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Obama being dishonest

October 7, 2013

In arguing for bigger government, including the national health insurance takeover, President Barack Obama is being more than a little dishonest....

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Oct-07-13 12:32 PM

Who IS this guy in corporate? Does the corporate office specifically look for ignoramuses to write these things?

"But when Obama took office, the government was receiving only about $2.1 trillion a year. Receipts for fiscal 2014 are expected to top $3 trillion."

Well duh. When Obama took office, we were deep in a recession. The economy is in the process of recovering. That generates more tax revenue. The editor says it like it's a bad thing.

Wow. Just wow.

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Oct-07-13 12:40 PM

Of course it is all bull. How dare you call him out on it and tell the truth?

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Oct-07-13 12:58 PM

What a title, are you just figuring that out??? The only time he lies is when his lips are moving. If we are not careful there might not be an election in 2016. The founders would have been shooting long ago.

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Oct-07-13 1:00 PM

Looks like obama isn't the only dishonest one huh dave. The REAL history is the US economy hit a peak in 2007 and in Dec 2007 the recession officially began. Guess what dave, the current recession hit it's deepest point in 2010 dave, we were NOT 'deep in a recession' when Oliar took office, he sent us there. You could have looked this up dave, instead of making yourself look like a fool by trying to make up history. Like I have said, there is so much wrong with what you post and I'm happy to correct your ..ahem..prevarications.

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Oct-07-13 2:00 PM

This presidents dishonesty is not new, it is the standard we have come to expect not only from him but all the top progressives around him as well. I do not believe that he has been completely honest about ANYTHING, maybe even ever in his life. We blindly elected him as a substitute to GWB, it was a HUGE mistake that we are going to pay for the rest of our lives and the next few are going to pay for it with cash!

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Oct-07-13 2:05 PM

Dave we were in a recession BECAUSE of the democrats control of BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS for the last years of GWB and the first two of Obama... DEMOCRATS had everything for two years and what did they do? Pass the LARGEST SPENDING BILL IN THE HISTORY OF THE USA DURING THE RECESSION! Smart people aren't they? And the overspending continues as they are FALSELY reporting the national debt it is the same as it was on may 17th. LIARS!

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Oct-07-13 2:30 PM

Just want to point out that TOT has NOT had one person agree with a post of hers in months....just shows you how all alone she is in her backward , one party only thinking mind (what little she has left)

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Oct-07-13 5:03 PM

Just wait until Obama care really takes hold an the ones who actually pay get a load of what it cost them. Then you will see a recession. My recession really starts Dec. 15 when I pay my first 75% more monthly unaffordable health care premium. Guess what kids Christmas is a little skinny. I guess I can cut back somewhere. Oh well pass the Ramen Noodles.

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Oct-07-13 5:21 PM

PleaseGetAClue:So.... NOBODY has agreed with any of TOT's posts? What planet do you live on? Please..... get a clue.

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Oct-07-13 6:09 PM

swizzer must not be up yet. He would be telling us that Barry is as honest as George Washington was

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Oct-07-13 6:15 PM

"National insurance takeover"? Seriously?? This insinuates that the government is providing the health care insurance & eliminating private companies. Not even close to the truth. Pards: do you have to give up your current health care plan? Can't you continue it? Just curious. Thanks!

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Oct-07-13 6:17 PM

Some very insightful thoughts have been displayed here, some are very good shows thought and is on track to discuss the issues at hand, then there is a youngster that wet her pants and blames others... just like Obama!

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Oct-07-13 6:20 PM

Do you know that there is not a single plan on the healthcare takeover that does not cost anything? No matter how broke you are you must buy insurance or be fined. Have you any idea what that does to someone that is broke? This is just another example of the trouble with signing a bill that nobody could have read in a lifetime.

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Oct-07-13 7:32 PM

I don't know for sure about "dishonest", but he sure acts like a dictator. "His way or no way" seems to be his attitude. He is "too good" to sit down and discuss the problems with Obamacare. I don't think he understands the economics of this plan; people who already have insurance have seen their premiums increase greatly. Some employers have ended family plans, others have plans to cut employees to part time to circumvent the law.

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Oct-07-13 8:00 PM

ToT: did you expect some of the plans offered by the insurance companies to be free? Not sure what you mean by your statement. And if you're broke, wouldn't you fall into the low income category & get tax credits to offset the premium cost?

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Oct-07-13 8:05 PM

MrBob: where did you get your fact regarding 2010 being the deepest point of the recession? Or is that just your opinion? According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the recession lasted from Dec 2007 and ended in June 2009.

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Oct-07-13 8:28 PM

adkkev credits yes, free NO! So helping those with nothing cost the people that have nothing SOMETHING! Where do they get the something? It does not add up. Lets throw a few thousand more pages on the bill about this topic, nobody will notice!

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Oct-07-13 8:31 PM

The current problem is rooted in the federal government’s abuse of power.

The first words of the Constitution make it clear whom our government was established to serve: We the People. The Constitution enshrines checks and balances to prevent abuses of power, and the Bill of Rights limits government in order to guarantee fundamental rights and liberties for all Americans.

Today, our country’s national security policies undermine those crucial limits on executive power. The Executive Branch has extended its authority to an extreme reminiscent to some of the countries our nation opposes. Meanwhile, Congress has abdicated its constitutional responsibility to check the Executive Branch. Finally, while federal courts have occasionally vindicated some basic principles, the Supreme Court has more frequently supported expansions of executive power, compromising judicial independence.

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Oct-07-13 9:31 PM


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Oct-07-13 10:31 PM

TiredOfTax, so when the Dems had control of both houses it's their fault, but NOT the Repubs' fault when they were in both houses AND the White House? This was the case in the early 2000's you know.

Do you ever step back and wonder why no one ever takes your posts seriously?

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Oct-07-13 11:25 PM

swizzer, what's that have to do with Barry being a habitual liar??

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Oct-08-13 6:58 AM

No RS, I do not. As you know I am living in the day not the past. Dems claim to fame is the blame game these days and I hope that their base awakens to that and vote themselves some less evil misrepresentaton. As for you... how is the research going on the big oil theft of frugal mileage vehicles coming along? Have you made up any more anti WalMart lies to fight big business with? You are a lying progressive democrat all the way.

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Oct-08-13 7:18 AM

Our insurance has been downgraded each year for the last three years, since the health care act started. Last year I lost my doctor, which was one of the best. Mr. Obama, why did you say our premiums would not change and we would be able to keep our doctor? Must be you did not read the law before it was passed because it was not on line for 48 hours like you had promised. Yet again, you were going to go through the budget "line by line" and eliminate waste, right? Must be you need to get off the campaign trail and get back to Washington, right? No, stay away from Washington, DC.

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Oct-08-13 8:35 AM

Is there anyone out there who understands how our government is supposed to work? First you need to read ARTICLE1 of the constitution, and learn what the GENERAL DUTIES OF CONGRESS are. The congress can over ride anything the president does. But the congress can not do anything when the leaders of the house and senate refuse to put bills on the floor for an up or down vote for all members of their branch . therefore the leaders are preventing the majority of their respective branches to do the job they were elected to do. The leaders of the house and senate are using their positions to prevent much of the governments work from getting done. In reality the president has very little he can do on his own. We need an open honest government. Every president of either political party is blamed for many things the congress is responsible for. And if the president does do something on his own it is for the most part because the congress has failed to do their job.

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Oct-08-13 9:24 AM

Health plan is discontinued for me as I am a sole proprietor and forced into the exchange. You can keep your doctor. Maybe. You can keep your plan, nope.

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