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Cheers and jeers

September 27, 2013

CHEERS — To a joint effort....

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Sep-30-13 6:33 AM

Yeah Stack, that's who the Darwin Awards are for. Drugs makes a good point too, anyone who thinks freedom is free does not pay property taxes!!

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Sep-29-13 11:46 AM

Knickman, you don't see anything wrong with outlawing stupid ??? But on the other hand the sheeple forget that with freedom comes responsibility, and most today fail in the responsibility part but keep saying that "this is a free country, I can do what I want"

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Sep-29-13 11:09 AM

They already have a video camera and switch to shut off the pump. Its right behind the display case with the rolling papers and crack pipes.

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Sep-29-13 10:16 AM

Hey Bob... to bad that same technology, doesnt prevent the retards who chose to smoke while fueling up as well!

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Sep-29-13 8:18 AM

There already exists technology to automatically shut off cell phones at Gas Stations. See Patent #US6222458. If this whole idea is about safety and not a way for States to make money then this technology would be used in cars in addition to fueling stations. Police currently use a Radio Frequency device to completely disable a vehicle during a chase...after using a different RF device to clock their speed, and still another RF device to send and receive information about the vehicle, occupant etc.. No, this is not about safety, it's about cha-ching, $$$$$$!

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Sep-28-13 4:41 PM

It always amazing how when we make new laws how we can sometimes get a little carried away. Take this about texting being a 5 point violation. I won't disagree with attempts to stop it, but consider this. You can run a stop sign, get into an accident in the process and receive 4 points; 2 for running a stop sign, and 2 additional because it caused an accident. Texting is 5 points even without an accident, does it add two more if it causes an accident? It just seems like these 2 somewhat similar situations should carry the same number of points.

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Sep-28-13 12:36 PM

drugs...that made me laugh out loud, thanks for that! Ditto to what tot said about the weather and weekend.

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Sep-28-13 12:17 PM

ToT, that sure would keep the Muslims inside.

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Sep-28-13 7:33 AM

In recent years there has been protests in Europe by topless women. If we here in the US want to be like these socialized countries I say we should start with protests like these. It makes choosing sides a lot easier and much more enjoyable! It also likely would increase interest in a wide array of topics.

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Sep-28-13 7:32 AM

I challenge all of you to notice how many Police use THEIR phones while speeding down the roads (to set up a checkpoint money grab to catch US speeding and using our cell phones). Everybody sees that too. First take care of the lawbreakers who ticket us for breaking the same laws they do then maybe people will take this seriously. Until then, it's just the same type of money grab with a different name.

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Sep-28-13 6:48 AM

The great weather continues! Enjoy the blue skies and warm weather while it lasts! Have a great weekend everyone!

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