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Laws must be followed

September 9, 2013

Marijuana is illegal under federal law. Yet Attorney General Eric Holder has decided not to interfere in any way with two states where recreational use of the drug has become permissible....

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Sep-09-13 2:00 PM

It is totally baffling how the left wants to relax or even totally remove laws on some recreational drugs but when there is an accident they call for drug and alcohol tests, they even want to make them mandatory. We need to get rid of the OBSTRUCTIONISTS that reside in DC. It is time to return to normalcy where unlawful drugs are not tolerated and where "certain colors" do not get prosecuted under the Obama?Holder regime.

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Sep-09-13 2:33 PM

Legalize it for adult recreational use and tax it. Spend the money saved and earned on getting the actual hazardous drugs off the street.

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Sep-09-13 2:46 PM

TOT: NEWS FLASH, All liberals do not smoke dope, drink alcoholic beverages, or care if either is legal or not. Its as dumb as me saying all conservatives tried cocaine and drink Scotch, like GWB.

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Sep-09-13 5:07 PM

Seems to me the current prez liked to indulge in one and beer as the other.

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Sep-09-13 6:30 PM

So Topper, you are saying that drug legalization is not a Liberal topic, that the occupiers were not drug using liberals that want everything the rich have... but not if they have to get a job or earn it in any way? Are you saying that progressives have not run and won on the free for all gravy train called welfare, extended health and welfare benefits? Whew I was worried that half of this country had gone insane! Thanks for the clarification! Now back on topic, why should Holder or Obama concern themselves with following laws at this late date? They are both washed up in a few years anyway!

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Sep-09-13 7:24 PM

Tax it like we do cigs and alcohol. This is long overdue.

This coming from someone who doesn't use it nor has ever used it.

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Sep-09-13 9:59 PM

yup swizzer, "they" are sure gonna need a new bunch to tax when all the smokers either quit or die. Funny how "they" always raise tobacco taxes to increase revenue and then tell the smokers that they need to quit for health reasons.

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Sep-10-13 7:08 AM

Legalize it!!! Long overdue. People drink and drive why not smoke an drive. They haven't made drinking illegal and that kills many people every year, so why keep marijuana illegal. If they legalize it more money for the greedy government. It would probably then be harder to get.

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Sep-10-13 7:51 AM

When the politicians who make the laws start to follow their own laws, like obamacare, I might take this seriously. In any event, this is a States issue.

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Sep-10-13 7:53 AM

Just for fun, can anybody think of an activity that is NOT already taxed/regulated???

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Sep-10-13 8:09 AM

It is totally baffling how the right wants to ban abortions, but when there is an unwanted, ignored child they call for eliminating welfare and reduce funding and tax breaks for day care. They should care as much for the born as they do for the unborn. Yes TOT, off topic. Just illustrating how we all have our little inconsistencies

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Sep-10-13 8:13 AM

Bob....I haven't decided if our politicians should start smoking pot, or should stop. Re your other question, I tried to think of something that's not taxed in NY, the Empire State, and couldn't come up with anything.

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Sep-10-13 8:45 AM

TiredOfTax- I recently had a discussion with a conservative friend who supports legalizing ALL drugs, not just marijuana. Her reasoning is that it could be taxed, and like cigarettes, use some of the revenue for drug education. It would just about eliminate gang violence, put drug dealers out of business, and empty out our prisons. Makes sense to me.

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Sep-10-13 9:44 AM

If it makes sense, TOT will DISAGREE!!!!!

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Sep-10-13 11:41 AM

The law is the law. If it makes sense to change the law, then change the law. Until that happens the DOJ & ALL law enforcement must enforce the law..... Period.

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Sep-10-13 1:17 PM

eh, drugs, 'Funny how "they" always raise tobacco taxes to increase revenue and then tell the smokers that they need to quit for health reasons. '

Cigaratte taxes in NYS have NEVER been to raise revenue. They've always been raised to encourage people to stop smoking.

I know smoking cigs in Fulton County is a favorite pasttime, so I can easily see why you'd have missed that point.

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Sep-10-13 1:58 PM

It is not a conservative idea... it was presented by a progressive was endorsed by liberals and is backed by democrats. Sure there is always a stray that gets away from the herd but all I said was it is a LIBERAL backed idea. Lets take a poll and see who supports letting Americans start recreationaly using drugs. My guess is it will lead to a LOT more problems and a WHOLE lot MORE government... we do not NEED anymore of any of those!

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Sep-10-13 2:33 PM

So rs, I suppose they raise thruway tolls to discourage driving, raise income taxes to discourage working, raise licensing fees to discourage hunting, fishing, raising estate taxes to discourage dieing, raising business taxes to discourage businesses and the best one; do they raise property taxes and school taxes to discourage what, home ownership and education? Every single activity is taxed and regulated more and more to bring in revenue, no other pie-in-the-sky reason, not for your health, safety or well-being, just revenue. If you want to believe taxes on cigs discourage smoking and not to raise revenue that's your prerogative but then again, why is tobacco legal? To raise revenue of course, just like legalizing pot would do, or do you believe taxing pot would make people stop smoking dope too? If you were to send the Govt ALL your money and assets do you think the Govt will thank you and stop taxing you? Go ahead and let us know how it works out for you.

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Sep-10-13 3:20 PM

MrBoB51, I stopped reading your comment after the first sentence, as it is a non-sequitur. Why?

The argument other and I have made here is taxes.

And since the Thruway is funded solely by tolls by those who use it, and not one red cent of taxpayer money, then your argument about raising taxes is baseless.


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Sep-10-13 3:44 PM

Interesting how all the conservative politicians that do their political business half in the bag are so against legalizing pot. How many local Democrats in office or running for office have DWIs in their portfolio? I certainly thought that TOT and Bob would be on the side of developing business opportunities. I guess they are only pro-business when Rush and Sean say so (drill baby drill but no solar please). Look at how alcohol is a major player in social and sporting events. Remember when alcohol was illegal in the 20’s? There are a variety of business opportunities that would develop as a result legalizing pot. Job opportunities, a reduction in unemployment, additional tax revenue – what’s to lose? Plus, the DEA could concentrate their efforts on cocaine and ******. Besides, the pot will be grown and sold no matter what is done, that’s supply and demand. Think of all the struggling farms in upstate New York that could add to their crops and make a great deal of money.

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Sep-10-13 3:56 PM

It’s OK to frack and destroy the drinking water of an area for generations to come or build a pipeline that when it leaks (not if) it will destroy the entire drinking water supply of a dozen states. However, growing pot that doesn’t destroy the land or drinking water and can be used for a variety of products that don’t include getting high is something that is just not tolerable. If you listened to your logic instead of cutting and pasting you would realize just how irrational you sound.

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Sep-10-13 4:42 PM

And let's not forget the people dying in drug wars, or those in jail for possession. Look at the money to be saved by freeing those in jail for a victimless crime. End the war on drugs. It's lost...bring the troops home

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Sep-10-13 6:10 PM

Then stop messing around, fight the war to win it. Not let it grow like it has. All WARS should only be taken on if they are to be won, not a bit here and a smidgen there a blast them off their feet and stop them now winning attitude.

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Sep-10-13 6:50 PM

swizzer, Where do you come up with this crap ????? They were raising tobacco taxes even back when a doctor was quoted in an ad "Chesterfield, not a cough in a carton, smooth" That might be a few months before your time.

MrBoB is on the right track

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Sep-11-13 8:27 AM

Rs it's a non sequitur only to you because it doesn't follow your twisted liberal one dimensional thinking. Sheesh. I'm not surprised you didn't read my whole comment, you could not comprehend the one sentence you did read so why bother with the rest, and you talk about 'fail'.....HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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