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Don’t rush into Syria

August 30, 2013

Terming use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war a “red line” that, if crossed, would result in decisive U.S. action was a mistake on President Barack Obama’s part....

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Aug-30-13 11:55 AM

Thats what I have been saying. Just another chance for Obama to mess up, he spoke too early saying what he shouldn't have and now has to pay the price. If he hits Syria he did what he said, enforcing his stand that a red line was crossed and that he and the USA would not tolerate such actions... but if he hadn't shot from the hip as he always does, by opening his mouth when silence is needed we would not now have to back up his words or appear weak in the worlds view. Add this to the ever growing list of he shouldn't have or even the always doing it wrong lists! Mistake? YOU BET!

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Aug-30-13 12:11 PM

No one is rushing to anything.

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Aug-30-13 12:19 PM

This Assad guy is suppoed to be a physician and as such has taken the same Hypocratic oath as every other physician in the world: I shall do no harm.

If in fact he has used CW's, then he must be held accountable and suffer the same fate as anyone else before him who was as evil, including Mussolini, the Nuremberg convicts, Hussein, Milosevic, and that Romanian guy whose name I can't pronounce.

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Aug-30-13 12:23 PM

Sorry- 'hippocratic oath'. Although, yes, his actions would make him a hypocrit.

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Aug-30-13 1:34 PM

Someone explain to me what happens when we attack Syria and blow up the stock of gas that they used on their own people and those gases start spreading around the other countries. And now that our stupid media is telling the entire world what we are planning to do and when we fire the first missile and the people of Syria start launching missiles at other countries and that causes many more people to be killed.

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Aug-30-13 2:00 PM

So quick question, Is anyone on here for taking military action and getting involved in Syria?? If the majority is not, then I ask why are our elected representatives even entertaining the idea and going against the wishes of the citizens of our nation???

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Aug-30-13 2:17 PM

Taxedtomuch, I am not in favor of military action against Syria, But our elected officials are entertaining that possibility because I believe mainly that our media is talking about it so much and there are some members of the public that think that we should because they believe that we are the USA of the past and most of them have never served in the military and do not understand what the consequences could be.

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Aug-30-13 2:38 PM

Taxedtoomuch, good question. I'm for action, but not military action.

There is positively nothing that can't be resolved without a group of grown men, setting aside their differences for a moment, and talking.

On the topic: The UN Secretary General: "The situation should be resolved in a peaceful way through dialogue.'

Ed Miliband, leftist of the UK parliament: 'Learn the lessons of Ira, because people remember the mistakes that were made in Iraq.'

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Aug-30-13 2:42 PM

No-one has yet "followed the money". Russia is looking to establish a strong "energy foothold" in parts of "Arabia" as well as eastern europe. Note who supports Syria - note who does not. It is most telling that Saudi Arabia does not support Syria - once again, "follow the money"!

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Aug-30-13 4:04 PM

Reasonable people can always settle their problems. The problem is getting the reasonable ones together.

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Aug-30-13 5:06 PM

Patriot1, we've been saying it all along. Don't trust Russia under Putin.

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Aug-30-13 5:08 PM

Pards13, I agree. We have a possible megalomaniac in power in Syria just like Hussein, Hitler, Mussolini, the Romanian guy, Pol Pot, etc., all before him. He needs to be dealt with swiftly, although I don't think military invervention should be the first answer.

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Aug-30-13 5:51 PM

Remember this was NOT the first use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime. Liberals swept the first time under the rug... and want to again except this time their leader president Obama said he wouldn't tolerate it. So Obama spoke, lets see if he is all talk, like we expect he is. He is like the coward trying to bluff his way out of trouble. Problem is they did it AGAIN! It is in his face now... Wrong if he does... wrong if he does not. Either way he continues to be WRONG!

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Aug-30-13 5:52 PM

Pards13, there are no reasonable people involved. None at all!

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Aug-30-13 6:08 PM

A great man with class and respect...

"The president's got a tough choice to make. But if he decides to use our military, he'll have the greatest military ever backing him up," said Bush.

Bush, who rarely comments on President Obama's decisions or policies, refused to be "roped in" to a lengthy discussion on the subject.

"Putting our military into harm's way is the toughest decision a president will make," he concluded.

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Aug-30-13 6:38 PM

TiredOfTax, what the h-ell does Bush have to do with this discussion?

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Aug-30-13 6:39 PM

ToT: this isn't a conservative or iberal issue.


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Aug-30-13 7:49 PM

Funny how your words flow like a musical through the night, beautiful sounds that progressive long to hear! You are a funny guy aren't you?

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Aug-30-13 8:01 PM

swizzer, in case you missed it GWB commented on the current situation

If you don't believe it -- LOOK IT UP yourself

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Aug-30-13 9:50 PM

drugsrus, I know he did. I wan't talking to you. I was talking regarding certain peoples' penchant for turning every G-d d-amn issue into a partisan one.

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Aug-31-13 12:15 AM

wow swizzer, I didn't think I pulled your chain

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Aug-31-13 7:48 AM

We could certainly use another decider

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Aug-31-13 9:27 AM

You are right RS it is not a decision for conservatives or progressives. It is one for the COMMANDER in chief... but all we have is Obama and his decision making talents are limited to civil rights and his one sided racist remarks about every single one of the any color on black ones! A war decision should be left to A MAN in charge not the civil rights organizer.

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Aug-31-13 1:16 PM

Follow the US Constitution and stay "OUT" of foreign wars. The American people do NOT want anymore wars or conflict intervention unless it is on our own soil. If Obama goes in, it ain't gonna be pretty very, very soon I do fear!

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Sep-01-13 8:38 AM

Rs, you don't get to decide anything that's said here except what your own comments are going to be. You're a clown, an asinine phony and a partisan hack, not a moderator so don't try to get too far out of character. If we're soooo tiring to read and you're sooo offended at the mention of Bush and partisanship then stop using him as YOUR #1 blaming point for EVERYTHING or go to a forum where everybody agrees with you and you don't get soooo tired out having to do research on what the h e l l were talking about, getting it wrong then resorting to partisan babble when hardly anyone agrees with you. Why is it you libs always accuse everybody else of doing what YOU do????

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