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State overtime out of control

November 21, 2013

To say New York state spends money like a drunken sailor is an insult — to sailors, who couldn’t waste in a lifetime the money the state manages to spend in a year. State Comptroller Thomas P....

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Nov-23-13 4:39 PM

It's time to start firing some of these idiots. It's time the gravy train pulls over.

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Nov-23-13 8:34 AM

I was told by a DOT worker that they chipped in and bought a 60" LCD for the shop. I didn't see it either.

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Nov-22-13 9:26 PM

Hilltopper, A couple of years ago after the "mancave" incident in Albany, All of the NYSDOT shops were ordered to remove the cable TV and do not turn the television on. The TV's are still there but are used for training purposes only. My job takes me to DOT garages and I have not seen a TV turned on since the incident.

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Nov-22-13 12:48 PM

BoB, I saw (or so that I don't confuse people-- I seen) that too. Isn't Common Core just great?? In my area on election day, you were asked, but not required to show a photo ID. One of the hold ups on that is a claim that such a requirement is also racist. go figure

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Nov-22-13 11:31 AM

You know what else is out of control? I just read my PB&J sammich is racist and part of 'white privilege' and by extension I am a racist by eating it even though it's on pumpernickel, not white bread. The funny thing is, thanks to multiculturalism, If you're of black, asian, mexican, russian etc. American heritage and eat a PB&J sammich, you're a racist too. By the way, this is being taught in American schools, look it up.

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Nov-22-13 9:45 AM

In order to stop this and all other Public sector out-of-control spending sprees the answer lies with NYS taxpayers working in the Private sector. Adjust your Dependents to 10 and don't file State Income Taxes in April, let 'them' come after you and a few million others. Make the State fight for every penny...meanwhile, watch the OT evaporate.

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Nov-22-13 9:32 AM

I pay 100% of my healthcare and will pay 100% of the new premiums also.

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Nov-22-13 9:15 AM

My wife works at a state position and trust me, it isn't as great as people would think. She is not allowed any overtime unless deemed necessary by her agency heads (which has not happened to her yet) and she pays more than me for health insurance benefits and gets less paid time off. The days of doing "cake work in state work" are over for anyone over Tier 4. The employees in her office even have to pay for their own drinking water and parking spots and are constantly in fear of getting laid off, since they always cut the younger workers instead of the old timers who are staying past retirement age to get more $$ and retirement benefits.

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Nov-22-13 7:15 AM

They need to cut high paying positions like management, as they are not the ones who do any of the work. Then that money saved would go to hire more people who actually preform the work which would cut overtime. Saying that sometimes it is cheaper to pay the overtime then to actually take on more people.

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Nov-22-13 6:09 AM

ad...don't try to correct TOT on anything. It's like trying to teach a fish to run

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Nov-22-13 6:07 AM

I'm confused when the LH talks about getting 1 times your regular pay for the same work. Wouldn't that be "your pay"? Just wondering who edits the editor

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Nov-21-13 11:46 PM

No doubt some of the overtime cannot be avoided. The union uses OT to justify adding more positions. How many vacation days and other personal time is given to some of these positions? Is it the standard one-two weeks paid vacation? Some have more than one, two or even three weeks. Figure how many have a good amount of paid time and how much OT is spent covering someone with all that vacation time. We pay someone to not work plus overtime for someone to fill the position in their absence. In the private sector one is lucky to get a week off, never mind sick and personal time or added weeks of vacation for years of service. Not sure how it is now, but a person could pad their pension by working a lot of overtime. Overtime or nor overtime, taxpayers can not afford the kind of salary and benefits that many in these positions have come to expect. When these folks they take their NY pension out of state propping up another states economy.

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Nov-21-13 8:29 PM

ToT: the former state employees that you know & have retired with free healthcare were probably tier I and there are few of them left. However it is state law (civil service law) that state employees who retired after 1983 paid 10 percent of their healthcare premiums for single coverage, 25 percent for family coverage. I have no idea how much money that might be but it's certainly not free. Perhaps your acquaintances were political appointees and not rank and file state workers who actually had to take a civil service test.

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Nov-21-13 6:56 PM

The problem is not paying DOT workers OT when it snows, the problem is paying them to watch a 60 high definition tv when it doesn't, which is more often than not. Some jobs, like plowing, should be contracted out.

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Nov-21-13 6:26 PM

Some O/T is unavoidable, NYS Dept of Transportation operates with 2 shifts of 8 hrs. each during the winter months, but snow storms and the time needed to clean up does not always coincide with these work shifts. Overnights and weekends require overtime as does any storm or other disaster all year long. NYS Dept of Corrections is planning to close some prisons, until they do, it makes no sense to hire for the short term, when the 4 locations are closed, staff will be transferred to other facilities. Some O/T is really not that costly. Hiring more people means more to provide benefits for that are costly. The biggest problem with O/T is that some use it to increase their retirement pensions. There was some suggestion that the law be changed to make pension payments based on regular hours only, but so far it has not happened. Bottom line is that O/T should be limited where possible for each employee.

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Nov-21-13 6:06 PM

adkkev, I personally KNOW that state workers took retirement instead of losing the FREE healthcare plan that they enjoy to this very day! They also were GIVEN extra hours to pad their retirement. This is theft in my opinion but to you it is likely just good retirement planning.

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Nov-21-13 5:16 PM

Want less OT HIRE more people..That simple.!!

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Nov-21-13 4:32 PM

The more red tape the state creates, the more manpower it takes to "keep all the plates spinning". I would venture that half the overtime is created by lawyers making sure all the I's are dotted and t's are crossed to prevent other ambulance chasing lawyers from taking somebody to court. You may ask, is that all lawyers do? No, the rest of the lawyers are elected and running the state.

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Nov-21-13 3:34 PM

ToT: most state employees do NOT get free healthcare. It is FAR from free. Only certain segments of the state workforce get paid OT. Double dipping usually happens for political appointees since no CS test is involved.

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Nov-21-13 1:50 PM

It is nothing new! Our state leads the nation in many areas of wasteful spending. I love the get a much larger retirement by getting tons of overtime in your last years of employment. As if free healthcare and a huge salary was not enough. Then there is the politicians that skim all the time they are in office, retire from one office and do it all over in another office. We are on the disgusting end of paying their bills over and over! Taxpayers are getting TiredOfTax!

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Nov-21-13 1:36 PM

Once again, New York State, the "failed State".

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Nov-21-13 1:16 PM

OT at Tax & Finance to correct problems and backlog created by PRIVATE company hired to complete a task. OT at IT to correct problems and backlog created by PRIVATE company hired to complete several tasks. OT at several agencies due to Hurricane Sandy. OT at OPWDD and OMH generally found at State psychiatric centers to cover employee illness, vacations, etc. OT costs need to balanced against the cost of benefits for more employees (this is true in any workplace); sometimes it's cheaper to pay OT than salary & bennies.

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Nov-21-13 12:44 PM

The "smartest and best" dont shop for jobs in New York at all. They are smart enough to move elsewhere.

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Nov-21-13 12:15 PM

NYS Spending is out of control. Go by any State highway project 10 guys with 10 trucks for a job that can be done by 2 guys and 1 truck. Andy needs to grow a set and eliminate all Overtime. These managers use Overtime as a way to justify more unneeded positions.

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