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Give veterans their benefits

November 10, 2013

Given the sacrifices our nation’s veterans make, they should not have to worry about getting needed benefits when they come hom....

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Nov-10-13 6:17 PM

g'ville - glad you have luck with the Albany VA. It is unfortunate that our veterans have to waite so long. Everything should be in place and readily available. I wonder how long all those people parading around in PJs pushing strollers had to waite for their benefits?

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Nov-10-13 3:33 PM

There are many ways civilians can help too. Volunteering for Homefront organizations who help our soldiers and their families is a start. Wounded Warriors is a fantastic organization to support and writing letters to our representatives to get on the ball and help those who have fought are all ways to help.

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Nov-10-13 11:52 AM

One set from active duty is stored in Louisiana (or was) When you sign up for the VA a new set is created .. Service connected injuries have to be transposed and it takes time.. I guess I was lucky as I have no issues with Albany VA

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Nov-10-13 11:23 AM

Waiting 400 days for benefits is outrageous. They didn't have to wait 400 days to get shipped to Iraq or Afghanistan, or Korea or Vietnam. It is a matter of priorities. Perhaps instead of building more bombers and destroyers, the DOD should focus more on those who have already served and direct more funds in that direction.

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Nov-10-13 10:56 AM

Senator Schumer seems to have a long history of coming out with some new proposal about every week, and that is the first and last thing we hear about it. This is true with many politicians on both sides of the aisle.

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Nov-10-13 10:52 AM

First I want to thank all our Vets. Chuck how long you been in office? and now your going to fix it. Should have never been a problem.

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Nov-10-13 10:39 AM

No veteran should have to waite in line for ANYTHING! including benefits. Yesterday at Stewarts the young woman in front of me paid for her soda and then her "boyfriend" handed the clerk his Monster energy drink to be scanned, she whipped out the EBT card to take care of the drinks then finally the cash to pay for her cigs. Very tempted to say "I have to buy your soda and your boyfriend's energy drink yet you have cash in your pocket to buy cigs"?Disgusting! We have this going on then we have veterans waiting in lines for benefits. Chuck - address the issues of abuse and fraud within the system and give the benefits to those who honestly and desperately need them. Thank you to ALL our brave men and women who have selflessly served or currenlty serve our country.

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Nov-10-13 9:56 AM

TOT. Agreed.

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Nov-10-13 9:55 AM

Happy 238th birthday to the greatest, most lethal fighting force the world, the United States Marines. Semper Fi.

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Nov-10-13 9:52 AM

Senator Schumer is a glory hog. He does nothing then runs in for the picture and a statement thumping his chest the entire way. He is part of the reason our country is dysfunctional. Liars and cheaters to the rescue!

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Nov-10-13 9:03 AM

There are enough people in the VA system already. Problem is a lot of them constantly need to be told what to do. We see it at Stratton every month. Get rid of them and hire people who don't have to retrained every day and the problem is solved.

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Nov-10-13 8:29 AM

What Chuck has done without even knowing it is he has shown why the Government should stay out of the healthcare business. Government is inherently inefficient and wasteful. WHY? Because they are a Monopoly.

Dear Knickman. I agree with your comment, but in my haste hit the wrong button. My apologies. It is not possible to change ones vote.

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Nov-10-13 8:17 AM

Good job, Senator Schumer!

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Nov-10-13 8:09 AM

Yes, the claims process needs to be sped up. Also the 2 systems need to become uniform. Hope that can be done without the problems the ACA website has had and still has. We should be careful about how many people we hire and train. When they do get a uniform automated system up and running, we will have all of these people with nothing to do. Try to lay them off and politics gets in the way. One thing we need to avoid is larger gov't. It might be better to use "temps" from an outside source or see if there are others already working elsewhere in the gov't that could fill in until such an automated system gets up and running.

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