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Shop locally this season

November 28, 2013

While Thanksgiving has traditionally been a day off for many people, that is rapidly changing....

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Dec-02-13 7:06 AM

I would love to shop local, however some of the stores are never open when I get out of work, or their prices are so much higher.

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Nov-29-13 3:37 PM

FireKatt, all of those states you mention, Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts are SOLID DEMOCRAT! It says something about your freedoms and who desires to control everything, don't you think?

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Nov-29-13 3:17 PM

Just a reminder and sticking to the subject, if you shop locally, you're probably supporting companies that are closed during holiday family time.

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Nov-29-13 1:04 PM

Exactly Pards. you have a choice. Why does anyone get to take that away from us? How can anyone tell another how to run their business or if or when they can go shop? I say sit down, relax and do what you want, allow others to do what they need to do and stop trying to control every aspect of EVERYONE'S lives!

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Nov-29-13 10:56 AM

My grandfather said "if people don't shop on Sundays then people won't have to work Sundays. He was right, stay home. If no one shows up then they will be closed on Thanksgiving.

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Nov-29-13 10:15 AM

It is not wishful thinking about unions, I have briefly been a member of 2 unions which was a bad experience. Just an observation on my part. Retail employers are the worst. I had nasty management in a fast food restaurant. Convienience stores are particularly bad. One of those chains is famous for forcing employees to confess to stealing when they have not so they can fire them just because they don't like them. This way they don't have to pay unemployment benefits.

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Nov-29-13 9:48 AM

Knickman, wishful thinking on the union resurgence. Everybody is to worried about the almighty $. Companies only pay what they have to (except to the executives), and people are so far behind the eight ball they will do almost anything to "keep their ship afloat" Rents, utilities, and mortgages must be paid or you quickly find yourself in the street. Real wages have been stagnant since about 1979

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Nov-29-13 9:41 AM

FireKatt, I kind of agree with those states BUT it's a real shame that big brother had to step in where it is really none of his business.

And to think they were willing to forgo all those sales tax $$$$

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Nov-29-13 9:41 AM

That about the Wal-Mart dist. ctr sounds like a cruel hoax to me. Management probably all along knew this would happen. Many jobs that require holiday work, public safety, healthcare, etc try to set up firm schedules that employees can plan their meal around. Sometimes everyone works a shorter shift. I don't think too many people would be thrilled to work there. The ones who are there are pushed and pushed for more production. There is a practical limit to what a human being can do. Any little incident minor mishap, and it is like you murdered someone. The way this outfit treats its help is why unions were formed many years ago and why unions will probably make a comeback.

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Nov-29-13 9:27 AM

Visit the Chamber of Commerce for Fulton, Montgomery counties and they have a list of all the businesses that are local. It's amazing what companies are producing in this area. When you shop locally, your dollars stay here and benefit all.

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Nov-29-13 8:39 AM

Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts have banned big box stores, supermarkets,and department stores from opening on Thanksgiving Day. Bravo to these 3 states who put family values ahead of the almighty dollar. Shop local and visit some of the smaller private owned businesses this year.

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Nov-28-13 1:24 PM

The great part of family is that you can plan your holiday when you ALL can be together, it is not the day it is the family that matters. One of the great blessings these days is having a job. I hope that everyone gets to have that "Family time" no matter what day it falls on!

Happiest of Thanksgiving to Everyone!

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Nov-28-13 1:22 PM

"FireKatt", the Walmart Distribution employees have choices. They can either follow management's direction or live with the consequences. If they chose to not follow the management's direction, their insubordination is something that management has to take seriously. There are likely many people in the region who would be thrilled to have a job at Walmart Distribution who would willingly follow management's direction and readily be willing to work.

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Nov-28-13 9:56 AM

Thanksgiving Day, workers for WalMart Dist. in Johnstown went in to work until 11:00. They were told all week they could leave at 11:00 to enjoy Thanksgiving with their family. When they got to work today they were told no...too much work to be done. So these people, looking forward to family gatherings on Thanksgiving, will not be able to enjoy this holiday at the risk of getting fired. I think every one of them should walk out at 11:00. Yes this affects my family. There are 14 of us to gather at a relative's house for dinner who won't even be able to be there now. I bet my life the powers that be at WalMart Dist. will be home enjoying this time with their families The storeswhile those who actually do the work are denied it. It's shameful. Even more shameful is that WalMart's "Black Friday" starts tonight at 6:00. Yes on Thanksgiving this company's greed knows no bounds. I urge everyone to please shop other stores and hit WalMart where it hurts and shop other local sto

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