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Cheers and jeers

October 5, 2013

CHEERS — To a real crowd pleaser. Everything came together for the recent annual Sunday on the Farm at Rogers Family Orchard in Johnstown. The weather was picture-perfec....

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Oct-05-13 7:03 AM

Cheers to the Rogers family, they have done much to improve their orchard and attract business. We need a lot more people like them here in Fulton County!

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Oct-05-13 7:57 AM

Marketing of the two counties should be done by the chamber of commerce and the center for regional growth is that not what they are there to do? If they are as intelligent as they want us to believe they are about what these counties.

they should know what their businesses in the counties are and need to prosper, but the only thing they know how to do is spend taxpayers money.

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Oct-05-13 8:02 AM

We spent more time then we planned at Roger's Orchards that day because it was so much fun. I cannot think of a better way to spend a fall Sunday afternoon. The kids had a great time fun and we enjoyed ourselves as well. The people who were working are the most friendliest and helpful. Even when the store was full to capacity, as it often was, the girls at the register were always smiling and chatting with the customers, all while answering questions and answering the phone. I believe the final estimate was over 3000 people.This is a tradition that needs to continue!

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Oct-05-13 8:35 AM

How do you know they did not look for a company located in NYS? Did anyone at the LH ask? Perhaps the project was put out to bid and the Nashville company submitted the lowest bid? Did anyone at the LH ask? If not, why not?

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Oct-05-13 9:36 AM

"It is hard to believe there were no professional companies in this region or in New York state that could have performed the marketing tasks". Really????!! Any professional or business with a desire to make money in NYS has ALREADY LEFT, LONG AGO because they knew what was needed to succeed in NYS and could NOT afford it, just taxed and regulated at every turn, me and my business included!!! What is meant by NYS, Open for Business is: "C'mon in tell us what we already know, take our money and leave.....Next..". Yup, thats 'business' in NYS.

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Oct-05-13 2:30 PM

Can someone answer why we need a Chamber of Commerce? Aren't the people who live, work and play in our counties know just what is the best in our area? How many tourists and businesses will come and go in a 36 month period while an out of state company studies our counties? What out of state company would know of our museums, of Rogers special event, or have been to one of Fulton County's 44 lakes? The Chamber of Commerce along with the citizens of these counties should be working on marketing. This is absurd.

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Oct-05-13 4:48 PM

I don't blame Montgomery County and I sure won't blame Fulton County for seeking fresh ideas from an outside company. The two counties have ALWAYS relied upon local 'companies' and 'consultants' to do EVERYTHING for them, and look what that's gotten them- a big fat nothing and nowhere.

Far too long has been the standard for staying local just because a bidder or consultant is local just because his kid was on some mayor's or supervisor's kid's baseball team.

Sometimes you need to look elsewhere for the best ideas.

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Oct-05-13 9:34 PM

Doing business locally, regionally, statewide or nationally, in that order, should be attempted. At one time there was a rumor that the Leader Herald bought all their paper from Canada. Was that true or is it still true?

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Oct-05-13 9:58 PM

Economic development is a business that New York State doesn't do to well in given the high sales taxes, under and uneducated workers, and poor policies. We can have all the talk we want from elected officials, local economic development leaders, and outside so-called experts regarding economic development in Fulton and Montgomery Counties, but all of this doesn't change the facts, and the facts are not promising for the region. Other regions that are politically connected are unable to be successful without a massive influx of public money, essentially paying for jobs which is essentially corporate welfare. This region is not connected to the ruling class.

Unless and until NY changes their overall policies, this will not change. Fulton and Montgomery Counties will continue to die on the vine as the potential workers move away while retirees pass away. 20 years from now the region will likely be a ghost town. Sad but true.

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Oct-06-13 7:07 AM

I think Architect's comments are depressingly accurate. Many communities in Ful and Mont counties are already heavily populated with retirees. Yes some people are moving out of state, but I know of many who stay in NY, but just want to escape these 2 counties. One need only to look at the real estate market. A local real estate broker friend of mine is having a banner year, only ONE sale has been in Fulton Co...the others in Hamilton and Saratoga Co...Day, Edinburg etc. Taxes in Ful and Mont counties continue to increase as property values decrease. If there is something positive on the horizon of which I'm not aware, please let me know!

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Oct-06-13 11:47 AM

Consulting companies are always better when they are from out of town. The farther away they are, the better their "track record" - and it doesn't matter where you are.

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