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Give study green light

August 18, 2013

Many questions need to be answered about the proposed bypass from Thruway Exit 28 in Fultonville to Route 30A near the Johnstown Industrial Par....

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Aug-23-13 4:15 PM

The bypass will only benefit WalMart in Fulton County. If they want the bypass let them build it!

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Aug-23-13 2:17 PM

You know it reall does not matter what the Gloversville leaders spend it on, it is simply that they MUST SPEND IT!

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Aug-23-13 1:06 PM

Ron1960 and stackrat,

The paid fire department is one of the biggest scams in the county. They go through the same training and certification. And the volunteer guys even offer mutual aid to the paid guys when they need relief!

It's not like just because a fireman is volunteer that it means he's some guy running out of his house at the sight of a fire and throws on some heavy coat and starts wielding a hose.

In some cases, paid fire departments take up 25% of more of a city's budget

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Aug-21-13 7:20 AM

Sackrat, According to Firemen's Association of the State Of New York State cities can have volunteer fire departments. Now there are 42 cities have all or mostly paid fire departments. 17 cities have all or mostly volunteer fire departments.

How ever there are rules and regulations that need to be followed to change. Cities are mandated to provide fire protection to its residents.

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Aug-20-13 7:45 PM

I dont believe u can have a volunteer FD in a City.

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Aug-19-13 7:08 PM

TiredOfTax, I've been saying volunteer fire for g'ville for years.

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Aug-19-13 6:19 PM

Heheheh, good one Pards.

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Aug-19-13 1:23 PM

For those wondering the word starred was not bad just a dumb computer program putting the wrong connotation. The word was for a thick wall that holds back water. Jeepers.

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Aug-19-13 1:21 PM

Careful Bob you might pork off the 'powers that be" and they let loose the****at the sewer plant. Remember stuff flows down hill.

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Aug-19-13 11:44 AM

Correct me if I'm wrong Hill, but the sounds of crickets are louder than the sounds of industry at the Canal View Ind. Park which is a stones throw from the thruway. I'm scratching my head too, wondering what purpose it serves right there by the thruway, shovel ready and lonely. I really do like the idea of a Truck toll road out of Fonda/Fultonville. It would be very simple to erect toll barriers on the Village of Fultonville owned Riverside Drive side of exit 28. (both sides so trucks cant sneak around to Rt5s to NYS Rt30a. OR reroute all truck traffic to rt5 east towards Amsterdam, lots of ways to left to get to J-town from there. Heheh, then again, trucks could use Switzer Hill Rd., that'll fix 'em.

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Aug-19-13 9:21 AM

This horse aint dead yet?

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Aug-18-13 12:54 PM

This study should have a permanent red light!

"MrBoB51", you make a great point. You can update the names of the players since they have changed over the years, but the outcome is same. It is simply not cost effective to develop property that does not have sufficient infrastructure.

As "Hilltopper" points out, there are numerous lands surrounding Thruway interchanges where businesses could chose to locate without the public investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in new roads since the infrastructure already exists. This is why Global Foundaries chose their site in Malta. It was the most cost-effective site, in large part due to its proximity to the Northway and the Albany airport and the availability of low cost water.

Economic development is a business, one that New York State does not fair very well in, leading to the exodus of most of the best talent, while being a beacon for those who chose not to work.

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Aug-18-13 12:47 PM

I don't understand why people are complaining about the purchase of a new ladder truck for the Gloversville Fire Dept.. I believe it actually affects insurance rates if the city does not have a ladder truck and anyway having lived on upper floors in the past I find it reassuring that people and a fire can be reached in a emergency situation. I think the same arrogant complainers will be the first to point fingers if something tragic happens that could have been averted.

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Aug-18-13 10:36 AM

Future industrial parks should be sited in the Town of Glen. A nice chunk of land could be purchased for what the study alone will cost. Truck traffic congests the roads, destroys them and whatever is beneath, and pollute the air. Site industrial parks right next to thruway interchange. It works well for Target Distribution and Beechnut. Mongomery County should charge a toll for any truck traffic going to and from Fulton County industrial parks. How's that for thinking about the future?

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Aug-18-13 9:42 AM

Annarondac, it appears that we need to start electing officials of higher intelligence and capabilities rather than those who win popularity contest.

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Aug-18-13 9:42 AM

TheArchitect, those other studies did not include Fage and its expansion or the Tryon site. Whenever I hear or read about 'studies' the cynic in me recalls the quote from Benjamin Disraeli.."There are three kinds of lies; lies, dam*ed lies and statistics".

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Aug-18-13 9:26 AM

My question is FC knew that MC had to sign on to this study and they were not going to pay the$50,000 for the study. As of right now what does MC have to lose by signing on, nothing. So why did FC decide to pay the full $100,000 for the study because our FC supervisors believe that our county taxpayers have much more money that they need. Must be nice to be a supervisor that has so much money that they can not understand how many of the people they are supposed to represent must live on a daily basis.

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Aug-18-13 9:20 AM

Yeah TOT, we beat the heck out of this topic about every six months. Memo to MC Supervisors: "When it's time to shoot...shoot, don't talk". *Tuco*

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Aug-18-13 9:12 AM

This study is a ruse from any perspective. This effort will be a rewrite of former studies that have shown in the past that it is possible to build a roadway from Interchange 28 to Johnstown, but the extremely high cost cannot be justified by the benefits. Since the benefit/cost ratio is less than 1, the project is unable to receive federal funding.

Fulton County likely will want Montgomery County to be responsible for the annual O&M of the roadway too.

The county should should have their limited resources and not spend public money on something that has no possible chance of being implemented.

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Aug-18-13 9:00 AM

You know what, this boondoggle is not going to go away easily. We in G'ville just blew a MILLION dollars on a truck that we likely will never need so what the heck id $100.000.00? Pay it, get the real price and then lets MOVE ON!

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Aug-18-13 7:46 AM

I pay taxes here and I do advocate productive use of tax payer money, so I agree 100% with the editorial. We have to spend (taxpayer) money to plan for the future economic growth of this region.

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Aug-18-13 7:19 AM

I thought that we elected officials to make decisions and that those officials would do their homework and find solutions to problems within their jurisdiction. How much money is wasted on studies, when it could be used to ease the burden to the tax payer.

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