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Casino plan a good bet

November 3, 2013

Despite some of the controversies surrounding Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s casino gambling referendum, voters in Fulton and Montgomery counties should vote yes on the proposa....

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Nov-06-13 7:57 AM

sorry TOT, but you and drugs sound like the same person

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Nov-06-13 7:57 AM

yeah, TOT, you're really on top of things. You have to find out here that casinos in NY require a constitutional change. Guess it wasn't on Rush, or Sean or Fox news. Funny that you finally admit to being a joke.

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Nov-04-13 9:35 PM

WHOA - the Constitution shouldn't have to be changed to allow gaming. Something stinks here.

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Nov-04-13 8:58 PM

Do you realize that the vote on these are a vote to change our state constitution? This should not be taken lightly as they are not easily removed if you later find that they are a huge mistake, LIKE THIS ONE IS! VOTE NO!

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Nov-04-13 7:31 PM

well usedto, I guess we can always count on you to set us straight, but 180 degrees from where we need to be

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Nov-04-13 2:02 PM

and drugs, your explanation of the disagrees is meant to make you feel better. Afraid of the truth?

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Nov-04-13 2:01 PM

another positive suggestion from drugs to solve the country's problems....all you girls know how to do is complain. You must be fun at parties

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Nov-04-13 1:25 PM

all the disagrees can only be coming from Barry's favorite sheep, usedto. who from the tone of past comments should move back. You can take some people out of Fulton County but you just can't take the Fulton County out of them.

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Nov-04-13 11:56 AM

laker, an informed, educated society is an enemy of the state.

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Nov-04-13 11:41 AM

Anyone upstate who believes that one nickel will drift this way from the coffers of Cuomo is a fool.

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Nov-04-13 11:24 AM

I will vote no on this proposition. Originally I was in support, but after reading the posts, I am convinced that given the state's record of political patronage jobs for incompetents, and ineptitude in fiscal matters, the operation is destined for failure. These examples were given before, but they warrant repeating. Thruway tolls were to disappear, the NYS Lottery was going to bail out schools, OTB had to close in NY City and NYRA had to be thrown a lifeline. Let the Native Americans have the casinos and all the headaches associated with them.

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Nov-04-13 8:23 AM

I remain uncertain about supporting this, but if I vote no it will be due to the same concerns expressed by others here...The State is incapable of managing this, and our dysfunctional legislature will waste those $$ instead of paying off debt.

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Nov-04-13 5:52 AM

Wow! Casino money so that NYS can have more tax money to spend, what a novel idea. Bull feathers, it is about time for NYS to find ways to decrease spending and stop robbing homeowners in real estate and other taxes. Allowing residents to stay at home in New York to gamble is a pretty weak argument for letting private casinos to operate. The money that would come from private casinos in taxes will just be looked upon as another cash cow for the legislators to parse out at their whim. Say no to private casinos in NYS.

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Nov-03-13 11:51 PM

as was recently posted as a Maxine quote - but true - the IRS took over the famous Mustang Ranch brothel for back taxes. By law they have to try to run the business and make money. The IRS can't even make a buck at that. . If the gov't was put in charge of the Sahara Desert it would run out of sand.

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Nov-03-13 7:25 PM

The state's involvement should be only to issue licenses. Neighboring states (PA and NJ) do it that way and reap the rewards. Pa's began when "Fast Eddie" Rendell was governor. His logic was that our citizens are going to do this anyway so why not let them spend the money here at home instead of traveling to nearby states of NJ and Delaware. But Albany wants it all, not happy with a piece of the pie. So as it stands -- not a good deal

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Nov-03-13 4:27 PM

Bobbi, I didn't pick or choose anything...just pointed out an inconsistency...always looking for a battle, aren't you? Lighten up, you'll give your old body a heart attack

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Nov-03-13 1:14 PM

Government has proven HUNDREDS of times that it is not the answer to almost anything. OTB, welfare, NYRA,go ahead and choose a program. Other than lying to you to get your permission to WRONG us once again there is no way this will ever be good for the vast majority of New Yorkers!

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Nov-03-13 1:03 PM

This money being spent right is like Obama saying "You can Keep your Insurance" Just another joke from our leadership! Hope and change people...

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Nov-03-13 10:52 AM

Let me put what I have been posting another way; Albany is asking you for your permission to get the money out of YOU that they cannot get from the Tribes. That's all, nothing more. How many of you really want to be in on that?

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Nov-03-13 10:37 AM

This is not a good bet for New Yorkers. Somebody please tell me again why we need more State operated gambling? When was the last time NYS taxpayers won anything? Yeah, real good bet. Don't be fooled and don't get involved..this is, has been and will continue to be, between Albany and the money the Tribes collect that they cannot get their greedy hands on. We need to stay out of it. Vote NO, or skip this one altogether. That's right, skip this vote. That's a very hard thing for me to say and do but there comes a time when not even considering something is the right thing to do. In my opinion, this is one of those rare times.

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Nov-03-13 10:27 AM

Just like with all other things NYS touches, this will fail. They are getting in the game way too late and are way too politically corrupt to manage a business of any kind. Patronage jobs will abound and soon the casinos will look like NYC OTB, NYRA and the NYS Assembly and Senate. They are a bunch of people that think they are important and don't realize that most people have NO respect for them and laugh at them regularly. VOTE AGAINST CASINOS.

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Nov-03-13 9:22 AM

Another slew of political patronage jobs for politicians to award their supporters.

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Nov-03-13 9:02 AM

Casino gambling is a great bet, to swindle money from people that goes to the same state money wasting bureaucrats to spend on things that they say will help us... believe that and you probably believe that the NY SAFE act is a good thing too!

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Nov-03-13 8:47 AM

Uhh, usedto; didn't YOU just 'pick and choose'?

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Nov-03-13 8:44 AM

Albany politicians have battled the Native American Tribes in NYS on Land issues, Tax issues, Gaming issues, Tobacco issues and have had their butts handed to them every single time. Albany is ****** they cannot beat them in the Legal arena so now clever politicians want to pit American against Native American using Casino gambling and the empty promise of tax relief as an excuse. Who the h*ll do they think they are kidding? You, of course. Don't get involved other than voting NO.

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