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Tax cuts will boost area

September 10, 2013

The economy in the local area could use a boost....

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Sep-10-13 12:25 PM

How about trying something really radical and progressive? Let us stop taxing businesses completely. After all, they provide a vital service to the community, one we call jobs.

By increasing the number of people working we reduced the number needing assistance and we grow the tax base. In the long run revenues would exceed those we currently get in our overtaxed system.

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Sep-10-13 12:53 PM

Good Idea! Then the taxed to the limit property owners will have to fork out more. What about cutting government starting with the bloated governments within Fulton County.

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Sep-10-13 2:01 PM

It is a great idea except for the fact that it is putting off our current DEBT problem further down the road. It is time for a LONG term solution and that is spending wisely and cutting redundant programs. A tax cut gives a boost BUT budget restraint is a solution for long term!

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Sep-10-13 2:58 PM

Before somebody brings it up, I'll preempt the specious argument that lowering taxes will COST the Govt.. That's because the Govt factors existing tax revenue as continuing and allocates and/or spends it even though they don't have yet. It's like any of us saying the raise we counted on that didn't materialize is costing us because we already spent it, instead of admitting to a big mistake of spending money we don't have then figuring out how to cover it, and what do we CUT to even it out. Time for the Govt to stop treating it's citizens like a credit card, when we live way over our means it costs US plenty, when the Govt. does the same thing, it costs US plenty too.. Remember, tax breaks cost the Govt. NOTHING because the money is OURS to give or not to give in the first place.

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Sep-10-13 4:39 PM

I lived in CT for a time. CT has no county governments. All services are performed by each municipality. CT property taxes are at least double what NY's are, and they tax everything, including your automobiles.

So it only seems logical to do the opposite. Eliminate all local governments and shift all the services to the county level. Shift all state mandated programs, like Medicaid, to the state.

The other big problem are our school systems. Got your tax bill yet? We're paying for overpaid school staff and palaces for school buildings. No one, and I mean no one, working for our tax dollars should be making six figure salaries. No one, not even the governor, and certainly not a school superintendent.

Someone hand me a magic wand.

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Sep-10-13 6:21 PM

New York State has had no solution to industry fleeing the State but to tax businesses and property owners more and more. Even when it is evident that some businesses and productive job-creators are leaving the State, the geniuses in Albany continue along their destructive path. If the definition of insanity is continuing along the same path and expecting different results, Albany should have been institutionalized 40 years ago. Albany will continue as usual - "New York State, the failed State".

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Sep-10-13 7:14 PM

Patriot1, what's killing this state are local property taxes, not income and business taxes. I remember when the GE in Schenectady asked Schenectady and Rotterdam for reductions in the property values of their buildings. Both municipalities refused. So GE tore down the buildings and moved south.

Something must be done to reduce property taxes, especially school taxes. I think they should be totally eliminated.

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Sep-10-13 7:23 PM

Fix the tax code..Spend OUR tax dollars appropriately!ex INFRASTRUCTURE We could employ men/women for decades just fixing our county/city/town infrastructure....STOP giving Wal Mart and any other businesses tax breaks while the elderly and working middle class continue to lose savings and homes because of tax breaks given to the RICH businesses.Consolidate government!STOP unfunded mandates...These issues would lower our taxes and give business reasons to locate in NY state!...Remember Gov.Andy is giving away a bunch of "tax refunds" next yr...Wouldn't it be great if EVERYONE who got that $400 check went to the capital and burned them???

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Sep-10-13 8:05 PM

This editorial and most of the posts do not address the problem. Dividing up who pays for excessive government spending is not the primary problem. The problem is that too much spending, at all levels of goverment, continues to occur. For decades there have been no annual reductions in the amount spent by the federal, state or local governments. While at times there may be a reduction in the rate of increase, there always is an increase. Unless and until the amount of government spending decreases, and decreases substantially, we are on the path to our own failure. It is just a matter of time.

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Sep-10-13 9:18 PM

You better check the cost of benefits to state workers. Not only are they paid more than their counterparts in the community but most are retiring in their 50's, getting a substantial percentage of their most recent wages, health insurance on the tax payers and they don't pay state taxes on their retirement. The same for any union employees in teaching or local government positions. You can focus on reducing where ever, but the farm was given away a long time ago buying off the unions. The number retired increases every year because a great deal more retire than die off. State retirees and teachers are collecting this for 25-30 years. That's a lot of taxes for Cadillac benefits given to Pinto employees.

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Sep-11-13 7:56 AM

STOP giving Wal Mart and any other businesses tax breaks while the elderly and working middle class continue to lose savings and homes because of tax breaks given to the RICH businesses. That's a pretty heroic assumption yukon. Can you prove that's the reason and not the myriad of 'Social' program give-aways and the constantly escalating property/school taxes? That's the reason we lose our houses. As a Senior Citizen I do not see tax breaks to the 'rich' business's affecting my finances even a little, but what does is paying the County to 'rent' my own property with the threat of eviction and the arbitrary 'rent increases' every friggin year. The 'rich' you should be complaining about is the greedy Fed, State and local Governments.

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Sep-11-13 8:15 AM

By the way yukon, you do realize those unfunded mandates you mentioned getting rid of are ALL welfare give-aways that cost this Senior $.56 of every property tax dollar I pay, right? I agree, lets get rid of ALL unfunded mandates, its not fair that we Seniors have to foot the bill for the moocher class. Additionally, if only parents of school age children pay the School taxes and get it off the shoulders of us Seniors you can bet the crappy education of our children would end quickly.

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Sep-11-13 8:21 AM

Mr. BOB, I agree with you about the welfare rolls to a point. If employers such as Wal-Mart paid their employees a good wage that would not make most of their employees eligible for social services benefits. Local governments give these large employers good tax breaks and then the employer pays its employees so little that most of them are eligible for social services benefits, so the combination of tax breaks for the large wealthy employers and the fact that they pay their employees so little are a big reason why our property taxes are so high.

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Sep-11-13 10:23 AM

The "moocher class" MrBob? That's a pretty crass opinion of folks who need a helping hand. What you're inferring is that those on public assistance are lazy bums who could work but chose not to. While I'm sure there's a few in there, the majority of those receiving benefits do so for three years or less before moving off the dole.

Ron is right on about companies like Walmart who underpay their employees. That Super Walmart will cost local taxpayers $900k a year in social assistance programs so their employees can feed their families (according to a congressional study). These folks are just trying to get by and are not "moochers".

I don't mind my local tax dollars going to those in need. However, I firmly believe that social programs should not be funded at the county level. That's too heavy a burden on poor counties like Fulton County. They should be funded at the state level. Our local state politicians should be raising the roof over this until it cha

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Sep-11-13 11:43 AM

If walmart was not here what would the "helping hand tax bill" be? What would the overall effect on Fulton County? I don't know the answer anymore than you but I would bet you a cup of coffee that it is a lot more than 900k. Stop with the union line of ____. The businesses that were chased out by Walmart were in trouble before WM came and would have folded before long.

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Sep-11-13 2:56 PM

Mayor King after winning the primary says: "It's really my ability to communicate with people," the mayor said.

He said he thinks taxes will go down in the city next year as his administration also tries to bring more jobs to the area. He said he aims to forge a stronger relationship with the city of Johnstown and expressed a desire to have the Gloversville mayor serve on the Fulton County Board of Supervisors. "He thinks", what is he doing to make it happen?

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Sep-11-13 4:53 PM

Well folks, if you don't want an entry-level minimum wage job get an education, skills, drive, ambition and quit insisting you get top dollar for a job that requires no skills or abilities other than to show up for work. Want to be paid what you think you're worth? Get off your butt and become worthy of your demands. The key word here is YOU, not Walmart, or anybody else. In case nobody ever told you, people are in business to make money, not to provide you a cushy wage, benefits on demand or lots of time off unless you have the skills to make YOU worth it. YOU are your own 'market' and if your 'low priced' it's your own fault. Dave, was there a question in your pompous rhetoric? I didn't think so, just more nebulous 'congressional studies' you like to throw out that are meaningless. 'Crass' does not even begin to describe the disgust I have at being forced to give my hard earned retirement money to...yeah, welfare moochers.

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Sep-11-13 4:59 PM

Additionally dave, funding your social programs at a State level only means instead of picking my right pocket, the 'State' will just grab me by the ankles, turn me upside down and shake me for whats left. No thanks, get rid of these taxpayer money-sucking 'social programs' once and for all.

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Sep-11-13 5:12 PM

I can agree with almost every post here maybe there is room for compromise ... Can't believe it we are on the same page

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Sep-11-13 5:56 PM

funny that most of those here that want to eliminate the welfare system because they believe that those who are getting it are just lain lazy. Agree that in a small amount of cases that is true. But I bet that none of these people have never been on hard times and needed help or knew anyone that really needed. You can talk all you want about getting a better education to earn a better pay well maybe you should look at what it cost to get that better education and then why is it that when you have the education for the job and the employer wants you to have experience. Then the people with the experience the employer claims it is not recent enough. So why do we need the education for a job sweeping the floor when we elect people to elected office with no idea what the job they are trying to get is.

you can talk about getting

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Sep-11-13 7:34 PM

Ron, more than a few are voting for the politician who will keep the free stuff coming,eg: "I got my Obamaphone"!! Where did you get it? "Obama"! Where did he get the money from? "I dunno, his stash"!!! There you have it, hand outs to people who don't know or care where it comes from as long as its 'free'. When the moochers can make more money taking it from others than they can sweeping a floor for minimum wage then why work? So what are businesses to do, pay people with little to no marketable skills more than welfare pays for doing nothing???? They're on hard times?? Cry me a friggin river will ya. These professional moochers and their enablers are making MY life harder but does that count? NOOOOO.

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Sep-11-13 7:41 PM

A guy walks into the welfare office and tells the clerk he's tired of being on welfare and wants a job, any job. The clerk tells him it just so happens that a wealthy man is looking for a chauffeur for his nymphomaniac daughter. The job requires long hours, weekends, overseas travel and keeping an eye on his daughter but the pay is very good. The guy says that's great, your not kidding me are you? The clerk says yes, but you started it.

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Sep-12-13 12:43 AM

MrBob, You had me at "welfare moochers". I love your posts!

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Sep-12-13 7:42 AM

r. BoB, I see that you care nothing about helping those who really need it. A person that I know is trying to get by on $1400.00 per month, this person is trying to keep his home and his vehicle, plus pay for his health insurance pay for his heating fuel, putting food on the table. But due to age he can not get a job because most employers will not hire this person. Now this person has worked at some very hard back breaking jobs and every job this person has had only paid enough to just pay the living expenses required to keep the family together. But at age 72 with minor medical problems you believe that this person should get out and get a job, in a job market that has very few jobs. By the way this person is not getting welfare of any kind.

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Sep-12-13 9:22 AM

He deserves help and I am happy to help. Some of the queens that have not figured out "where babies come from" not so much. For the able bodied guy that is walking down main st. not so much. A helping hand maybe, a lifestyle no way.

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