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Feds must beat acid rain

July 9, 2013

Hopefully, the Supreme Court will recognize that the people of the United States need their federal government to reduce acid rain and mercury pollutio....

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Jul-10-13 11:01 AM

Drugs, in my opinion rs is merely a contrary kid with a keyboard who trolls everybody elses opinion never opining on his own, unwilling or unable to explain and/or defend his odd ideology. He has way too much idle time and is desperate to be relevant and taken seriously. Once again it is my opinion he is neither relevant or to be taken seriously, just lampooned. To me, Spewing His Idiotic Thoughts is all that his posts stand for.

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Jul-10-13 9:53 AM

swizzer, I'm kind of with BoB on this one. High school chemistry taught me that acids always start with Hydrogen, adding CO2 to water an extremely weak acid would chemically dilute it

Are you sure you're not the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz reincarnated????

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Jul-10-13 8:13 AM

Rs, I used to think you were playing stupid to keep the conversation going...I realize now that, by your remarks, you are NOT playing so I'll explain the process so even (maybe) you can understand it: trees take in carbon dioxide (now a pollutant)and convert it to oxygen. Humans take in oxygen and convert it to carbon dioxide (same pollutant). Now, while you try to wrap your minimal wits around that concept, I'll be visiting your hippocampus to pick up a couple college babes I noticed hanging around there. Bye now.

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Jul-10-13 6:30 AM

I trust everyone understands that the production of CO2 is p[art of the natural processes and this accounts for 97.5% of all CO2 production. When things ferment (decay) they produce CO2. That is just nature at work.

Did you folks also know that I have to add sulfur to my garden soil to increase the acidity of it?

This entire Acid Rain Hoax must go. Go measure the rain water ( it will cost you $10) See for yourself that there is 0.0% acid in the rain.

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Jul-10-13 6:25 AM

rschweizer - As a mater of full disclosure - CO2 in H2O is a WEAK acid.

We also know that CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere, while the predominant greenhouse gas H2O (aka Water Vapor) is 4% - Or 100 times more prevalent.

Did you know that the alarmist Glorious models ignore the affects of clouds on the warming? This is one of many reasons why the models fail and further proof we don't know enough yet to take any kind of actin on the 4.5 billion year old climate change.

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Jul-10-13 6:20 AM

adkkev - Man cannot live on O2 alone, in fact O2 makes up just 18% of the atmosphere. You also need CO2, N, and a host of other chemicals.

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Jul-10-13 2:42 AM


'Their [sic] convinced CO2 is bad for them.'

Really? Have you ever hyperventilated to the point where you take in less O2 and retain more and more CO2? You get lightheaded due to lack of O2 to the brain and you can pass out. I know this from years of running.

This is not to mention the blood pH dropping.

Why? Because as everyone but you knows, CO2 is an ACID in water!

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Jul-09-13 9:33 PM

Thanks for clearing things up for us MrBob!! And here all along I thought I needed oxygen to survive. Who knew I could survive on CO2?

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Jul-09-13 7:22 PM

Not many foods produce co2, that would be methane Hill, you cant ignite co2 because co2, water and energy are the only by-products of burning methane. On a more serious note, NG by-products are also CO2 and H2O which is one of the idiotic reasons enviro-whackos are against fracking. Their convinced CO2 is bad for them. Ok then...lead by example, stop breathing. The rest of us will be just fine.

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Jul-09-13 6:20 PM

Ron there is a group that says that The trails seen behind airplanes are not actually contrails, but are in fact chemtrails, a part of a conspiracy by the government to poison its own population. Do YOU suppose Obama has fallen into this? Maybe your kind can meet and talk this out!

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Jul-09-13 6:15 PM

Mother earth has checks and balances... when something puts one thing out of whack something else kicks in to counter. I remember the saying For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction (Newton's 3rd law). But then again what did Newton know?

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Jul-09-13 6:07 PM

Actually Hill, Bob is saying that the trees and vegetation love the higher CO2 content. In fact, while the planet is operating at levels of 400 ppm Greenhouses operate at levels of 1200 ppm to create more fruits and vegetables. Maybe what we should do is stop the practice of using CO2 in greenhouses. In fact, we should also eliminate carbonation form drinks, it is nothing but CO2.

Fact is, all of this nonsense about acid rain is about acid build up in the soils, has nothing to do with what is in the rain.

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Jul-09-13 5:48 PM

It brings back memories of my all time favorite trotter at Saratoga, Hoof Hearted. He eeked out more than a few victories by a nose.

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Jul-09-13 5:44 PM

BoB: Are you suggesting that I could lower the PH on my pool by having several people expell their breath underwater? How many people with normal size noses would be required? Also, what foods lead to flatulence high in co2 content? A pool party with bean dip, baked beans and hot dogs with saurkraut seems like it might work. I don't recall Mr Wizzard running that experiment, but you might be on to something.

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Jul-09-13 4:05 PM

swizzer, you, GetAClue and adkkev could plan a field trip to the local swimming pool supply place, purchase (as in spend some of your money)a simple water testing kit and actually test the ph level of water in puddles, streams, and even in your home toilet and see the results for yourself. Not as much fun as an old chemistry set (that you can't buy anymore), but you could learn something useful

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Jul-09-13 2:00 PM

Ron; contrails are primarily water vapor in the form of ice crystals plus trace chemicals that help form water drops. You may be referring to the conspiracy of Chemtrails..a completely different subject (crop dusting, cloud seeding; activities such as that).

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Jul-09-13 1:47 PM

This is the very same SC that says carbon dioxide is a pollutant (2007)and the same EPA who, before that ruling, determined co2 was not a pollutant. Either its about money from the lawsuits against the power utilities and auto makers and/or money from 'regulations' or humans must remove all trees from the planet, kill all animals worldwide then stop breathing because humans and animals expel co2. Carbon dioxide is like a Big Gulp soda and bag of salty fries for trees...can't have that now can we. Next on the EPA docket...Nose Tax. The bigger the nose, the more oxygen consumed thus the more co2 expelled. We Italians are screwed.

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Jul-09-13 1:39 PM

"...yet we are to accept your word as "gospel".. Negative on that.... You are free to repeat the experiment and validate the results yourself.

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Jul-09-13 1:14 PM

The EPA talks about acid rain but they never say anything about the chemicals that are in the exhaust coming from the many jet planes that travel over head and leave those long streams of white of exhaust. I wonder where the EPA thinks this garbage goes. does it not fall to earth?

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Jul-09-13 12:58 PM

"I for one am not one to take anyones word for anything." yet we are to accept your word as "gospel". Oh well. It's tough to carry on a discussion with a conspiracy theorist so I'll leave this conversation & read the upcoming comments for entertainment. Unless, of course, Fox News proclaims that acid rain does exist. Then we all know that the truth has been spoken. :)

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Jul-09-13 12:37 PM

rschweizer - If you knew anything about chemistry you would know you don't need "high-tech scientific equipment" to measure ph, in fact, a simple piece of litmus paper will do the trick.

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Jul-09-13 12:36 PM

adkkev - Actually, I tested it about 20 years ago. It is easy to do. I for one am not one to take anyones word for anything. It is a simple test to put out a clean collection container and collect some rain water. You can go to any pet store and get a PH test kit that goes from about 6.2 to 7.8.

Might I suggest you look at the amonia, nitrate, nitrite cycle. Then consider things like runoff debris, excess nutrients in the soil etc. Also look at mature forest vs young forests.

I have yet to find one person who can show me these "high" acid levels in the rain.

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Jul-09-13 12:36 PM

PleaseGetAClut: 'The source of my numbers are from capturing rain water over several months and measuring the ph level. '

Enough said, there you have it. Dr. Scarecrow has spoken replete with his scientific results from from his high-tech scientific equipment.

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Jul-09-13 12:16 PM

SC57 - the ph of pure water is 7.0, rain is around 5.6 (google it). It's the reaction of various things in the air that increases the acidity, like particulates that mix with rain. There have been reductions in the levels of particulate pollution in the atmosphere because of the regulations of the Clean Air Act. Since this law has been in effect for several years, of course we see a recovery in the fish population in many of our lakes. The people who actually do the work at the EPA know what they're doing but they have to follow the instructions of politicians who rely on the $$ paid to them by various contributors, thus influencing the direction that the EPA leadership must take.

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Jul-09-13 12:14 PM

OH Darn!! P.S. I also tested streams, ponds, the Sacandaga, and Cameron Pond.

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