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Terrorism still a threat

August 7, 2013

The decision to close U.S....

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Aug-07-13 12:07 PM

close them all and secure our borders. Why have a presence where you are not welcome even if you are passing out money like candy.

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Aug-07-13 12:36 PM

Ha! The Leader Herald attempting to school the State Department on terrorism. I love it.

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Aug-07-13 12:49 PM

You're right, rs. The State Department is doing such a good job - witness Benghazi - there is no room for criticism or improvement. Lies upon lies is so much more beneficial.

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Aug-07-13 1:09 PM

swizzer, drink more Koolade. grab another handful of Cheetos and you will be fine. Have you noticed CNN has started to return to real journalism ?? and just who are "non-essential personnel" ? They are all "non-essential" Is the gov't expecting another Benghazi they will have to cover up?????

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Aug-07-13 1:43 PM

drugs, you can't just 'close them all'. And at last check these closings are temporary until after the treat is deemed no more.

One reason we, like everyone else, have embassies is to handle issues with your citizens in those countries, which is in accordance with the UN Convention which states people have the right to travel anywhere.

To close an embassy in a country, in diplomatic language at least, means to totally cut off all ties with that country, most importantly due to the foreign country refusing to recognize the other. This is why we have no embassy in North Korea or Iran.

Before closing an embassy, however, the foreign government will usually strike a deal with a neighboring country for the purpose of handling passport and visa issues to Americans abroad, such as using the American embassy in China if you're an American in North Korea, or the American embassy in Turkey if you're in Iran.

I know, convention this, accord that- who needs peace treaties these days?

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Aug-07-13 2:04 PM

I believe that under Obama's careful tenure the threat has increased dramatically. He is going to send prisoners from gizmo to Yemen... recently there has been massive jailbreaks and he sees the correct thing to do is make more available for release. How will that help us to be safer? But it is right in line with his record... the wrong action, the wrong statements and the wrong president!

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Aug-07-13 2:07 PM

TiredOfTax, 'make more available for release'...

Yes, because the plan is to CLOSE GITMO, which is EXACTLY what the Republicans have wanted to do since before he took office.

Stop trying to distort the facts.

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Aug-07-13 4:04 PM

The so-called "foreign policy" under this administration has weakened us perceptibly. Our "big stick" is non-existent and our blather is intolerable. November 2016 cannot arrive soon enough!!

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Aug-07-13 4:07 PM

RS you may want to fact check your post as it is even more wrong than normal... OBAMA and DEMOCRATS are the ones that want to close gitmo. Not republicans. Remember for future reference, if it is wrong it is Obama and democrat... correct is the repubs!

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Aug-07-13 4:25 PM

swizzer, good idea , but let's send the mistreated Muslims to your house . You can show them how nice it is to be friendly to people, maybe before they cut your head off.

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Aug-07-13 4:30 PM

and we CAN close them all. Simply tell the arrogant tourists that they will have to fend for themselves. They will soon find out how much these other countries respect our freedoms.

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Aug-07-13 5:15 PM

So our "anti-terrorism strategy that clearly is not working" has resulted in how many WTC bombings or 9-11s? I think that it's remarkable that we haven't had a major terrorist attack on American soil since 9-11. Something must be working.

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Aug-07-13 5:51 PM

Yes Dave that something is President Bush's policies, the ones that Obama has not yet disassembled. He has done the wrong things to the wrong policies and has weakened our security. This is yet another example of his mistakes. Remember the cut and run from Iraq? They are in full civil war now and terrorists are taking advantage of the situation. But it is not only there it is the entire Muslim world. We caused a power vacuum that has sucked in the radical crowd. Obama supported them and now we are in another mess that is MUCH worse that it would have been if we had done it right under the mistake ridden administration. Line up the mistakes one after another.

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Aug-07-13 6:15 PM

druge: "and we CAN close them all. Simply tell the arrogant tourists that they will have to fend for themselves."

---do you see why you are a person unable to be reasoned with?

'Arrogant'? I'll be in Europe countless times. Africa, Asian, and South America, too. I'm sooooo arrogant for taveling the world, right?

I guess you can say that red-neck attitude of yours is at play again: 'this is 'merica! we're the best in the world, even though i've never stepped foot outside muh county! yee haw, freedom fighters!'

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Aug-07-13 6:20 PM

Still a threat, and always will be.

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Aug-07-13 8:23 PM

So drugs, are you suggesting that US citizens should not travel outside the US borders? And close them all? Every one of them? In EVERY country around the world? And if you're being selective about the closings, what's your litmus test? Are you against the current border agreement with Canada? Do we need to secure that border to keep those pesky Canadians out? What about China? Where's WalMart gonna get all their stock??

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Aug-07-13 9:19 PM

President Bush's policies!!!...tot, do you mean when one of his first acts was to remove counter terrorism from being a cabinet level priority?? or do you mean when he hired Richard Clarke as chief anti terrorism advisor who served many administrations, arguably the #1 counter terrorism expert in the world, but who subsequently resigned when his post no longer had cabinet level access....the foremost expert on terrorism had to wait 6 weeks just to get a meeting with Condoleeza Rice. "Bush's policies".....good one tot!

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Aug-07-13 9:57 PM

I agree knickman, with one brief sentence you've aptly hit the bottom line.

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Aug-07-13 10:52 PM

But what about all that flexibility after his reelection???

President Barack Obama's decision to pull out of a one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow next month punctuates a steady decline in relations and represents an unusually sharp rebuke for an administration pledged to engaging adversaries.

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Aug-07-13 11:02 PM

In spite of the ongoing terror threat emanating from Yemen, the White House says it does not plan to rethink President Obama's decision last May to lift a moratorium on releasing Guantanamo Bay prisoners back to that country. “I am lifting the moratorium on detainee transfers to Yemen, so we can review them on a case by case basis,” Obama told an audience at the National Defense University during a major counterterrorism policy speech on May 23. The president is standing by that announcement, even though Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Al Qaeda affiliate in Yemen that U.S. intelligence officials say is now the greatest Al Qaeda threat to the U.S. homeland, was formed in part by several former Guantanamo Bay detainees who were released in 2006.

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Aug-08-13 12:25 AM

swizzer, why travel to places that Americans are not wanted ? Especially in these times with terrorism what it is. There are places of beauty and history all over the world, but have you seen all there is in the USA???

Have fun, I hope the Muslims don't recognize you, or the plane doesn't blow up -- and yup I said arrogant tourists - many are and most have more money than brains, for some people that only takes a couple dollars.

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Aug-08-13 12:27 AM

and swizzer you are probably more stupid than arogant

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Aug-08-13 6:30 AM

As usual LH this article is trash.. You try to bemoan logical preventative steps on travel and embassy closings to a vague threat, then in the very next sentence compare that to pre-911 non action? What point were you trying to make? I suppose we could go back to the Bush-era CODE RED!!! Danger Danger Will Robinson weekly scares.. It did allow Bush to pass sweeping freedom sucking legislation tho...

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Aug-08-13 8:23 AM

TOT, cite your sources. No way that was original. You must have been made to sit next to the teacher when taking a test in school

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Aug-08-13 8:28 AM

Maybe had we heeded warnings prior to 9/11, like we are doing now, a disaster might have been averted and the world different now. You Obama haters crack me up! Crucify him for not heeding warnings befor Benghazi and re-crucify him for paying attention to warnings in Yeman.

It's kind of like what the liberals did to Reagan. They crucified him for not knowing what was going on and then when he said that he didn't know what was going on, they called him a liar! Partisan politics, which is the biggest problem in this country, at it's best.

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