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Simple fix for U.S.

July 12, 2013

The so-called “Arab spring” has turned into a long, hot summer in Egypt — but for now, the hottest seat is in the Oval Office at the White House....

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Jul-14-13 5:08 PM

Yes yes yes, I got it, everybody who does not agree with a progressive is an idiot. You repeat yourself Rs. Some would say frustration at not being relevant does that. Others might say your inability to present any sort of coherent, factual argument on any subject is the result of a very poor education/indoctrination causing you to resort to childlike name-calling in the absence of a real world point of view. Unlike the schools you attended, in the real world you don't get credit for TRYING to to come across as intelligent but instead failing miserably. Rather, you get rode like a dime store pony. To me, you're like a mirror...flat, dull and scratched and covered with my fingerprints. Bye now.

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Jul-14-13 3:55 PM

MrBoB51, now you're proving to be an even bigger idiot if you don't think Egypt is, or at least was, one of the US's key allies in that region. We NEED Egypt on our side for strategic purposes, just like Turkey and Jordan. We could, however, do without Saudi Arabia.

Don't talk like you know geopolitics when you don't crack anything but Fox or Newsmax, armchair warrior.

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Jul-13-13 12:38 PM

Rs, you are a walking, talking perfect example of a double entendre: you stand for nothing, sit in judgement of others and lie like a rug. Remember folks, progressives, like Rs and his ilk, throughout history have a nasty habit of laying their sheep end to end. I'm not surprised that that's one of the reasons nothing but pain ever gets accomplished in the collective.

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Jul-13-13 12:32 PM

Rs, didn't Egypt have 'new, free elections' last year? Rising democracy? More like rising mob rule. And that 'gimme, gimme, gimme' crap is owned by you progressives, don't try to deflect your garbage ideology on real Americans. Now this next one is precious: "Discobulous, you're an idiot. You really are. Especially if you think that the US or any country has the right to take the property of a sovereign nation"....but at the same time it's ok for progressives to take the property of a sovereign AMERICAN Citizen.

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Jul-13-13 6:53 AM

This bull crap in Egypt is and has been created much by our EPA. They refuse to allow oil and gas production here in our own country so we need to purchase oil from other nations and that oil much of it must come through the Suez Canal and we are paying top dollar for it when we fill our vehicles and when we need to heat our homes. So in my opinion is for our country to get off the dime and start producing our own oil production and stop selling it to other nations like we did with the oil in Alaska. When are our elected officials going to grow some back bone and stop trying to run the entire world and what we get in return is attacked and held up for our money and our elected officials just do not care as long as they continue to get large payments to look the other way.

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Jul-12-13 9:20 PM

swizzer, let them hate us for free, or did you forget that Uncle Sam's money well is dry ?? Barry liked Morsi because he was part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Let all the factions in the Mid-East go back to throwing rocks at each other. Don't even give them a bullet or a dime.

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Jul-12-13 7:38 PM

Discobulous, you're an idiot. You really are. Especially if you think that the US or any country has the right to take the property of a sovereign nation.

Just call it a 'term of endearment.'

There are probably more 'parasites' in Fulton County by the way.

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Jul-12-13 6:15 PM

Discobulous, President Obama and the current Congress are not the first and certainly won't be the last to authorize aid to rising democracies.

And there you go again with that typical American attitude of 'gimme, gimme, gimme' regarding the Suez Canal. That really worked in Iraq, huh?

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Jul-12-13 4:25 PM

Any government which does not support militant Islamic extremism is preferable.

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Jul-12-13 12:50 PM

And as of this week, 'new, free elections' were announced and planned for I think February 2014, which is certainly a breath of relief for that area.

Thankfully things are looking on the positive side for the interim guy, who seems a lot more liked by his own people and the rest of the area.

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