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Let judges serve until 80

November 1, 2013

A?proposition on the Election Day ballots Tuesday would amend the state constitution to raise the mandatory retirement age for state judges from 70 to 80. We recommend you vote yes....

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Nov-01-13 1:19 PM

Maybe we have to test them to see if they are fit to serve, liberalism would require an even younger retirement... something like 21!

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Nov-01-13 1:27 PM

Funny TOT. But to be fair, maybe they should not have any age barrier. Isn't that age discrimination? Wouldn't that offend someone who is 81 and in great mind and health? The ACLU would be all over this one.

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Nov-01-13 6:34 PM

Don't be fooled it is all about keeping their money and benefits, most of the judges who are about to hit that age do not even hear any cases.

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Nov-01-13 6:40 PM

There is always another Judge to step up and take the retirees place. Maybe there would not be a back log of cases if the judge actually worked the 9-5 instead of taking the bench at 10 or 11 when Court opens at 9, or working all five days, instead of one or two a week.

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Nov-01-13 6:50 PM

Will they get Obama care also ??

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Nov-01-13 6:51 PM

Getreal. we are talking about lawyers here, they are not going to work there way out of making a fortune!

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Nov-01-13 7:13 PM

Shouldn't be age, should be term limits. This way we could get them out before they totally KILL this state and country!

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Nov-01-13 9:25 PM

If they can't afford to retire at 70, they never will. There comes a time when you just need to relax and enjoy life. Those who oppose retirement at 70 (in this business) are nothing more than greedy old curmudgeons.

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Nov-01-13 10:09 PM

Annarondac, the courts have long heard arguments about NY's forced retirement for judges and have never been successful using the age discrimination argument since it is more easily counter-argued that you lose your ability to think sharply as you grow passed a certain age and into adulthood. It's not to say you get dumber, but your senses definitely wear a bit. I don't think I'd want to appear before a judge who was 86 and dull-minded.

On the same note and for the seam reasons, airline pilots also have a mandatory retirement per the FAA.

If, however, we're to allow for increased age on the state benches, I say we also make it so that all judges in the state, local and up, possess a law degree. It would save a LOT of grief in the court system by incompetent farmers sitting on the benches often relying on the prosecutors' advice with no regard for unbiased opinion.

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Nov-01-13 10:13 PM

And if I could somehow show you the letter that I received from a local town judge/dairy farmer, replete with typos and punctuation errors galore, that I received last week, you would also argue for law-degreed judges. This one didn't even know basic process that he swore an oath to.

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Nov-01-13 10:24 PM

TiredOfTax, no we're not 'talking lawyers' as you say. New York is one of a handful of states that doesn't' require a law degree to be a judge. The reasons for this are about 200 years old. I've been advocating for degreed judges for years now.

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Nov-01-13 10:56 PM

And you favorite store to the rescue! "Blodgett said the new Walmart Supercenter that opened in Gloversville this summer likely represents some of the increase" Fulton county see tax increases...

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Nov-02-13 12:06 AM

swizzer, don't judges need more common sense than law degrees??? liars oops I mean lawyers are merely a necessary evil.

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Nov-02-13 11:06 AM

Judging by some of these responses the only people that should be allowed to vote on this issue should be 70 and older.!

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Nov-02-13 11:38 AM

swizzer, was that letter like some of your posts ??

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Nov-02-13 2:00 PM

At a certain point in our lives we all lose touch with current trends of society and change is difficult for all of us. The older we get the less we like change. 70 is old enough for someone in such a position. In society there is evolution and the judicial system must be able to evolve with society.

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Nov-03-13 7:20 AM

The only judge over 70 I want is Judge Judy

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Nov-04-13 8:49 AM

rs, lighten up. It was a joke.

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Nov-04-13 1:31 PM

Annarondac, it may have been a joke , BUT swizzer has no sense of humor and don't forget Will Rogers line that when Congress makes a joke it becomes law

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