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Bus driver ticketed after accident

November 15, 2013

VAIL?MILLS — State police said a school bus driver was ticketed after an accident in the roundabout Thursday. Sandra Cirillo of Broadalbin was ticketed for failing to yield the right of way....

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Nov-15-13 7:56 PM

The bus driver involved is a long time experienced driver.Luckily, there were no students aboard. School buses are prohibited from making a right turn on red and must stop at all rail crossings. It may be that these buses should be required to stop at roundabouts and yield signs. A bus is often a large vehicle that must go slow in a roundabout, if the driver stops, he or she may be able to better judge the speed of others entering the roundabout. All to often drivers go way too fast in a roundabout, and then honk the horn at someone they come up behind that is driving a reasonable speed. I don't know the exact particulars of this incident, but if there is any way we can prevent these accidents, I'm all for it.

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Nov-16-13 12:19 AM

Put a traffic light back there. I get stuck behind people that come to a complete stop at the yield sign and there is NO ONE in the dumb traffic circle. Traffic lights with turn arrows work nicely for those that follow traffic laws.

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Nov-16-13 10:26 AM

Hey this is fulton county, we do not have roundabouts here... people here did not have any training about roundabouts and if you watch one in action most of the residents do not have a clue as to what they should do when they get to a roundabout. If done right there is no faster way to get traffic through an intersection than a roundabout. First forget that it is a circle and focus on the YIELD sign, that does not mean stop and no it is not safer to stop at a yield sign... look to your LEFT if there is a safe space that you can merge into without stopping then do so. If you see a car STOP momentarily then proceed as soon as there is an opening to get into. It is not hard, should not be scary and is there as a tool to accommodate everyone. PS stay on the pavement, not on the concrete inner walkway as it is not a racetrack and the area in the center is not for vehicles.

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Nov-16-13 12:25 PM

Firstly TOT, a driver of a school bus holds a CDL. They should already know all traffic flows and sinage. If they claim not to understand they should surrender the license. Second, your take on how to proceed through a circle does not take into account the RETARDS that may be going backwards. Ive had several experiences already. Having said that,read the signs while approching and for christ's sake pay attention. Its not that complicated.

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Nov-16-13 12:49 PM

I feel bad for any 18 wheeler or bus that has to maneuver into that round about.. First they have to cut into both lanes and drivers are nuts and driving too fast.. Round abouts work great for sleepy New England towns but are terrible for busy highways..

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Nov-16-13 9:07 PM

Lets all remember the cost of this project..$5.4 million! Steady - yup a traffic light with arrows would have done the job at that intersection. But now we are stuck with it along with all the deteriorating roads surrounding it.

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Nov-17-13 8:34 AM

Stackrat, I do not in any way want to say ANYTHING at all about the bus driver. I do not know what happened there, I did not see it hear about it or know anything at all about it except this article. I am talking about roundabouts. But lets ask Obama I am sure he has something to say!

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