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City’s issues deserve focus

July 16, 2013

We’re not opposed to Gloversville Mayor Dayton King’s idea of combining some city elected positions with current county-level elected positions, but we do think there are other things in the city......

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Jul-19-13 9:06 AM

I'm curious ddd30, do you really think the argument is over because you say so?? Do you utilize those multiple floating and subjective Liberal standards when going over a Welfare application? If so YOU are part of the problem with the misuse of taxpayer money because I say so. See how that game is played? Wanna play some more?

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Jul-19-13 8:48 AM

Hmmm, interesting, you first admit you access the LH on your own time at work but them claim you cannot access the internet at work but still do so on your own time at work. So which one is the truth because I will not let you get away with claiming both. Talk about hitting a nerve, looks to me like I hit a sensitive one and you said 'ouch'!!!

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Jul-18-13 3:55 PM

Thank you Ron1960—I agree!! MrBoB51 I must have hit a nerve or you must be misreading my comment. I will make it clear to you. I Read and Comment on the Editorials on my own time and on my own devices. I cannot access the leader herald at work due to the secure locked connection because of the confidential material that is stored on the county computers. I also cannot access the county internet connection due to this. Do you understand? I never once said I read them while on the clock. Again, your ignorance is showing MrBoB51. I am done arguing with you. I have stated the facts about the program while you stomp your feet, plug your ears and scream. So instead of arguing with you I will shake my head in dismay that people like you exsits in this world. Please for the love of God, do not run for any kind of public office. We do not need more ignorant people in office.

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Jul-18-13 1:49 PM

Aw shucks Gemini. What I love is poking liberals in the eye using their own tactics and watching them twist in verbal knots because I will not let them do to me what they let me do to them...define and minimize. Anyhow, thanks for the sentiment.

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Jul-18-13 1:37 PM

Gee, I wonder who pays for that internet access at the Welfare Dept. or who's paid for you to read the LH on the job since you already admitted you do. Hmmm, admitting you've been stealing from the taxpayer for a couple years is, you know, kind of stupid??!. Like I said, calling me or others childish names in the absence of a good argument does not enhance, but rather diminishes your position. You see, I realized long ago liberals firmly believe anyone who does not think like them is ignorant of any subject at hand. Ignorant, uninformed, stupid, racist, bigot, mysogynist and any other pejorative you want to throw out is meaningless to me. Besides, Rs covered all the name calling long ago, get your own material.

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Jul-18-13 12:48 PM

didd30, To bad that some of these people who complain about these programs refuse to talk with people who are in a position to now how the program really works. They could call the DSS and ask for an appointment to speak with someone there about these programs and I know from experience that they would be given an appointment and their questions would be answered with true facts. But these posters can not be bothered to get the true facts, they would rather just post BS and prove themselves to be so uninformed.

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Jul-18-13 12:20 PM

As a matter of fact MrBoB51 I was on my lunch and on a break when I wrote those comments, however I was not on a government funded computer…I used one of my own devices. I encourage you to learn about the program you are complaining about. There is more to the Temporary Assistance program than people getting money to help pay for their rent. There are also many steps that applicants have to take before their case is opened. I know exactly where the funding for TA comes from…it is similar to where the funding for schools, roads, the DMV, the Post Office and many more tax payer funded agencies that you and I pay for come from. If you work or are retired, then you’re welcome because some of my hard earned money is going to you too. I have read your posts for a few years now MrBoB51 on other editorials. I stand by my comment regarding your ignorance.

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Jul-18-13 7:01 AM

I just love the comments from our WELFARE worker. It appears you are posting on the taxpayers time while at work. That's theft. Don't excuse yourself by claiming you're on break or lunch either, you're still using taxpayer funded resources you are not entitled to use. So, where do YOU think Fed. Govt. money for WELFARE comes from? I'll give you and Ron a clue; it's NOT from unicorns, rainbows or lollypops. By the way, calling me names only shows you have nothing else to offer and are reduced to stuttering and sometimes insightful comments like this one you made while you were to P'd to think straight: " thanks for acting just like one of my clients and proving how ignorant you are!" Let a liberal keep running their mouth and they will tell you EXACTLY who they are. Thanks for reaffirming my previous posts. Now, quit stealing time and resources from the taxpayer before your supervisor finds out.

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Jul-17-13 8:02 PM

Ron, I see no reason for it either. The mayor picked up petitions for 5th Ward Supervisor and Mayor expecting he could run for both positions. The State very quickly, by letter stated no, you cannot do that. The mayor's job is to run the city, not have a hand in county business.

BTW, more than a few of the Supervisors did not appreciate him running to the media with his idea, as he so often has done in the past,before speaking with the Supervisors first.

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Jul-17-13 5:12 PM

So Scarecrow, what time of day excludes most of those who would be interested in attending a supervisors meeting? Afternoon or evening? Perhaps they should consider rotating.....

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Jul-17-13 3:29 PM

MrBoB51...also did you know that Fulton County is one of the highest ranked counties in the state for having their clients participate? I know that this is not related to the article, but the public is soo misinformed about programs are the designed to help people.

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Jul-17-13 3:17 PM

Judy, I see no reason for the city to have supervisors and city council. The supervisors for the most part do not attend the city council meeting to report to the city council and Mayor what is going on at the county level and hear first hand what the city council is discussing. Then the city mayor and council should be taking better care of the city facilities and the streets that are falling apart. When a manhole or catch basing needs to repair there is no reason for that to take a week or more. The city needs to stop trying to annex property from the town of Johnstown and work more on maintaining what the city already has.

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Jul-17-13 3:16 PM

People aren't on for generations MrBoB51...may I ask what your occupation is so i can tell you how to do YOUR job?...We do our jobs here as the state dictates. The TA Recipients who are medically capapble of working, do so on out Work Experience sites for non profit orgainizations, most of them have to do 30 to 40 hours a week. Did you know that? BTW when you are stating facts (facts are the things have been proven to be ture statements) then you are not being ignorant. However you are thanks for acting just like one of my clients and proving how ignorant you are!

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Jul-17-13 2:24 PM

Seems these posters have the attention of a housefly, Paperman. Welfare...really ? BOS meetings ? Lack of jobs ? Schumer ? The issue is should there be consolidation of positions. Try commenting on that.

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Jul-17-13 2:18 PM

What is wrong with you people ?? None of you can stay on topic except for one or 2 posters. This editorial is about the City of Gloversville," City's issues deserve focus" not welfare, not the county, but the CITY and the totally inept failure of a mayor! Try to keep up, or refrain from saying anything.

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Jul-17-13 2:01 PM

Ron---are you serious? Only 60 months is FIVE YEARS!!! How temporary is that?

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Jul-17-13 1:56 PM

Mr.BoB 51, Your good at talking about things you know very little about. I would like to see your proof that anyone is now and has been on Welfare ( temporary Assistance) for generations. The Temporary assistance can only last for 60 months. And much of what you and many others complain about that the local taxpayer gets stuck with is pure bull, many of the programs that people are eligible for and do get are federal programs. So please get your facts right before you make a fool our of your self. And no I don't work for social services.

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Jul-17-13 1:25 PM

MrBob, I think I love you!! Especially about the "welfare" issue.

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Jul-17-13 1:05 PM

Heres some more to complain about; as of May FEMA has doled out close to $1 Billion to downstate Sandy victims, out of a $60+ Billion disaster aid package. Coumo wants to give upstate $10 Million. So downstate gets $1,000 Million Coumo coughs up $10 Million, the equivalent of $1,000 for downstate residents and upstate residents get $10. Ten dollars. Thanks a lot Andy.

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Jul-17-13 12:55 PM

....The onslaught of liberal ignorance continues...any more liberals out there care to continue to complain about complaining????

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Jul-17-13 12:49 PM

If it's called TEMPORARY assistance then why are so many people on TEMPORARY assistance for generations????? As far as 'learning' about 'the program', here's what I learned...I PAY FOR THE EFFING PROGRAM and pay your sorry azzed salary to boot. Stick your self righteousness where the don't shine, taxpayer employee, and check you're own ignorance before you post that crap to people who pay the WELFARE bills.

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Jul-17-13 12:17 PM

Portnoy, do you know someone who works in the DSS system that is telling you that they encourage clients to stay on the DSS rolls?? I happen to work at DSS and I know for a fact that DSS tries to get clients OFF from "welfare" ( NEWS FLASH it is not called welfare anymore, it is called Temporary Assistance). I know how hard my coworkers and I work, meanwhile people like you sit there and criticize us for "handing out" money to clients. I am so sick and tired of people who know nothing about the Temporary Assistance Program griping and complaining about the program. How about you learn about the program BEFORE you make yourself look ignorant? Oh but wait, it’s too late for that!

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Jul-17-13 10:24 AM

So anna, don't P on yourself or anybody else and then complain it's raining.

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Jul-17-13 10:18 AM

Well anna, lets see; I notice you do not post just to agree. Hmmmm, the end of your first sentence is a complaint. Your second sentence you complain that 'complaining' did not help. In your third sentence you complain about the silence generated by my complaint. If you really believe complaining does not help then stop it. Oh wait, when liberals complain it's justified, when anyone else complains its just, well, complaining...nothing else. Hypocrite.

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Jul-17-13 9:36 AM

May I also add to the Architect's excellent observation that long ago, people wanted to work from the bottom up, something we don't see much of now. So Mr.Bob, Photo op Schumer got is face on the news, Cuomo got some perks about promises, what did complaining do to help the people in Ft. Plain? All I hear are crickets.

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