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Village needs disaster aid

July 11, 2013

Gov. Andrew Cuomo did not sound too optimistic recently about the federal government providing aid for Mohawk Valley communities — including Fort Plain — recently devastated by floodin....

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Jul-14-13 9:25 AM

FEMA's aid is only for Public Assistance, money for local and state governments. What the people need is Individual Assistance, which can provide up to $30,000 for flood damages to the residences and mechanical devices.

The people truly are the real victims of Mother Nature's fury. Their loss cannot be fully covered by FEMA's money, but it certainly can help.

The next step is for the state and federal government to work together to get these homes out of the floodplain. Unless and until that is done, these same residences will be damaged again and again. The only question is how long until the next event occurs.

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Jul-13-13 1:00 PM

To my neighbors in Ft. Plain; congrats, help is on the way. If it means anything my personal experience with FEMA, after Irene saw fit to give me a new spring gushing up in my cellar even though I don't live in a certified flood plain, was nothing but positive. Just be wary of the con men that follow the FEMA assessors. FEMA can give you a list of approved and legitimate contractors who do not require up-front $$$. Kick those who do to the curb and inform Police and your neighbors as to who they are.

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Jul-12-13 10:32 PM

President Obama approves Cuomo’s request for federal aid in flood ravaged areas

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Jul-12-13 11:06 AM

I don't know about disaster relief but that ten day weather forecast sure is a sight for sore eyes.

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Jul-12-13 10:15 AM

Disco, progressives/collectivists/statists refuse to live by their convictions. Rather, they demand everybody else does. Instead they insist they know better, throw money at a problem and when it doesn't work they complain there is 'waste' and then...wait for it....they attempt to skip away and blame somebody else (R's usually) for their failures. It's a pattern they cannot break.

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Jul-12-13 8:34 AM

I just love it when progressives get in a snit when their political icons are taken to task. They instantly go into 'better living thru denial and deflection' mode. HAHAHAHA. Progressives are soooo predictable.

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Jul-12-13 8:28 AM

Anna, does the phrase 'complaining about Govt does no good' only apply when a progressive is in office or have you just thrown up your hands in total defeat? Am I to suppose you wouldn't say crap even with a mouthful as long it's being shoveled by progressives? If that works for you it's ok by me, but as soon a progressive starts telling me to stop complaining about Govt is when I ramp it up. In case you forgot or (more likely) never learned, complaining about govt was exactly how this Country came about.

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Jul-12-13 8:03 AM

Rs, your nonsense continues to be breathtaking. Why don't you and your progressive cadre go down to New Orleans and explain why they shouldn't be living there and leave the good people of Ft. Plain alone.

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Jul-12-13 7:03 AM

While I agree that the residents of Ft. Plain need help and the feds should get in here and get it done. But what really bothers me is the many people that refuse to buy flood insurance and continue to rebuild on the banks of the same river or large stream that floods over and over, in my opinion that is just plain stupid. What the federal and state governments should be doing in my opinion is to be building warning systems to warn the people and where possible build some kind of way to divert the high waters during these heavy rains and make sure that these streams and rivers are kept cleaned from the junk that builds up in them every day.

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Jul-11-13 10:47 PM

Senator Schumer's stream gage announcement is just a ploy. The federal government has for years cut funding for the existing stream gage network that Schumer claims is the new hope for stopping floods.

The United State Geological Survey announced in March 2013 that it will discontinue operation of up to 375 stream gages nationwide due to budget cuts as a result of sequestration. In NY, over 50 gages will be cut.

The $7.3 million won't even cover the cost for restoring the gages cut this year in NY. One would think that Schumer or his handler's could not be so misinformed, but yet again, his track record continues.

More importantly, stream gaging won't stop the floods from occurring, or anything else for that matter. The homes that were damaged and the neighboring homes in the floodplain need to be removed from the floodplain. FEMA has a buyout program for this case and there is ample funding already in place. This is the only way to stop the flooding Senator.

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Jul-11-13 9:31 PM

RES I also love you nonsense that you place on your posts about what I might also dislike... it has nothing to do with me or my statements, everything to do with your progressive defence systematic response system!

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Jul-11-13 9:28 PM

Hey RS, do you think that a yardstick in the creek is going to save your house in a flash flood? What Schumer is proposing amounts to exactly what we have come to expect from democrats... WASTEFUL spending!

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Jul-11-13 7:38 PM

TiredOfTax, I suppose you're also against tsunami buoys out in the ocean so that people along the coasts can be warned of an impending massive wave of water that's about to hit them?

I can also only assume you're against tornado warning sirens that tell people to get underground because there is imminent danger spinning just a few miles away.

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Jul-11-13 7:19 PM


Senator Charles Schumer is calling for a more than $7 million increase in funding for stream gauges, devices that give people in flood-prone areas much-needed notice that waters nearby are rising.

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Jul-11-13 7:09 PM

TheArchitect, I think extra stress should be on two of your points in particular:

-no aid to people living in a flood zone that choose not to spend the extra pennies a day for flood insurance to protect their investment. Those people are the economic version of Darwinian Wonders.

-no aid to businesses, and for the same reason as above. FEMA monies are for residents who have really lost it all to disasters; not for businesses who have every ounce in them to protect their business assets but choose not to.

I'm quickly reminded of that business in Amsterdam, Russo's on West Main, that lies literally one street and a few feet of parkspace away from the Mohawk that had already proven floor-prone in just a few recent years and STILL decided to not get insurance and then went on the news to excoriate FEMA for refusing to help them out. The nerve of that family.

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Jul-11-13 6:48 PM

Federal Disaster Aid will not be provided in this instance regardless of politics, but because this event, while a disaster for a limited group of people, the event was of a cumulative magnitude in total damages that it did not meet the federal thresold for assistance.

Federal assistance is not the panecea that it seemingly appears. The residents who all live in the floodplain who chose not to purchase flood insurance would only be given aid up to a maximum distribution of $30,000. This assistance would also only be to cover the structural components of the residence and certain components such a circuit panels, furnance, hot water heater, etc. There would be no assistance for the resident's contents. Also, federal aid would not cover any damages to a business.

The lesson here is very clear. Residences that are built in the floodplain should be properly insured for flood damages so that when the flood occurs, the residents are not left with nothing as is the case here.

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Jul-11-13 5:20 PM

And it's the same Republicans who cry that taxes are too high and that entire programs and some money for other programs needs to be cut. But G-d forbid they tell you WHICH programs so that they can leave it to the Democrats to answer, only to have the Republicans come back and say 'No, you can't cut that! Seniors will die if you cut SS!!!' or 'Children will suffer!'

We saw it late last year/earlier this year: R's said cut, cut, cut! D's said 'Ok, we're cutting Defense and SS' and the R's nearly had a collective aneurysm.

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Jul-11-13 5:16 PM

Self-righteous is right, gville. These Republicans are the same who cry afoul when they need money for Defense programs, fighting for the 2nd amendment, high taxes, cuts to social programs, and moan when their taxes are soo miserable!

But are the first to cry when they need their fellow Americans to lend a helping hand.

Hypocrits. Each and every one of them looks at the chance to make every issue political rather just see something as a chance to work together.

My personal favorite was the bantering about how Republicans are 'more American' than Democrats on Independence Day.

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Jul-11-13 5:10 PM

So, BoB: Senators Schumer and 'Catsht' are damn-ed either way, right? If they DON'T get Fort Plain the much needed help asap, they're seen as useless Democrats unwilling to help neighbors and constituents; but if they DO get the help to these people, it's seen as a 'photo-op'.

That's so classy of you, really.

Question: Hugh Farley, a Republican, was seen just last week in J'town or G'ville dolling out taxpayer money like it was candy. He does this a lot, too. Was that a 'photo-op', too? Or do only Democrats look for 'photo-ops'?

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Jul-11-13 5:03 PM

Mr.Bob, People are still in need from Hurricane Sandy, How long did it take for FEMA to help? And what help did the government really do? All those concerts people gave money to for Sandy's recovery, where is it? Complaining about the government does no good, it's kind people helping those in need that really helps. I thought that was obvious.

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Jul-11-13 4:31 PM

You fools are trying to say that because there are more republicans in Ft Plain they won't get aid? Silly nonsense, besides repubs don't want freebie welfare monies.. Right Texas? LOL You all talk a good game but the hands all come out when disaster strikes..Stop being self righteous jerks .. BTW there are plenty of folks on SSI in Ft Plain..

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Jul-11-13 3:34 PM

We should see the same $60 billion that NY got for Sandy.

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Jul-11-13 3:08 PM

That's right ToT, Ft. Plain residents did not riot or shoot at rescue workers or are chronic generational moochers who couldn't put a shoe on without directions written on the heel.

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Jul-11-13 2:01 PM

Sadly I believe that the aid will not come to the devastated upstate area due to the political makeup... there are republicans everywhere around here. But maybe if those in charge see the real potential for party changing something might give... If you pay off all these people like the katrina people got you could see the people of Fort Plain not only with new big screen TVs but also switch to democrat for continues benefits. A win win for democrats. What do you say Schumer want to buy votes?

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Jul-11-13 12:51 PM

Anna, 'stop the complaining'...are you serious???!!!

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