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Security paramount

September 30, 2013

Some companies and organizations that initially accepted federal money to act as “navigators” for the new federal health care law, “Obamacare,” are returning the funds, claiming they have been......

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Sep-30-13 12:03 PM

"liberals upset at scrutiny of the navigator program"??? Are you serious? That's about as stupid a statement as saying that conservative owners of navigation companies are upset at the scrutiny.

This editor needs to get a grip.

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Sep-30-13 1:31 PM

Yes we are serious, and this lopsided mistake ridden jammed down our throat has got to go. There are more mistakes in this law than there are good. I for one wish that the republicans would force FULL implementation without ANY delays or exceptions so we all could get a real feel for this magnificent bill! Great editorial! Thanks! See ya tomorrow after the democrats force a total government shutdown!

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Sep-30-13 1:34 PM

Most companies are in to make a profit including the one in Florida. I for one am glad that they realized that they could not provide the level of client service for the amount of money available. More companies should do the same. I wonder if there is a standard of qualifications for some one to become a navigator? Some how I think it is vague at best.

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Sep-30-13 3:55 PM

TOT (the acronym fits SOOO well) " See ya tomorrow after the democrats force a total government shutdown!" even though it takes a MAJORITY of republicans (or tea party lunacrats) to vote to shut down the gov't TOT blames democrats proving again she has no clue.

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Sep-30-13 4:02 PM

This government shut down lies squarely on the backs of republicans. 69% of Americans think republicans are acting like "spoiled children".

It doesn't matter whether you like the ACA or not. It is the law, and it has been found by SCOTUS to be Constitutional. After trying to repeal it over 40 times and failing, after trying to defund it and failing, republicans are now saying they want to delay its implementation by a year. Otherwise, they'll shut down the whole government.

Health care delayed is health care denied. If everyone would put off getting cancer for the next 12 months, that would be great.

Now there's putting the welfare of your country ahead of petty politics, eh? This crop of republicans is irresponsible, fiscally reckless, and immature.

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Sep-30-13 4:34 PM

From Yahoo news ....."If Boehner adopts the clean-bill option, however, he would almost surely face a revolt from conservative members of the House Republican conference, a group that has already strong-armed him into moving forward with the shutdown strategy."

sounds to me like it's republican driven and also sounds like it was their strategy all along to try to strongarm others into dropping or delaying ACA so their "friends in the insurance industry can continue to milk the public for billions $$ instead of working to reign in costs.

Keep buying into the Lies're all alone

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Sep-30-13 5:10 PM

I'm sorry but the government shut down is the responsibility of both houses of congress and the President. Neither side is was or will ever be able to get along for the betterment of the whole country. It truly is time to get rid of the whole rotten bunch.

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Sep-30-13 6:18 PM

Sounds like DEMOCRATS TO ME!

House Republicans said Monday they will try to pass a stopgap spending bill that will fund Obamacare, but will delay the individual mandate requiring all Americans to obtain insurance, and will cancel the taxpayer subsidies lawmakers use to pay for their own health plans. The House was pushing to vote in the late evening on the new plan, which they said would keep government open past a midnight Monday deadline. But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has already said he will reject those provisions, leaving the two chambers no closer to a solution that would keep the government open.

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Sep-30-13 6:23 PM

Why is this any different than the strong arm tactics democrats used to ram rod the healtcareless bill through? Democrats said that they inherited the worst economy since the great depression... and what have they done? Spent more money per day than ANY other president in HISTORY! AND passed the single largest spending bill against the will of the MAJORITY of Americans... that they call healthcare reform. That is a JOKE! Where are the ideas that were put forward that would LIMIT the costs? The ones that would allow Americans to shop for health insurance across state lines? ONE SIDED POLITICS DO NOT WORK! It has to be a bipartisan agreement or it will not last!

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Sep-30-13 7:02 PM

Fiscally responsible democrats?

FORTUNE -- There's another budget crisis in Washington, and it's unfolding inside the Democratic party. The Democratic National Committee remains so deeply in the hole from spending in the last election that it is struggling to pay its own vendors.

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Sep-30-13 7:07 PM

Many Americans who do not favor the ACA do so because it doesn't go far enough. A fact left out of right wing propaganda. My fear is that this will establish a precedent. We don't like a bill that was passed by Congress, signed by the President, and ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court (note the invlovement of all 3 branches). We have tried over 40 times to repeal the law and have been unsuccessful. To get our way, we will shut down the government, and hopefully cause the country to default on its loans. This is scary. Apples do not belong with oranges and the regressives want a fruit basket.

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Sep-30-13 7:54 PM

When that shoe is on the other foot you will not like the partisan shove it down tactics. This has set a president that you can force upon people your will even when you are in the MINORITY! I hope that the republicans stay strong, it is right to represent those that voted you into office. If you want FULL implementation of this monstrosity it should be done without wavers, exceptions or any delays at all... that alone will kill this bill!

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Sep-30-13 10:34 PM

Oh, I see another of daves made up poll numbers. Gee dave, slavery was the law of the land too, are you pizzed because that was repealed too? Women getting to vote must really stick in your craw.

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Sep-30-13 10:38 PM

Uh, used to, the Dems hold the Senate, not the Republicans. You ought to brush up on Civics and more importantly the history of 'shutdowns'.

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Sep-30-13 10:44 PM

If by 'scrutiny' you mean 'regulation', which is to the Republican Party like oil is to vinegar.

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Sep-30-13 11:22 PM

uh oh somebody poked swizzer

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Oct-01-13 7:27 AM

1. Term limits 2. No lobbying 3. Free cometition of all insurance companies in all states 4. Deny U.S. government from interfering in free markets. Government intrusion ALWAYS costs the consumer more.

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Oct-01-13 7:50 AM

Bobbi, where did I say the Regressives hold the Senate? Here you go again, high on your horse educating the masses. You are an arrogant fool. Yep, that's a name.

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Oct-01-13 7:51 AM

and TOT, you've done it again. Compulsive liar:

Sep-09-13 6:33 PM I am done... with posts to YOU! You have proven you ability to stay off topic fighting in every post... you are not worth my effort

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Oct-01-13 8:40 AM

Dave, just curious, did that poll also mention how they thought of the Dems? Personally I am less than thrilled with the conduct of all the politicos that are in Washington. They are all acting like spoiled children that need some time out, like voted out.

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Oct-01-13 8:49 AM

Hey I think I found it at CNN. "According to the poll, 58% say congressional Democrats are acting like spoiled children, with that number rising to 69% for the GOP in Congress." Wait there is more "In a separate question, 49% of all people in the poll say that Obama is acting like a responsible adult in this budget battle, with 47% describing him as a spoiled child. While that's nothing to brag about, it's better than Congress.". Hey it gets better "The poll indicates that Obamacare is not popular, with 57% saying they oppose the law, up 3 points from May, and 38% saying they support the measure, down five points from May." Man you can't make this stuff up. Can them all!!

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Oct-01-13 11:07 AM

Patriot -

1) The guy who proposes that is committing political suicide

2) Barry said that was going to stop before the sheeple voted him in the first time

3) Ins. Cos. like their little fiefdoms to keep rates up

4)What a pipe dream

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Oct-01-13 12:42 PM

OK so how exactly is delaying the mandate worth shutting down the government? They already delayed the employer mandate why do individuals not deserve the same consideration? Obama said that the funding is already in place to pay for the new enrollments of the needy, so why the HUGE fight? Because just like a spoiled child Obama wants his own way. THAT IS ALL THIS IS!

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Oct-01-13 1:17 PM

Interesting thing just happened, my parents just received notice that their medicare advantage plan is no longer offered and they need to find new insurance. Just what someone in their eighties need. Crock of garbage.

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Oct-01-13 3:30 PM

Why is it that the Republicaans tried for over 40 times to repeal the ACA. They have had several months to bring the parts of the law that they figured was wrong and work with the Democrats to make the law even better. But the Republicans are only interested in repealing And I get a kick out of you who aling a legally passed law and found to be constitutional legal.

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