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Local effect troublesome

September 24, 2013

Recently, we published a story about the demise of Carville National Leather Corp., a leather tannery in operation in the city of Johnstown since 1967....

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Sep-24-13 12:29 PM

If the President would just come up with a Fed. Budget there would be no need for euphemisms like 'sequester' and 'continuing resolutions' to hide the real problem. The yearly Federal Budget process begins with the President submitting a detailed budget request for the coming fiscal year between the first Monday in Jan and the first Monday in Feb. All but one (2011)have been late and none have never seen the light of day. For those who do not believe that this is the Presidents job please refer to the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921. In the end, this sequester was originally the president's idea. He gambled Republicans would fold, he lost.

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Sep-24-13 12:57 PM

Obama and Boehner proposed sequestration, and House Republicans agreed to it. How in the world can you blame Obama? Using your logic, Mitt Romney is responsible for the ACA since he implemented it first in Massachusetts.

The mid-session's budget review has been in John Boehner's hands since July 8th. What has he done with it? Voted to repeal Obamacare a whole bunch of times.

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Sep-24-13 1:08 PM

Why not manufacture a product for the private sector to replace the lost government contract? My assumption is that the private sector will be more cost conscious than Uncle Sam. The real culprit is cheap foreign manufactured goods that flood the market, not Obama.

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Sep-24-13 1:24 PM

First, the automatic spending cuts were initiated by the White House and were the brainchild of Lew and White House congressional relations chief Rob Nabors — probably the foremost experts on budget issues in the senior ranks of the federal government. Obama personally approved of the plan for Lew and Nabors to propose the sequester to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). They did so at 2:30 p.m. July 27, 2011, according to interviews with two senior White House aides who were directly involved. Nabors has told others that they checked with the president before going to see Reid. A mandatory sequester was the only action-forcing mechanism they could devise. Nabors has said, “We didn’t actually think it would be that hard to convince them” — Reid and the Republicans — to adopt the sequester. “It really was the only thing we had. There was not a lot of other options left on the table.”

A majority of Republicans did vote for the Budget Control Act that summer, which included th

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Sep-24-13 1:26 PM

And second why in the world would you propose the single largest spending bill in the history of the US against the will of the people? Obamacare is the wrong thing at the wrong time. It needs to be repealed, rewritten and then passed in a bipartisan way.

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Sep-24-13 2:42 PM

TOT - a copy and paste from Fox News? Spare us.

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Sep-24-13 3:52 PM

Cut and paste? So what dave? It's a lot better than the BS you throw around, like president travon not being responsible for the sequester. Why don't YOU cut and paste something that backs up YOUR nonsense?

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Sep-24-13 4:10 PM

There is no 'rewriting' of obamacare TOT, only complete dissolution. Rewriting this abomination would be to admit you are playing by THEIR rules, not the rules of common sense and you will lose every time. There are Free Market solutions that have been and continue to be proposed but liberals will have NOTHING to do with ANYTHING less than complete Govt control. Liberals are the antithesis of Capitalism and the Free Market and every one of their arguments reflect their disdainful 'feelings' and ideological hate of both approaches so don't expect any logic or middle ground on this one, there isn't any.

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Sep-24-13 4:20 PM

Well, first of all MrBob, the copy and paste is a copyright infringement, and plagiarism since TOT didn't attribute it to its author and instead claimed the work as her own. That's a real nice thing to do on a newspaper's comment section.

Secondly, Fox News? One of the most biased news sources out there next to Liberals Unite?

If you're going to C&P something from Fox News, at least say where you're stealing it from so I don't have to be bothered reading it.

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Sep-24-13 5:04 PM

Dave, while you are right on the copyright infringement and plagiarism the key is that no money is being made by reposting the stuff. The hard part of the copyright laws is that they are what is called "self enforcing". I work hard to protect my photo work, but IF some jerk uses my stuff without permission it is up to me to prosecute them. That is a costly effort. The digital world has made authors out of everybody the owns a keyboard and photographers out of every nitwit that has a %50 camera. Nobody really cares anymore, all the media outlets have people whose job it is to maintain their social media (FB and Twitter) presence.

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Sep-24-13 5:10 PM

MSNBC anyone? By the way went to NY website to find out how much my healthcare will be. Not a lot of info there. Best I can discern my healthcare will go up by 25% and sounds like it will no longer be tax deductible to me.If that is the case then it goes up by 50%. Thanks a lot for nothing.

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Sep-24-13 6:14 PM

Dave, I suggest that if you are going to join the name callers you change your name... people will get to know the real you this way! The article I pasted was from washington post **** It was not fox news. It was written By Bob Woodward, Published: February 22, 2013 He was inside the whitehouse at the time working on a book. Another quote from that same article "At noon that same day, White House press secretary Jay Carney shifted position and accepted sequester paternity.

“The sequester was something that was discussed,” Carney said. Walking back the earlier statements, he added carefully, “and as has been reported, it was an idea that the White House put forward.” No matter how you slice it OBAMA IS THE WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO THE USA IN ITS HISTORY!

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Sep-24-13 6:28 PM

It is time to end Obamacare, no matter the cost as this is the time to get it done with. When fully implemented it is going to take a civil war to end it and it may come to that now with Obama leading the way to partisan politics. Everything and I do mean EVERY SINGLE thing Obama has done is a mistake! We need to repeal the last 5 years to right these mistakes... Maybe it is like that old season of Dallas... wake up and it never happened! I wish it were so!

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Sep-24-13 7:30 PM

Well dave, since you fancy yourself a paragon of precision I look forward to YOU sourcing your BS. You gotta stop listening to the tv news media and do like a lot of the rest of us multiple sources and a variety of opinions instead of listening to somebody like you.

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Sep-24-13 9:20 PM

Drugs- whether money is being made on another's work isn't relevant. And big corporations DO go after people for copyright and trademark infringement. Jimmy Buffet's name comes to mind.

When I ran my coffee shop, I had to pay ASCAP fees so that musicians could play music written by others.

TiredOfTax, I don't mind using my real name because I'm not ashamed of my opinions. Are you? But if I did, I'd change it to "TiredofTiredofTax".

MrBob- I don't get TV. All of my info comes from online.

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Sep-25-13 7:09 AM

If I were an Obama,democrat, liberal or progressive I too would be tired of TiredOfTax as HE points out the obvious flaws with the left, HE points out that the almighty Obama is a fraud and a failure. I point out that the country would be far better off without a progressive anyplace withing our boarders let alone in the white house... You and your selfish ideas are what you should be ashamed of. Healthcare for progressives under the guise of helping the poor.

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Sep-25-13 8:49 AM

I agree with a point made in the article that there must be an alternative..something/anything other than a gov't shutdown. Ted Cruz may have just put Hillary in the White House...not necessarily a Hillary fan, just sayin.

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Sep-25-13 9:11 AM

Girls, girls,'re a riot. You scream to cut government spending and then when it's cut, regardless of what it's called, you scream that it's a disaster and Obama's fault. Keystone cops

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Sep-25-13 10:52 AM

Thats odd, seems that for the past 13 years or so EVERYTHING bad that has happened in the Universe was Bush's fault. Everything from tornadoes, hurricanes, to constipation and the embarrassment of Psoriasis. Tell us again usedto, where's president travon's Federal budget(s)? Did Bush steal them? Exactly what govt. spending has obama cut???? How much new spending has Bush instituted in the last 5 years? Why do you use 'girls' as a pejorative adjective? You got something against girls too?

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Sep-25-13 11:11 AM

Really dave? You dont get TV? Then how is it you seem to know whats on Fox since you always refer to 'watching' or 'listening to' Fox as something bad? Backing up your BS with more BS is, you know, counterproductive and not what I meant when I said you should start sourcing YOUR BS statements. Oh well, I guess liberals think that's being clever.

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Sep-25-13 11:25 AM

Bobbi, you got something should have read "Do you have something"...police yourself first

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Sep-25-13 2:00 PM

Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner— Today, a 27-year-old man in Memphis can buy a plan for as low as $41 a month. On the exchange, the lowest state average is $119 a month — a 190 percent increase.

— Today, a 27-year-old woman in Nashville can also buy a plan for as low as $58 a month. On the exchange, the lowest-priced plan in Nashville is $114 a month — a 97 percent increase. Even with a tax subsidy, that plan is $104 a month, almost twice what she could pay today.

— Today, women in Nashville can choose from 30 insurance plans that cost less than the administration says insurance plans on the exchange will cost, even with the new tax subsidy.

— In Nashville, 105 insurance plans offered today will not be available in the exchange.

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Sep-25-13 2:55 PM

First of all I do blame Romney for the precursor of Obamacouldcareless HELLth care. Both are the pathways to socialized medicine. And I do blame the national GOP along with Obama/Soros for sequestration. But mostly I blame the American people for electing these self centered taxwasters including Cuomo. Until we take out the trash, we will continue to go downhill as a country.

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Sep-26-13 8:24 AM

I stand corrected, now answer the question(s).

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