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Fighting Drugs

Gloversville police aiming to stop offenders

October 14, 2013

GLOVERSVILLE — The presence of cocaine and heroin in the city has increased over the last year, but the police chief says his department is targeting drug dealers’ local foothold....

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Oct-17-13 11:52 AM

And yes VABOYE I am for real, every blessed day of my life.

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Oct-17-13 11:51 AM

VABOYE, if you are seeing that then it is YOUR responsibility as a taxpayer to report theat person for welfare fraud. I do not make the rules, the state does, even if someone tests positive then the state still has to support them while they are in treatment. Please stop thinking that DSS is just handing out money...please learn about the procedures and the programs. As I said if you see or hear something like what you described then you NEED to report those people the the Fraud Unit. One thing you are right on is that the department does not have enough employees here to conquer this problem, we can not be everywhere at once. Just becasue someone is on "welfare" and SNAP does not mean that they are not working. Alot of people have jobs that just dont make ends meet.

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Oct-16-13 4:19 PM

Didd30 Are you for real? Did you read this article? Drugs are on the rise !!! Many of them are YOUR clients. Do you knock them off the system?? Oh of course not. I work in the medical field so I do know what I am talking about. Do you know how many positive drugs screens come back on YOUR clients that are required to take a drug screen before employment? Most all of them. What are you doing about it? NOTHING? I had one of your clients talking to another client and they bragged how they do drugs just so they don't get hires. A bag of weed actually fell out of one clients pocket. So I will keep working harder to support your clients.I am done responding . I cannot deal with naive people and bleeding hearts. You do not have enough staff to even begin to conquer this problem

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Oct-16-13 1:31 PM

VABOYE, I work at DSS, I see the figures come out every month from the state, the Unit I work in is one of the units that makes people get up and go to a work experience site for the day. They also job serach and hand in job search books, which are checked by myself and other co workers. If there is any reason whatsoever to think there is a drug problem (getting up late, not complying) we send them for a drug test ASAP

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Oct-15-13 7:26 PM

So if it will not make much of a difference I say drug test the welfare recipients. If I get to stop paying for a single drug users habits then it is a great idea!

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Oct-15-13 5:22 PM

What drug do you meanVABOYE? People who use drugs like ******, ecstasy, marijuana, etc do not get behind the wheel and kill innocent people. People who drink alcohol do. Don't get me wrong. I'm not in favor of any kind of abuse. I'm just saying it is hypocritical and a waste of resources to try and stop consenting adults from putting whatever they want into their own bodies.

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Oct-15-13 1:25 PM

BLACKFRANCIS1 What about all the drug crazed whackos that get behind the wheel and kill innocent people? What about all the druggies that torture innocent animals and children while under the influence? I read many news articles and horrible tragedies are happening every single day while under the influence. People loose jobs everyday due to drug addictions because they can't function. Drugs need to be fought not encouraged.

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Oct-15-13 1:13 PM

didd30 Where are you coming from????. Gloversville according to last census data Is the highest in the state for the number of familieS relying on public assistance and food stamps . I am reading this directly from a news article. gloversville has become the drug and welfare capital of NYS. Also there is NO drug testing!

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Oct-15-13 12:42 PM

It is 2013 - when are we going to get over this archaic fascination asegment of our society has with what other adults do in the privacy of their own homes. Legalize all adult drug use and regulate the manufacture and sale of those currently illegal drugs the way we do the legal ones like alcohol and nicotine. It is not the actual drug use that causes all the problems, it is the illegality of drugs. People steal and scheme to get drugs because they cannot openly buy them at a reasonable price, not because the drugs magically turn a person into a criminal just by the act of ingesting them. Every time I read about some program to "fight drugs", my head wants to explode.

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Oct-15-13 8:45 AM

Actually VABOYE, Fulton COunty is one of the toughest counties to get Temporary Assistance in. Applicants get referred for Drug testing in this county more than opther counties in NYS.

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Oct-14-13 10:50 PM

Sorry Dave but don't believe everything you read! They can print anything they want In the media . They can make up statistics in any way they want. We are talking about Fulton County here. just ask any employer In Fulton County who requires a drug screen of potential employees and you will be amazed at the number who fail. They also deliberately fail so they don't get hired. It is easier to sit home and collect welfare. Also the number of positive drug screens that come into the ER is overwhelming. Sorry Dave but YOU are wrong.

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Oct-14-13 6:53 PM

Sorry Vaboye, but you're wrong. Drug testing of welfare recipients has been done elsewhere and a very, very small percentage test positive for drugs. Welfare pays a pittance to a drug addict. They steal to support their habits. A favorite tactic, I've learned, is to shoplift from big box stores and then return the merchandise. Since they don't have a receipt, they get a gift card instead, which are then pawned at 50% off. You don't support a ****** or crack addiction with welfare.

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Oct-14-13 4:32 PM

I am willing to bet 95% of these people are on public assistance too! We need to bring in drug testing for welfare and boot them out when they test positive. A lot of money could be saved in this country by doing that. Fulton County is a total disgrace to this state.It has become the welfare capitol of the state. IT sickens me to think the hard working peoples money go to welfare recipients to buy drugs.Its time for the working people to get together and fight this blight of scum.

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Oct-14-13 3:56 PM

I have been told by an "insider" that the drug problem in Fulton County is akin to an infestation of cockroaches. The people need to wake up and smell the coffee. Your little bedroom community has become a haven for the NYC dealers.

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Oct-14-13 3:19 PM

As someone who has experienced the holier than thou mentality of some J'town citizens (including past police chiefs) I understand where Lizzie is coming from. However we as a county are in deep trouble with the current drug pushers. I am glad the police are finally admitting there is a problem and publishing it. We as a community need to work together and let the bad guys know that they are not welcome here and this is not a good place to do business.

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Oct-14-13 1:34 PM

stupid and childish comment lizzie!

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Oct-14-13 1:21 PM

As someone who has been victimized by drug addicts who steal to support their habits, my sincere congratulations to our area police agencies for keeping pressure on drug dealers and addicts and putting them behind bars.

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Oct-14-13 11:54 AM

It's not possible that those drugs are in Johnstown, they're so much better than Gloversville.....

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