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Re-examine spending

July 26, 2013

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is spending much of his time these days jetting around the country to spread his woe-is-us message to the Pentagon’s civilian workers....

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Jul-27-13 1:18 PM

Dave, I have to agree with you and scare but for a different reason. Several Countries across the Globe already possess the 'Planetary Reset Button" known as The Electro Magnetic Pulse, or EMP. One press of a button and the entire Planet is pre-electricity. We do not need this huge Military complex any longer, just 1 person's finger on the right button. We have evolved.

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Jul-27-13 8:01 AM

First step to cutting the budget is to ban lobbyist on capital hill. The things that are needed fall by the way side while the wheeling and dealing takes front and center. How many huge department programs do we have now that are bloated with sub-programs. One local program was the Empire Zoning program that cost large money with little return and questionable integrity. Why do we need a government highway department when we can contract out and completely cut the pension program off the cost of road maintenance, as well as, the cost of purchasing and maintaining all the equipment? All these government positions have sweet lingering pension programs that need to be reined in; hello Detroit.

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Jul-26-13 10:52 PM

Oh Dave...

U.S. federal debt has been stuck at $16,699,396,000,000.00 for 68 straight days, according to the Daily Treasury Statement on July 24. That amount is exactly $25 million less than the legal borrowing limit of $16,699,421,000,000.00 set on May 17, 2013. But that’s only part of the story.

A closer look at the numbers actually shows the U.S. Treasury has already blown past the federal legal borrowing limit! And the mainstream media, as usual, is out to lunch. The table below shows how “Total Public Debt Outstanding” is already $38.82 billion above the statuary debt ceiling and now at $16,738,106,000,000.00.

The yield on 10-year U.S. Treasuries (^TNX) has surged 51% over the past three months and 84.07% over the past year alone. That move has taken the 10-year yield from 1.40% to 2.61%. And bond investors – especially owners of long-term debt - are beginning to see something they haven’t seen in a while; hefty losses.

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Jul-26-13 10:48 PM

Hey a cost saving measure!

Obamacare Call Center Will Not Offer Healthcare Benefits to Employees

In order to ensure Americans understand how to access the benefits available to them when many provisions of the Affordable Care Act go online October 1, the Obama administration announced last month that it is setting up a call center that will be accessible to Americans 24 hours a day.

One branch of that call center will be located in California’s Contra Costa County, where, reportedly, 7,000 people applied for the 204 jobs. According to the Contra Costa Times, however, “about half the jobs are part-time, with no health benefits — a stinging disappointment to workers and local politicians who believed the positions would be full-time.” The county supervisor, Karen Mitchoff, called the hiring process “a comedy of errors” and said she “never dreamed [the jobs] would be part-time.”

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Jul-26-13 7:32 PM

Yes, there is waste, but let's not forget that one of the main reasons we have risen to pre-eminence in the world is that through a strong military which provides each and every citizen of the United States security to work in an entrepreneurial system free of fear of outside incursion, our standard of living is the envy of the civilized world. Cuts may well be needed, but let those cuts be guided not politically but by retired military experts without an axe to grind. One such who comes to mind immediately is Ralph Peters, retired Army Intelligence Colonel, whose knowledge of military needs and capability necessary to serve and protect our country is virtually unsurpassed.

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Jul-26-13 6:21 PM

Scarecrow, it is called WASTE remember the $75.00 hammer of the $250.00 toilet seat of any of the recent government junkets? If they could just get the waste and theft out of our government we would not have a deficit and we COULD afford to help the NEEDY a lot more.

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Jul-26-13 6:18 PM

Dave, in the end you will find it to be creative book keeping. Or a blatant lie like progressives do all the time! We will see how economically challenged he is this fall when the government gets shut down again to defund Obamacare. It is going to be pandemonium!

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Jul-26-13 5:01 PM

Ohh stop the presses!!! I agree with Dave

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Jul-26-13 4:10 PM

Scarecrow is correct. The US spends almost as much as the rest of the world combined on its military. But if you add military pensions and the VA, the true figure is almost $1 trillion, or half our budget.

People say we need to cut welfare, but that's a drop in the bucket compared to the military.

And TOTax, Obama had a budget surplus last month. How do you account for that? Could it be a combination of the lowest spending president in recent history combined with the elimination of Bush's tax cuts? Hmmmmm?

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Jul-26-13 2:49 PM

Some facts The U.S. Spends $700 billion on defense, China at #2 spends $90 billion. That comes out to $2,500 per person (U.S.) vs$93 (China) per person.

The U.S. spends more on defense than the next 20 countries combined. This includes Russia, Germany, France, U.K., and China

The U.S. accounts for 40% of all world wide defense spending.

Yes folks. Our Department of Defense is to big and needs to be about 20% of what it is. Spending should be cut to at least $175 billion.

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Jul-26-13 2:18 PM

The sequester cuts are a joke. This administration has done NOTHING to control spending. i repeat not a single thing. The cuts that have been made are simply a thumb to the nose as they are done by democrats to get the most noise, a reaction they hope to simply go back to the same wasteful practices that have gotten us to this nearly 17 TRILLION DOLLAR deficit! If they chose to do it correctly then no one would notice the cuts as these are truly only minor cuts, not the deep slashing that is needed!

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Jul-26-13 1:09 PM

What we need are a series of Clinton ERA BRACs focusing on foreign bases. It is no longer 1945 where we need to station troops all over the world. Close those bases, use our mobility, and reduce the size of the military.

Nope, this administration lacks clarity and backbone.

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