me when I can drive and when I can't. I grew up with common sense and can decide for myself.

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Jan-04-14 10:21 AM

JEERS to yet another liberal policy! Sworn into office by Bill Clinton New Years day, de Blasio aims to replace the horse-drawn carriages that have historically pulled visitors through Central Park with electric cars. Claims that the horses are mistreated and says horse carriages are “not humane” to the animals. I say go talk to some equine experts there mayor and take a lesson in how animals are supposed to be treated.

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Jan-04-14 9:41 AM

JEERS indeed to naming winter storms. It seems today that the media feels the need to dramatize every incident to maximise exposure to it, giving them the attention that they need to call themselves a legit provider. Will it help? As far as the effects of the storm, nope. As far as getting viewership? Maybe but I believe it is not the name that will get them back but the content of the coverage. Just ask CNN, they are in the midst of a makeover but as yet not gained at all!

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