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State should cover costs

August 15, 2013

Why should Fulton County pay for damage done to state property? It seems like common sense: The state should be responsible for securing its property, including paying for any additional security......

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Aug-17-13 9:46 AM

Obviously there are different rules for this kind of property deal. I would never buy a house in that condition. I would accept it for free, then repair and insure, get it on the tax rolls and develop the property on my dime. Seems to me a pizzing contest with the State isn't really necessary. If the County wants the property that bad, then just get the deed.

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Aug-16-13 6:14 PM

Sounds like business as usual in Albany. Do as we say, not as we do.

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Aug-16-13 7:43 AM

Dave and Ron, citizen involvement is the key to successfully changing local Government. I think we agree on that. One of the most difficult hurdles is getting people of all political persuasions to put aside their differences and agree to a common goal, (not just change for the sake of change) and we accomplished that due to all of the citizens becoming involved, not just property and/or business owners. In this case the old saying is true "If you continue to do things the same way it's always been done you will never be better than what you are now." So FC, join your neighbors in MC and make 'better' happen.

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Aug-16-13 7:37 AM

Dave Gibson, I agree with you. How ever I do not see that happening in FC because the people who believe as we do refuse to run for office and vote. We need people the believe as we do who have some backbone to stand up and get this process started, sadly there has been a small group of citizens meeting for a few months trying to get people who want what we do to run for office and there are so few people who can be bothered to even attend these meetings. The people of FC do a lot of talking but they are scared to take any action. Just like the two issues I posted about here most people here in FC just do not care, the Republican party has run FC for well over a 150 years and most of the registered voters will only vote the party line and for that reason you seldom get other people to run for office or even vote.

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Aug-15-13 9:12 PM

I agree with you, MrBob. I've been saying for years that the Fulton County Board of Supervisors should be abolished and replaced with county legislators. It would end all the town versus city bickering, for one, and we might even get qualified people to run for office.

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Aug-15-13 2:08 PM

The Tryon site still belongs to the STATE! Until the title is turned over it is the STATE that should pay if repairs are needed! BUT... the buildings will likely be torn down or extremely rebuilt to accommodate manufacture instead of housing and schooling. So this damage is likely to not impact the deal much. I say go find who did it, take everything that they have then throw them in jail. They deserve at least that much for the thefts!

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Aug-15-13 1:23 PM

Mr. BOB , I agree that MC did a good thing and I know that it was not an easy thing to get done. But at least MC has brought your government in to the 21st century. There is a small group here in FC that are trying to get the same kind of thing done here. But unless the general population starts to elect different people nothing will change.

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Aug-15-13 12:28 PM

Ron, I should also mention that all your complaints about FC supervisors, voting and the overall political scene, are exactly among the many justified reasons we in MC voted in a Charter Government. It was not easy, people had to get involved and educated as to how it works because the naysayers misunderstood the concept and were afraid of losing power. It took a few years and a little arm-turning, so to speak, but we did it. So can you.

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Aug-15-13 12:04 PM

Nicely said Ron. Welcome to New York State.

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Aug-15-13 11:58 AM

This is what is wrong with our board of supervisors. Just like when they sold the infirmary and we the county tax payers are still doing the maintenance on the infirmary sewer lines and we also paid to have much of the infirmary painted and other up dates as well as install a new sprinkler system. while the new owners just set back and collect the money from their patients. Now here we are getting it shoved up our back sides to pay for repairs to a State owned facility. But most of the county tax payers just do not care and they will more than likely prove it in the general election this year because they will re-elect the supervisors that are up for election this year and the general public will complain that many of the supervisor races are unopposed and they will be correct but that is because the general public can not be bothered to run for office and many of them will not be bothered to even get out and vote on election day.

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