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August 8, 2013

While we are a long way from the general?Election?Day on Nov. 5, it’s not too early to start finding out what candidates stand for. While the local elections may lack any high-profile races for U.S....

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Aug-10-13 10:33 AM

I do believe that there is a short circuit in a brain but it appears that it is the progressives that have that. Why else would they still believe in this mistake ridden regime that super dud Obama leads? Why would they cheer the total loss of the ground we won in Iraq and enjoy watching their demise? Why would they agree with Muslims that Israel is the PROBLEM and want them removed from the equation? Why also would they agree that a thief, that brutally assaulted a man trying to help his neighbors over the hero defending himself? You my friendless friend are the short circuit!

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Aug-10-13 10:00 AM

I stand corrected, St Marys is the largest employer due to FC and MC employees combined. You never addressed my point, FC may be paying most of their taxes to Lexington, But it's not so here in MC with Liberty. You must have missed that we don't pay the lions share of our taxes to Liberty or ignored it because you're liberal sensitivities were offended and you didn't like how I said it. Awwhh imagine my concern. Anyhow, nice of you to take the time to look up all that stuff you wrote about, business must be slow huh? Heheh. Oh, and TOT, rs always tells you who HE is by what he just accused you of being, but you already know that. It's a self-indictment liberals can't stop doing.

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Aug-10-13 1:00 AM

TiredOfTax, you ignorant, uneducated sorry excuse for a product of public education: I gve you examples of the WalMart undercut tires; you CHOOSE to ignore the facts of the case brought before the courts. I cannot make you believe something. It's that faulty wiring that continues to bewilder you.

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Aug-09-13 10:30 PM

Mo RS you add to our posts... ( question your honesty. Like the fig oil theft of all the good mileage plans and the Walmart inferior tire products. These are the type of lies that degrade your credibility to the low that it is today.

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Aug-09-13 7:04 PM

TiredOfTax, you don't put words in peoples' mouths? Sure about that? You've done a pretty good job of making stuff up on these posts.

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Aug-09-13 5:19 PM

So Ron where have I ever said that the disabled or the life time worker does not deserve what he has earned? It is the free for all welfare that I oppose. It is the easy as pie food stamp programs and the why should I work when the government just gives me free stuff that I oppose! Unlike you I do not want to put words in your post... why do liberals always add that bit more to make it insulting?

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Aug-09-13 4:09 PM

While I agree that we have a duty to take care of those who cannot take care themselves the government has a duty be diligent in how they hand out money and not squander it like it is an endless resource.

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Aug-09-13 2:15 PM

TOT, Let me ask you this. You say that anything someone gets from the government is from the person that earned it. You are missing a few points like what about the person that is through no fault of their own are disabled and can not work and earn their own way, then what about the person who worked for many years and paid their way all those years and have retired and are not able to work and do not get enough from their savings and social security. Are you saying that these people should not get the help they need and deserve. Remember that you very well could be in their shoes some time in the future but then you should not get the help you may need. You do not have the ability to think past you nose.

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Aug-09-13 1:30 PM

Dave you and RS always take the statement and add your twisted thoughts to it replay it in a post and then say it is so... how in these cases do you not consider yourselves liars?

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Aug-09-13 1:28 PM

Just remember one thing fellows... Everything that you GET from GOVERNMENT was TAKEN from the person that EARNED it!

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Aug-09-13 12:58 PM

DaveGibson, I hear ToT is a big fan of the three-fifths compromise, too.

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Aug-09-13 12:57 PM

ToT: requiring land ownership as a means to vote has long been unconstitutional in the US as it was considered, among others, to be a poll tax.

Learn your history, you sorry excuse for an American.

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Aug-09-13 12:53 PM

MrBoB51, you couldn't be more wrong with regard to Liberty in Montgomery County.

By state law, each county must provide services for the intellecually and developmentally disabled and can do so either directly through the state ARC program/s or through a private non-profit that runs as the contractor to do the same. Schenectady County has an Schenectady County ARC as do Saratoga and Hamilton Counties to name a few. Montgomery County has the private Liberty like Fulton County has Lexington.

And while they do rely upon donations from people and corporations, the VAST majority of their funding is through taxpayers like you and me through the state and federal grants they get.

And it's quite obvious: they have hundreds of employees, vehicles, and properties to maintain. Donations alone cant pay those salaries and other things.

Also, St. Mary's is the largest employer in Mont Co., not Liberty.

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Aug-09-13 11:38 AM

Anyone that receives medicaid health benefits gets them from the same source, Federal, State, and Local. the local arc brings in clients from all over not just from Fulton County. I wonder how that stacks up against the 900k that Walmart "costs" us?

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Aug-09-13 10:13 AM

What we should be looking at is can Gloversville afford 4 more years of this clueless liar. He has taken the city farther down the sewer by his narrcasistic attitude and paranoia. pushed out efficient dept. heads and replaced them with butt kissing stooges, alienated the fire dept and destroyed the award winning GTS..given back hundreds of thousands of dollars and then tried to say he signs alot of papers and blamed it on someone else. the list goes on and on. Research all the mismanagement and questionable activities and you will find king is nothing but a two-bit wanna be, who will do anything to hold onto the only job he didn't get fired from in last few years...

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Aug-09-13 9:15 AM

Adkkev, Liberty ARC here in MC has foundations, donations from the private sector and is the largest employer in MC. I suspect Lexington ARC follows the same model so I suspect your assumption that most of FC property taxes goes to Lexington. Many of the clients do receive welfare benefits which those folks truly need but they're certainly not the lions share of MC goodie grabbers who are just too lazy to do anything else except pop out dependents. If FC ARC is as you say, then FC property owners might want to take a hard look at that.

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Aug-08-13 9:32 PM

How many more Letter to the Editor are going to come in to support the King from out of town and State people. They have no clue what he is doing to this City. He is not a leader. He had next to nothing to do with the Walmart project and isn't it funny that the only paper work for dump permits that gets lost is his father in laws.

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Aug-08-13 8:47 PM

Wow. "one thing that should come into play is land/home ownership. If you do not pay, you should get no say!"

What an ignorant comment, TOT. Do you really want to go back 200 years when only white male property owners could vote? Yeah, being a regressive, you probably do.

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Aug-08-13 8:33 PM

MrBob, most of DSS dollars support the Fulton County ARC (Medicaid, food stamps). And for ToT, as you are advocating that only property owners have the right to vote, would the votes be weighted? If one owns more property than another, shouldn't that person have a larger say in the voting? So the landlord who owns the most property in Fulton County should get the largest voice, right? Just wondering what your thoughts are on that ... thank you.

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Aug-08-13 6:08 PM

Lets hope the voters in the town of Broadalbin can cast their ballots for those will end the political mess that is going on.

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Aug-08-13 4:54 PM

annarondac, You are correct this county with a population of less than 60,000 does not need over 120 plus elected officials to run this county. There are many counties around the state and country with populations of 250,000 plus with only about 50 elected officials running the county and are doing a good job, Montgomery County is going to do just that. I believe that we need to bring Fulton Co. government into the 21st century and out of the dark ages. People talk about welfare maybe if these people would stop and understand that many of our elected officials who have their elected official JOBS ARE ONLY PART TIME AND THEY GET THEIR HEALTH INSURANCE PAID FOR BY THE TAXPAYERS. I would work to stop that and some also have their spouses on their health insurance plans and the health insurance plans they have are for the most part the best plan that they can buy. There are many other perks that most of the general public knows very little about but they continue to pay for them and co

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Aug-08-13 3:54 PM

The real issue is consolidation. Divide the county into 7 townships, have one government at it's head and get rid of all the 17 entities we have with duplication of clerks, supervisors, and so on.

And in a positive light, encourage anyone who has an interest in running and support that person.

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Aug-08-13 2:55 PM

As TOT alluded to, property taxpayers already know the issue(s), WE PAY THROUGH THE TEETH FOR THEM!!!!! We pay for Welfare and the Welfare workers who think they're doing 'somebody' a favor on our dime. We pay for sub-standard education and the union who supports sub-standard 'educators' while those with no property (or children) at stake get to vote on how much it costs to dumb down our children. The politicians names and faces change but the problem does NOT go away. Sure, do your research and vote for whoever you think will stop this theft.

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Aug-08-13 2:07 PM

Most of the voters in Fulton county do not care about the issues. Many of the new comers do not care or even know who the candidates are or who gets the nod. It is irrelevant to there needs as the reason they moved here was the aid of welfare department and the generous amount of low income housing. It is time for change and one thing that should come into play is land/home ownership. If you do not pay, you should get no say!

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Aug-08-13 1:55 PM

Here is a summary of the most important issues to consider when voting in Fulton County: (HINT: Sarcasm coming) 1) should the Mayor of Gloversville have access to a free car paid for with tax dollars so he can use it for personal reasons without having to justify any of it like other's have to? 2) Should the mayor of Gloversville also serve on the Board of Supervisors (thus creating a huge conflict of interest for the city moving forward) 3) should taxpayers fund a new coffee pot to replace the stolen one? 4) which candidate is best suited to give Sno Cone Joe their vending license back? 5) after the grand opening of the Walmart Super Center should we officially change the name of the county to Wally World?

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