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Address still a reminder

November 27, 2013

A century and a half ago, one of the most profound, beautifully written speeches in the English language was delivered by President Abraham Lincoln....

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Nov-30-13 8:28 AM

Thanks adkkev, I really do enjoy verbal fencing.

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Nov-29-13 5:01 PM

MrBob, I spit out my coffee reading your angles/math comeback! Nice one ...

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Nov-29-13 9:22 AM

Of course I believe in angles, but what does math have to do with this topic gville70? As to the rest, I recognize there is one God, not many or those 'other gods' like Gaia or whatever its called, the old newly found Greek diety. So why does my belief in God scare you and why are you so angry? Is it because you're one of those Americans I referred to that believe that Religious people are a danger to them and your pizzed because I nailed you? Yup big guy, you just might squeeze somebody like a zit but your IQ will still be your neck size.

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Nov-29-13 9:22 AM

Drugs, just a small correction. Buddha is not a god. He promoted compassion and a way of understanding, knowing.

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Nov-28-13 11:21 PM

gville, you must hang out with usedto and swizzer. You read that wrong, it says you were the best - that time. Look at it this way - you can always be a great bad example

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Nov-28-13 10:47 PM

Talking about a brawn that has seen the light... The start up of Obamacare over the past two months has been extremely flawed, with major problems plaguing Health Care. gov, the system's main website for people to sign up for coverage, and with a controversy over insurance policy cancellations due primarily to the new national health law.

Tyson says he still believes in giving health care coverage to the millions of Americans currently without insurance, but added that "as of now it doesn't seem they can get it. I was for it a 100 percent but we just have to come to the reality that it didn't work."

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Nov-28-13 9:21 PM

wow, 6'4" 250 lbs. -- all brawn, no brain, and I'm sensing a bit of hostility. There are others who are referred to as "gods", Buddha, Allah, and others. BUT this country was founded on Christian values. We have freedom of or from religion. That simply means that the government will not establish a national religion. BUT you being of the politically correct persuasion and apparently a Barry Soetoro supporter, feel that our founding documents are outdated and want the government to do more for you. Hopefully you are in a miniscule minority.

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Nov-28-13 7:13 PM

Hey drugs the worst of my dad's sperm produced a 6'4" 250 lbs person that could pop you like a zit.. Bob only one so full of themselves couldn't fathom that there are other gods besides your Christian one.. BTW you call me naïve? You a person that believes in angles , demons and virgin birth? Really?? LOL I get it you're scared and will believe anything to make yourself feel better .. As long as it keeps you from robbing my house you can believe rats talk and fairies make the flowers bloom..

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Nov-28-13 8:20 AM

So gville70, the bible is a fairy tale yet in the next breath you thank God. Oops. Thanks for your analogy of a dinosaur too, since 'we' are still here, we are dominant and all you can do is throw ineffectual slings and arrows. Naive people like you are dangerous because the effect of your credulity is to embrace an iconoclastic juvenile fraudster as leader of the free world. Thankfully, like all pimples, in time he'll clear up too.

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Nov-28-13 7:53 AM

Agree architect, and I've said this in many comments on this site. The steady deterioration of this country's economy has been building for decades, and is a result of greed and incompetence.

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Nov-28-13 12:47 AM

Architect, you are so right. Lee Iacocca's book "Where are all the Leaders?" asked that same question.

Maybe it's time we returned to the days of yore when an elected position actually meant service to your country and not an entry level position on the great money train. How many people know that Washington had to resort to moonshining to make a buck after his presidency??

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Nov-27-13 9:39 PM

The problem is that we don't have leaders like Abraham Lincoln. Greed and power have overtaken service and civics.

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Nov-27-13 9:28 PM

whoa there gville, are you saying that our founding documents and the real history of the US should not be properly taught?? That Common Core's teaching of the "collective" and always obey the government is the way to go??? That the deportation of that family for wanting to home school is OK ??? It's hard to believe you are the result of the best of your dad's sperm

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Nov-27-13 7:49 PM

yea Bob make the children of right wingers less intelligent.. If anything keep them in school longer.. Teach them the world is 4 billion years old and not flat.. Evolution is a demonstrable fact and the bible is a fairy tale.. Thank god you dinosaurs are on the way out

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Nov-27-13 6:36 PM

A very compelling article. Patriot 1 nails the crux of the problem..personal ambition rather than a desire to serve. There are those amongst us who view Lincolns address as merely ink on a paper and ignore the meaning or, worse, invent their own 'vision' of events and try to pass it off as fact. We have to deal with those Americans who believe any religious person is a dangerous fanatic and fanatics must be crushed. My generation and the one behind me are powerless to turn this around, the only thing that will work is for young parents to get their kids the h*ll out of Public schools so they can learn how this Country is SUPPOSED to be.

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Nov-27-13 1:18 PM

In order form us to continue to "long endure", I strongly suspect that we must re-tool our political structure. Personal ambition, rather than the continued and continuing welfare of a nation/state/municipality, appears to be the driving force behind most politicians and their current actions. Term limits would seem to be mandatory, and draconian penalties established to deal with monetary influence and corruption. Our founding fathers were brilliant but our current "fathers" are not even pedestrian - they are beneath contempt. Congress - take note!

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Nov-27-13 11:54 AM

As eight grade students years ago, we were required to memorize the Gettysburg Address, to be able not only to recite it but also write it, including the correct punctuation. Then we had to fully explain its meaning. I wonder if the Common Core proponents require such study of this great document nowadays.

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