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Employers work to prepare for new minimum wage

December 22, 2013

About 9.5 percent of the workforce in Fulton County, and 11 percent in Montgomery County, will be getting a raise at the end of the month thanks to New York state’s new minimum wage law....

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Dec-23-13 2:48 PM

Knickman isn't quite right re Coleco leaving. The Greenburg boys manipulated the Stock values of Coleco during the Adam debacle. The Adam was a cast off of another Co. because the original owner of the system couldn't get the printer to reliably interface with the computer(nor could coleco) as system power went through the printer. I was there, Patch Road, in '83. Coleco collapsed because of corruption. Not the Adam.

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Dec-23-13 10:16 AM

Tomlarry: I'm sorry you feel this way, but the Y doesn't raise prices to upset people. If we do, its out of necessity.

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Dec-22-13 10:25 PM

If Y membership dues increase, I'll be forced to cancel my family membership. Just cannot justify the cost in this economy.

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Dec-22-13 9:13 PM

Every time this comes up about minimum wage, this same rhetoric starts up. Minimum wage workers tell us its you can't live on it. Business owners tell us they will have to lay people off or raise prices. I have noticed that those who work the hardest seem to get paid the least. Many low end workers can not afford a car to get the work, or if they do have one, it gets better gas mileage than oil mileage, while the typical employer drives a late model luxury automobile. I hope there is someone who knows what the fair solution to this is.

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Dec-22-13 9:04 PM

Coleco did not leave for cheaper labor, It was total mismanagement and the idea that the Adam computer would be the greatest thing ever. When people wanted a computer, they did not want a toy, which what Adam really was. They wanted the PC compatable system.

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Dec-22-13 1:48 PM

Same old progressive "get something for nothing" mantra. Most people start at minimum wage and earn their way out. Even more important, if there are no jobs why do you stay? There is a much bigger world out there than this area. At least most of the HS graduates with common sense have discovered this to great advantage. Mamas, don't let your children grow up to be locals. G'ville and J'town offer little more than poverty and welfare to the smartest and brightest. If your goal in life is to get one of those new WalMart jobs you should reconsider your goals. Imagine all those whose saving grace is an increase in the minimum wage... depressing.

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Dec-22-13 12:32 PM

The moral to my post below is, Why try and better yourself?

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Dec-22-13 12:19 PM

I believe New York state is subsidizing this! Just one more way to take from the middle class and drive our income down. Nobody buys my food pays for my housing, heat and electric. Guess what, most that even get this increase have all paid for and it won't change even with the increase. If you really take a deep look into it, thier net income will be the same has a person making 60,000 dollars. This will do nothing but take more from MY FAMILY!

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Dec-22-13 11:43 AM

This will be my last post here: I wish the Y could pay every employee $20.00 per hour! We have some tremendous people working for the YMCA. What we pay out in wages is limited by what we take in in revenue. Like someone previously said here, its economics. Its that simple.

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Dec-22-13 11:38 AM

Y Director..I don't begrudge someone for making a good living .I make one . What I see as wrong is begrudging someone, a few or several steps below the good wage category,from getting more.

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Dec-22-13 11:27 AM

Yukon: I guess from my perspective if I had a role in creating jobs, and at the same time adding to the quality of life here in Fulton County, its only fair that I be compensated for it. People often criticize local high paying jobs, right up until they themselves, or someone close to them, wants the job.

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Dec-22-13 11:13 AM

A lot of complaining about giving workers chump change raise yet people have no problem with the corporate welfare stores like Wal Mart continue to get!A little hint to the opponenets of this increase..ALL the minimum wage MYTHS have been debunked as FALSE!..As far as businesses raising their prices I ask ,Have your prices remain the same as they were in 2007 when they raised the minimum the last time?..on a side note ,why does tghe Y get such a huge salary while paying the "worker" substandard wages?I thought someone in that level of management would be smart enough not to throw stones in glass houses.

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Dec-22-13 10:56 AM

The minimum wage is a ploy, a vote getter but mostly an insult to the elders that have worked hard to retire and now will be forced to surrender their hard earned money in higher costs that cannot be recouped. This is another progressive policy that has the exact same outcome as every single other policy that they support. It gives no one anything and harms some others with "side effect" that they never saw coming! Pass it to see whats in it, the Pelosi effect! Information from progressive Fiscal Policy Institute? Sounds impartial to me... NOT!

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Dec-22-13 10:41 AM

Scarecrow: You are correct. This is known as "wage compression", or the "ripple effect". In order to maintain employee morale, workers who were previously being paid more than the minimum will have to get consideration for an increase. If they don't get it, they can leave and find a job anywhere and get paid the same amount they were previously being paid. Staff turnover may happen, and customer service will suffer.

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Dec-22-13 10:32 AM

The leather mills left the state for cheaper labor The Carpet mills left for cheaper labor Coleco left for cheaper labor.

Thousand of jobs are sent overseas by the consumer who buys cheaper products made with cheaper labor.

Nothing good will come from this law.

But hey, if the minimum guy gets a pay increase than I making just above the minimum should also get an equivalent increase. Fair is Fair. For if everyone doesn't raise their pay then there will be more people making minimum wage.

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Dec-22-13 10:12 AM

At the YMCA, we do not have any FT employees at minimum wage, but we have plenty of PT who do. The Y is a non-profit organization, which means our revenues and expenses equal out each year. We have over 140 employees, and over 100 of them are minimum wage workers. They are lifeguards, custodians, day care aides, camp counselors, etc. The Y's annual payroll is about 1.5 million dollars. So with those numbers, you can get an idea of how much the minimum wage increase will effect the Y, and who will get the money. If we operate on a balanced budget, and are now required to substantially increase our staff costs, where will the money come from to do that? I think everyone knows the answer. If you ask the average person on the street if they are in favor of a minimum wage increase, their reaction is often "sure". But, then ask them if they are willing to pay more in consumer prices, and you get a resounding NO.

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Dec-22-13 9:34 AM

How can the price of anything go down, when businesses are forced to pay more for labor? Economics 101.

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Dec-22-13 8:09 AM

Only time will tell if this is good or bad. Hope I am wrong, but I see bad coming out of it. Job loss for some higher unemployment and higher prices for the goods in this area so shoppers will buy less which leads to loss of tax revenue.

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Dec-22-13 7:57 AM

What the article fails to mention is that prices for low end items will now increase for ALL of us as well as rents, fuel etc giving the labor unions, who were behind all of this, an opportunity to demand more money. It's called "inflationary spiral"

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