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Questions need answers

October 17, 2013

In case those in Washington, D.C., and Albany missed it, people have questions about the Common Core State Standards....

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Oct-20-13 6:42 PM

The common core children/robots will be very adept at test taking....on the job market, that will make them eligible for..ummm, let's see, hang on, wait....I'll have to get back to you.

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Oct-20-13 12:29 PM

Common Core is one of other lefties dreams: right is wrong, up is down, truth is a lie and 1 + 1 = anything, as long as you tried. Go ahead parents and embrace this while saner people will begin sending their kids to Private or Parochial Schools for a REAL education. Later on your Common Core children will be qualified for a larger couch and a bigger bag of chips..all on YOUR dime. Glad I won't be around to say 'toldjaso'.

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Oct-20-13 10:41 AM

wow laker, I'm impressed, and your friend is right about Common Core being a joke on the standards issue. But please realize that an educated, intelligent society is not in the best interest of the government. A Representative Republic such as the United States requires an informed citizenry. Common Core will produce more sheeple

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Oct-20-13 10:23 AM

A friend of mine taught Math for many years. Regents exams were a cakewalk compared to her exams. She said the common core math standards are a joke, leaving out countless basic algebra and geometry concepts. Nothing wrong with toughening up the standards, as long as they're consistent. I agree re people showing "restraint", but King can't use that as an excuse to go into hiding...I've since heard he may hold meetings again. Also, the idea that ALL students, special ed and everyone, be required to take regents exams, and pushing all students into a regents/academic track for college prep is not a "toughening things up" concept, it's just plain ignorant. Let those with mechanical, mechanics, plumbers, electricians and countless other trades pursue their careers rather than being bogged down with irrelevant academics that will be of no use to them.

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Oct-19-13 6:34 PM

the sky isn't blue you idiot

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Oct-19-13 11:18 AM

usedto, let's just say the source of that tidbit is one that you wouldn't believe if they said the sky is blue

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Oct-19-13 7:50 AM

Paranoia strikes deep

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Oct-19-13 7:49 AM

Comparing Common Core to Nazi Germany isn't nonsense? I heard this morning is another one of your sources? You make stuff up and pass it along as fact.

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Oct-18-13 12:25 PM

usedto, one of the things I learned early in life was - Always question authority. An informed, educated society is also an enemy of the government.

I heard this morning that Syracuse University is working on a project that will rewrite history to fit the collective agenda Pay attention to what the kiddies are being taught. This is only one reason that it is important to actually know the history of the United States of America.

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Oct-18-13 9:34 AM

Usedto was indoctrinated into that response drugs. For a lot of reasons, nice catch.

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Oct-18-13 7:53 AM

drugs, where do you come up with all this nonsense?

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Oct-17-13 6:57 PM

A couple of weeks ago NBC nightly news had the following story. In 1993, with Massachusetts schools in dismal condition, tough new state academic standards were instituted. They were up against the same chorus of naysayers and special interests who said it was a mistake and would hurt "the kids". There were no vouchers for private schools, no merit based pay for teachers, and no shutdowns of failing schools. Fast forward twenty years and now Massachusetts schools test scores are first in the nation. If it was a country the test scores would put 8th graders 6th in math and 2nd in science only behind Singapore. The focus is on hands on learning, and not only knowing but also using the lesson. As far as Mr King, I don't blame him either. He shouldn't have to be shouted down by the teachers' union since they have always gotten their way in the past. Fact is Romneycare works in Massachusetts and so does their tough academic standards.

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Oct-17-13 5:47 PM

I don't blame Mr. King for cancelling the meetings. When certain people come and become disruptive and try to outshout the person trying to explain all of this, you can't accomplish anything. When people can become civil and respectful, the meetings should be re-scheduled.

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Oct-17-13 12:30 PM

" the expense of creativity..." Another way of saying we teachers can't just run around doing as we please. How dare we be held to standards.

The Common core sets some basic standards. And sense NY State spends more per pupil than any other state on eduction meeting these standards should be a non-challenge.

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Oct-17-13 11:52 AM

Common Core is all about indoctrinating the kiddies like the Nazis did in the early 1930s

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