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Candidates for mayor eye development

October 27, 2013

GLOVERSVILLE — As they prepare to meet in the Nov. 5 general election, the two candidates running for mayor of the city have both said they are looking to help foster more economic development....

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Oct-31-13 8:05 PM

Yea, great typos lol: IT IS NEVER MORE TRUE than it is displayed here.

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Oct-31-13 8:02 PM

YOu come on here to mention bullying? The only bully is the one who made it personal: Mrs. King. You want to stop bullying: It starts at home, is more more true than it is displayed here.

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Oct-31-13 1:47 PM

This is politics people. It gets dirty. It's fine for a wife to support her husband, and a mother to support her daughter and for anyone to support the candidate of their choice. As for all the disabling illnesses here, if you can dish it out, you should also be able to take it too.

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Oct-31-13 11:58 AM

This sounds like name calling to me Ms. Insognia as it was posted by your daughter.

bitter, judgemental frail and bitter know it all bitter and negative attitude

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Oct-31-13 11:18 AM

The only bullying and name calling going on here Ms. Insognia, is that rant posted by your daughter. She should not be allowed to get away with that either.

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Oct-31-13 10:43 AM

The whole world is trying to stop Bullying, But I don't see that here. It's sad that people have such hatred and need recognition, that they feel the need to call names and try belittling others so they feel important. They spend hours twisting peoples words and add their version and Posting it. I never write on this page, but I just don't think Judy Marcoux should Bully people and get away with it. It is one thing to disagree with someone, that is life, I, myself thinks Mayor King is doing a good job. I don't think there is a better person for mayor. After saying that, I have to say I would never bash or Bully the family of Mr. Handy. I say nothing, because Why! I have no need to tell the world how to hate another. It is fine to say I support you, Mr. Handy, if that is what you are trying to get across. But it is not ok to slam or Bully Mayor Kings wife or any other person with name calling and such.

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Oct-31-13 7:14 AM

Amazing just amazing.

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Oct-30-13 10:04 PM

Criticism follows incompetence.

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Oct-30-13 6:58 PM

You just can't shut up can you ? You are an even bigger embarrassment than your husband.

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Oct-30-13 12:43 PM

@taxpayer3 I think Mr. King picked and excellent leader for DPW. Kevin is great. You living under a rock?

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Oct-29-13 11:41 AM

The mayor's wife is a piece of work.Pols get criticized all the time, but you don't see their wives jumping into the fray attacking citizens and other Pols like she did on here and at Boulevard school when she went so viciously after Mrs. Wentworth that her husband (the mayor) had to pull her away. Yeah, I was there. The woman has some issues.

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Oct-29-13 8:29 AM

king has acted like a spoiled child and lacks any leadership capability. By surrounding himself with butt kissing stooges who don't have any clue how to run DPW or GTS just shows kings insecurity, It's time for Gloversvillians to do what king's many employers have done..DISMISS HIM...

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Oct-28-13 10:18 PM

If needstosleep is the mayor's wife.......that is unbecoming of the city's 1st lady. Shameful.

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Oct-28-13 4:38 PM

like you name says, you're just another opinion

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Oct-28-13 2:59 PM

Anyone who votes for the King has not paid attention to his time in office, period. To see this man as anything but Gloversville's biggest baffoon is to be blind. He has wasted so much money this city needed. If it is not returning money to the state that this City needed, it is lawsuits and blatent stealing through the use of the city vehicle or giving his father in law a free sticker... oh yea, he did not do that, there was apparently some other mystery person who wanted his father-in-law to have it. When does it end? The taxpayers should be INFURIATED. Apparently he is a really cool guy to hang out with, so it is ok to waste everything. Here is the clue you need, 'needtosleep': you need to wake up.

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Oct-28-13 12:20 PM

And as always, opinions from Adirondack -AL Lebo. The man who always has answers and an opinion but who has never been elected for any position in city government. Bitter ole bat like judgemental judy. Two of a kind for sure

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Oct-28-13 12:14 PM

Shameful treatment of a decorated war hero? Really Mr. supervisor? By offering him the job over other candidates? He felt he was the most qualified and offered the man an opportunity. Unfortunately it didn't work out. Both have moved on and there is now an excellent man filling that job. Don't forget that this decorated war hero mentioned a bid for the counsel when he learned he could NOT keep the DPW job and instead didn't run and then turned around and sued the financially struggling city. Really?

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Oct-27-13 12:38 PM

CONTINUED What isn’t mentioned is his shameful treatment of a decorated war hero, with false promises of a job of DPW Director. Mr. King had been told by Civil Service that Mr. Hartman didn’t have the necessary qualifications for that position. Yet King appointed him in spite of the law, only to have to disrupt this veteran’s life!

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Oct-27-13 12:36 PM

CONTINUED (LH) King said he patronizes local businesses and refers residents to them through his Facebook page and will continue to do so. (RI) On King’s Facebook page you will see his promoting as many out of town business as he is Gloversville business. (LH) King said he played an important role in building cooperation between different municipalities "We have to share expenses and revenue to make things work,"…. (RI) Really! How about the revenue sharing agreement he signed then tried to retract? (LH) "I really pride myself on being visible and accessible to anybody," King said. "I'm always available." (RI) Very seldom do you see or reach the mayor at city hall. His availability is on Facebook where he only allows people that are positive to him, all others are “Unfriended”.

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Oct-27-13 12:34 PM

From his own statement in today’s Leader King brands himself as a phony and a liar. (LH) King said taxes would go down in the city next year, and he has already introduced a proposed budget that would lower taxes by nearly 2 percent. (RI) King’s budgets have over estimated revenues on a regular basis. The council would have to make adjustments, therefore making them the “Bad Guys”, when in fact they are acting responsible. (LH) King said he aims to forge a stronger relationship with the city of Johnstown and expressed a desire to have the Gloversville mayor serve on the Fulton County Board of Supervisors. (RI) Does King hope we have all forgot the bad relations he has fostered with the government of the City of Johnstown, one of these fights even had the Governor intervene. King’s constant statements against the Board of Supervisors has created a climate of animosity, making it difficult for city supervisors to accomplish goals for the city.

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Oct-27-13 12:23 PM

Gene Reppenhagen served two terms as Mayor in the '70s - '80s I believe. They were not consecutive,however. This points to the lack of fact checking on the part of the author. So what other statements have been taken at face value and passed along as true?

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Oct-27-13 10:06 AM

Cont.....the facebook page. A city cannot be properly administered from a social network page.

Support a candidate who really does care for our city. vote for James Handy.

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Oct-27-13 10:03 AM

However, King said he is happy the city has been able to keep taxes flat the last two years, and is proposing a budget that would reduce taxes.

Taxes have been flat because they could not by law be raised any higher.

If working as a full time mayor, why is he not at city hall to allow citizens and taxpayers to meet with him ?

King said he played an important role in building cooperation between different municipalities to have the supercenter project move forward, and he will continue to cooperate with surrounding municipalities as long as it is beneficial to all parties.

Mayor King alienated officials in the Town and City of Johnstown with his heavy handedness and unwillingness to cooperate. Remember the "Hostile Takeover"

King said being available through Facebook and providing his cellphone number has allowed him to interact with residents of the city and be aware of the issues that concern them.

Not available to the citizens and taxpayers he has blocked from th

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Oct-27-13 8:36 AM

King plans on starting a unicorn farm to be staffed by his supporters!!!

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