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Cheers and jeers

September 21, 2013

JEERS — To poor parenting. Former NFL offensive lineman Brian Holloway’s rural vacation home in Rensselaer County was trashed during a Labor Day weekend party attended by 200 to 400 teenagers....

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Sep-21-13 8:16 AM

Cheers to beautiful weather and the bluest skies that have been seen in some time. I believe that this alone makes people much happier! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Sep-21-13 8:21 AM

You too T

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Sep-21-13 9:19 AM

Cheers to the idea of running a Short Line track from the Ind. Pk. on the old rail line to Fonda instead of the contentious idea of building a new road from the Thruway. What a great idea using what we already have to our advantage!! No eminent domain issues, the rights of way thru my and other properties along the Rail Trail to Fonda have existed for well over 100 years. To anyone who objects to the 'noise' of a train running the Valley once again it's not noise; it's the sweet sound of badly needed Commerce! Both MC and FC citizens need to get involved, support this idea and contact your local politicians and Fulton Rail Properties. Your voices will make a difference in growing this area into a thriving hub of Manufacturing instead of a drab Bedroom Community. If you do not support this plan, your voice must be heard too, after all we are ALL in this together and everyone's opinion counts if we are to make this work.

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Sep-21-13 11:24 AM

When the plan for resurrecting the rail line was talked about a few years back, major player Wal-Mart indicated they were 100% trucking and planned to remain so. Rumor was Kasson and Keller had interest at that time. It goes through their property and could bring aluminum from Albany, eliminating the need to tractor-trailer it up. Another consideration for the rail line is that a rail yard would be needed in Fonda for staging and switching the freight cars. They probably have remnants from days gone by, but how much is functional today is questionable. Future Tryon truck traffic would have to use Johnstown 30A to get to the end of the spur at the industrial park. Regardless, it all goes back to common sense. Future industrial parks should be right next to the major transportation arteries, thus eliminating the need for a bypass.

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Sep-21-13 12:22 PM

"but the reaction from some parents involved is nothing less than poor parenting." understatement of the century (so far)How about the penalties not only be financial but also include repairing the damage caused by those brats who did it supervised by competent trades people.

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Sep-21-13 3:17 PM

Cheers to Todd Brownell and his great pumpkin! 1543 lbs and first place in Cooperstown.

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Sep-21-13 7:06 PM

Cheers to all of those school aged kids who volunteered to help clean up the mess in Rennselaer county that had no involvement with the vandalism incident.

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Sep-21-13 8:34 PM

Someone should write an article in the newspaper listing the names of the parents who are suing Holloway.

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Sep-22-13 6:26 AM

4 kids out of 300 showed up to apologize to Mr. Holloway for the damage that was done. This is beyond sad, it's criminal. Mr. Holloway has exhibited more patience than most of us would have in the same situation and what does he get? Threats of lawsuits from some scumbag parents. On another thread we have been talking about bullying and parenting and how children emulate their home environment and this gives hard evidence of how deep this problem really is. Parents don't give a *hit and neither do their little urchins. Mr. Holloway should sue EACH of the other 296 brats families for the 20k in damages. It probably wont matter to their little fungi but it will hit the parents hard. I visited Holloways site 'savethe300 dot com' yesterday. The tweets alone from these 'children' are enough to make your blood boil, never mind the pictures of the damage. Because of this, I don't ever again want to hear the term 'it's for the children'.

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Sep-22-13 8:02 AM

JEERS to Republican hypocrasy!

Several of the House Republicans who voted Thursday for a bill that slashed billions of dollars from the food stamp program personally received large farm subsidies for family farms. The bill cutting the food stamp program narrowly passed on a mostly party line 217 to 210 vote.

During the food stamp debate, GOP Rep. Stephen Fincher, who received thousands in farm subsidies, responded to a Democratic Congressman during the debate over the cuts by quoting the bible, saying “the one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

Fincher himself has received his own large share of government money. From 1999 to 2012, Stephen & Lynn Fincher Farms received $3,483,824 in agriculture subsidies. Last year he took in $70,574 alone.

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Sep-22-13 8:40 AM

Someone from the Leaderherald brain trust needs to explain why Gloversville voters should have showed up to vote for three candidates with exactly the same taxwasting political philosophy. Not a dime of difference between the three. We have the highest tax rate in the entire overtaxed State of Cuomo and yet, none of the candidates seriously mentioned cutting costs and taxes. A subsidized apartment complex comes to the city that will pay NO property taxes ever and when they give us a bone, $10k contribution, all of the elected officials try to use it to feed their little tax wasting projects. Vote in Gloversville? Sure if you watch American Idle. But if you want to make a difference, fahgetaboutit!

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Sep-22-13 9:53 AM

Save the excuses until AFTER you vote.

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Sep-22-13 10:15 AM

I'd like to give a shout-out and large !!CHEERS!! to the Mohawk Harvest Co-op and the Mgr. Chris Curro. Enough cannot be said about the fantastic service and dedication to fulfilling their customers needs every single day. VERY well done. Patronize them often, they deserve it.

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Sep-22-13 5:33 PM

I'd wager that the ignorant, arrogant parents who say they will sue think that they are "politically connected". Well sir, I'll wager that their perception of being "connected" will get them a major legal slap in the face if they pursue their misguided intent.

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Sep-22-13 6:45 PM

You are right Patriot. In fact I heard a prominent area attorney on a capital district radio station newscast who issued an opinion that these parents do not have much of a case.

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Sep-22-13 8:03 PM

Please identify yourselves and explain why you disagree with facts

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Sep-22-13 10:02 PM

Remember the "Mission Accomplished" Banner president Bush proudly hailed and was then quickly admonished to have done so? President Obama ran to election victory last fall with claims that al Qaeda was “decimated” and “on the run,” I was wondering if that is the same al Qaeda that the president now wants to support in Syria? Is it the same al Qaeda that just attacked that Kenyon shopping mall attack that killed 68 non-Muslins and wounded 175 more? Where are those people that hopped on the Bush bash express now? Where is the angry anti-war liberals waging their fight against the peace prize winners claim to victory? Ironic isn't it? Might even be progressive hypocrisy!

PS the correct spelling is not "hypocrasy"! Progressive rule #44, your entire post is null and void as we cannot accept this mistake.

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Sep-22-13 11:01 PM

not me usedto, but I know how you feel. I get disagrees for asking questions or stating facts.

I just hate it when that happens

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Sep-23-13 7:53 AM

Oh no, three of the attackers in Kenya could be Americans. Kenyon authorities called it terrorism but in light of this new information maybe they should look into the workplace violence theory... like Texas or now the DC navy yard shooting...

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Sep-23-13 8:07 AM

You didn't say 'please, and with sugar on top'. You don't get it do you usedto, very few of us take you seriously. Now plug your ears and stamp your feet because somebody disagreed with you. Good grief, get over yourself.

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Sep-23-13 8:14 AM

Thanks for answering my question Bobbi! Hiding behind an attack?

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Sep-23-13 8:15 AM

And TOT, your lie continues:

Sep-09-13 6:33 PM I am done... with posts to YOU! You have proven you ability to stay off topic fighting in every post... you are not worth my effort I guese thet I yam wurth yur efort

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Sep-23-13 8:16 AM

Tot....Yup, Obama supports Al Qaeda. He's also a Nazi, and, if you're not careful, he'll take 3 strokes off your golf game.

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Sep-23-13 8:19 AM

Bob...Where is the Mohawk Harvest Co-op located? Thanks..

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Sep-23-13 9:43 AM

laker88, The Mohawk Harvest is located on North Main St. Gloversville across from Key Bank.

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