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Great Lakes’ waters steady

August 20, 2013

Climate alarmists have a new toy with which to play — but it may not be as pleasing as they hope....

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Aug-20-13 12:24 PM

"What is rarely mentioned is that these weather events, including more frequent droughts, warmer air temperatures, and even extreme weather events such as the flooding in the western portion of the Great Lakes basin this spring, are part of longer-term climate trends. There is no question that lake temperatures are warming and winter ice cover is decreasing. Both are consistent with global trends and are related to climatic factors that affect water levels in the Great Lakes. Given the well-documented trends in the region, it would be difficult to show that human-induced climate change is not having an effect on lake levels."-from that well-reknowned leftist publication National Geographic. Seriously, LH, please do some research before writing editorials.

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Aug-20-13 1:09 PM

I believe that this is a man made problem... it is your fault and now God is going to punish us all! As far as climate change it is all a huge propaganda machine being used to redistribute the worlds money... from those that do to those that want, just like Obamacare!

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Aug-20-13 4:28 PM

Wow. This paper might as well change it's name to the "Fox Herald". Did they even look into modern flood control measures in place that may have contributed to the lack of change in water levels as well? I am guessing that there weren't many in 1860.

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Aug-20-13 6:17 PM

You can only be wrong just so much of the time, the real question is how long can the left leaners stay wrong? They do seem to be quite consistently not quite right!

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Aug-20-13 6:45 PM

LOL! I guess the corporate editor doesn't know that the Great Lakes are freshwater and aren't influence by changes in sea level by melting ice caps. He really is pretty dense. The LH should fire his butt and stick to local editorials, which are almost always spot on.

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Aug-20-13 9:32 PM

I'd like to hope that the LH staff wrote this article for the purpose of humor. used LH and research in the same sentence, a classic oxymoron, lol!

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Aug-21-13 6:38 AM

Why does the corporate editor need to be a "he"? Did anyone check the Arctic Ice block? There's more ice forming.

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Aug-21-13 7:10 AM

Sorry I wasn't politically correct, Anna, but I dislike using "he/she". It's awkward. Just like "mankind" refers to both sexes, I use "he" the same way. If LH editors were required to sign their names to their opinions, just as they require letter writers to do, we wouldn't have this problem.

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Aug-21-13 7:16 AM

Oh, and Anna, you're statement about artic sea ice is incorrect. The northwest passage is again ice free, which is impressive enough, but now the northeast passage is ice free enabling ships from China to sail north of Russia to get to Europe. www dot pbs dot org/newshour/rundown/2013/08/china-has-a-new-short-cut-thanks-to-melting-arctic-ice.html

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Aug-21-13 8:06 AM

According to ICECAP.US, Arctic ice stopped it's decline in 2007, and since then, reports show a growing increase in ice. The warming of the waters, as you referenced are due to the reversal of ocean currents, a common event, usually related to El Nino, El Nina. Since 2001, the earth has cooled, with 2012 being an exceptionally cold year. But wait! That is when Bush was President. Maybe it's his fault.

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Aug-21-13 8:23 AM

What a crock. The climate has been changing since the planet was formed. Humans had nothing to do with it then or now. This is what happens when people begin to believe there is nothing greater than themselves, so they have invented the religion of environmentalism for themselves, replete with tenants, commandments and punishments. It allows them to think humans can destroy that which they cannot create. When environmental acolytes can cap a volcano to keep it from spewing CO2 and SO2 then I'll be impressed, until then......

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Aug-21-13 12:17 PM

I majored in chemistry and was pretty d****d good at it. I must agree with ToT, Annarondac and Bob51. Any perceived changes (and I emphasize perceived, rather than real and long-lasting) are absolutely minimal and are being used by politicians in an attempt to "redistribute wealth". Anything they would be doing by this "redistribution" would be effecting the economy negatively. Repeat after me -- "You cannot control nature"!! I also find it beneath contempt that the know-nothings would denigrate the staff of the LH. Get smart, expand your knowledge and depersonalize your comments.

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Aug-21-13 12:22 PM

Patriot1, I only minored in chemistry (at a excellent school...), and know that while I mostly accept 'You cannot control nature', I know that you can effect and influence it.

CFC's destroy O3- banned PCB's can't be used to carry water- banned Lead effects brain development and so also cann't be used to carry water- banned

The list goes on, so don't give me that 'You cannot control nature' baloney.

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Aug-21-13 12:33 PM

Annarondac, 'La Nina', not 'El Nina' :)

Sorry, just had to.

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Aug-21-13 12:41 PM

CFC's, PCB's, lead etc. can be minimized and controlled, and those are admirable goals. So far, we cannot control weather patterns and I doubt whether we will ever be able to do so to any significant degree.

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Aug-21-13 1:28 PM

As an electrical engineer (and hence scientist) I examined this so called manmade climate change. I have knowledge of modeling, system theory, frequency response, chemistry, physics, yada yada yada. So for me it was easy to see that CO2 is a very minor player as it accounts for about 4% of all greenhouse gases and is not nearly as good as H2O at blocking IR. In fact, the water vapor in the air accounts for about 99% of all the greenhouse affect. I looked at the data, I examined the science. The data does not support the conclusion pushed by liberals.

It should be noted that not one of the predictions have come close. There are not more storms of higher intensity. The most conservative estimate of temperature rise is still higher than observed. Sea levels have only risen a couple of inches instead of a couple feet. Glaciers have not melted at the rate they predicted. The entire hypothesis is nothing but baseless fear mongering.

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Aug-21-13 1:37 PM

Ok rs, made an acorn out of absolutely nothing ok? What you refer to is prevention, controlling what we do, not controlling Nature, you can't no matter how much you stamp your feet and insist we're wrong. Go ahead and play make-believe if it makes you happy, We'll just continue to laugh at the childishness of our resident make-believe Lawyer. Where do you get your silly ideas from anyhow? FOX? CNN? MS***? And stop correcting people's grammatical errors you self righteous clown, you make your share of them in case you haven't noticed. A lot of us did but realize you don't need us to point out your failings, you make that obvious quite well yourself.

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Aug-21-13 1:39 PM

N*B*C must mean something verboten?? Lets try that again....NBC. Hmmmmm

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Aug-21-13 1:40 PM

Another PC Police glitch.

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Aug-21-13 1:50 PM

swizzer, ", I only minored in chemistry (at a excellent school...)," - Really???? Jut because it was an excellent school doesn't mean that you learned anything. And from most of your posts, my guess is that you passed by the skin of your teeth -- or is it tooth????

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Aug-21-13 1:54 PM

Patriot1, I understand weather patterns can't be controlled. My argument is that we can certainly effect them in the same way that releasing CFC's destroys O3, which allows no protection from harmful UV and gases, which effects the natural balance required for things like farming (and remember the 'trees take in CO2 and put out O2' thing?).

And we've seen a huge uptick in cancer rates. To what can we attribute that too?

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Aug-21-13 1:54 PM

Scare, It's always about fleecing somebody out of money when liberals are involved, including this. I mentioned 2 of the Gasses a volcano puts out but did not mention the #1 output of a volcanic eruption..H2O. As a scientist, you can appreciate the danger of a religious movement that is based on lies and the misunderstanding of the environment. Sounds all too familiar.

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Aug-21-13 2:07 PM

It is a scam! Global warming is a progressives plan to redistribute money from those that have to those of their choosing. If in fact global warming is mans fault, the biggest bigot of all is Al Gore, his carbon footprint is global sized as he flies around the world in his fleet of behemoth airplanes blaming others and gathering up money... Noe if you want to talk about PHONY crap, heres Al!

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Aug-21-13 2:11 PM

A report from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado finds that Arctic summer sea ice has increased by 409,000 square miles, or 26 per cent, since 2007. But didn’t we hear from the same Center that the North Pole was set to disappear by now? We all deserve apologies from the global warming fanatics who wanted to reshape the world in their image and called those who objected to their wild theories ignorant deniers. They were so convinced the world was ending and only they could save it, yet now they have been exposed as at best wildly idealistic and at worst frauds. They should have to do public penance for their hubris. I suggest they sit on blocks of melting ice and ponder their limitations. Either that or let the polar bears deal with them.

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Aug-21-13 3:45 PM

swizzer, you dint do good in English either, the word you were looking for is Affect not Effect. But I do have a serious question -- IF we (US citizens) are destroying the ozone layer, why is the hole over the South Pole ???

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