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Cheers and jeers

July 6, 2013

CHEERS — To Johnstown American Legion Post 472....

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Jul-06-13 8:49 AM

JEERS to the Obama administration! Once again instead of telling the truth they simply LIE! While Egypt was experiencing a preplanned and reported timeline coup Secretary Of State John Kerry was on his yacht and kayak in Nantucket! When asked about Kerry's whereabouts his spokesperson Jen Paski denied the report, “Since his plane touched down in Washington at 4 am, Secretary Kerry was working all day and on the phone dealing with the crisis in Egypt,” Also tweeted a reply State Dept's @jrpsaki says re CBS tweet on @JohnKerry: "Any report or tweet that he was on a boat is completely inaccurate."

Whatever happened to telling the truth?

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Jul-06-13 8:55 AM

Also a result of this administration's policies, We see a decline in FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT to fend off Obamacare for one! Of the 144 million Americans employed last month, only 116 million were working full-time. Friday's report showed that 58.7% of the civilian adult population of 245 million was working last month. Only 47% of Americans, however, had a full-time job.

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Jul-06-13 9:05 AM

Good question disco. These seemingly positive numbers do not include all of the people who have used up their unemployment benefits and are not counted, instead the number crunchers keep trying to polish a turd.

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Jul-06-13 9:29 AM

How about a cheer instead of a jeer to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. The second protects the first. Sometimes public information needs to be researched by those needing the info. We all know that there is public information that can be hard to find.

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Jul-06-13 1:30 PM

JEERS to Mayor Thayne in Amsterdam who refused to send any help to Fort Plain. Except to "reach out to people in the county and see if there is something they need from us specifically so that we can get their needs met". How about labor? Food stations??? There is plenty that you could do do help. Keep your studies and your surveys. I would now rather eat a PB&J sandwich from the Red Cross given in compassion than a 5 star meal from you.

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Jul-06-13 1:38 PM

CHEERS: To all of the volunteers. For me it was the Oppenheim Fire Department who walked right up to my house and started pumping it out! To the Red Cross who cooks and brings food and most needed drinking water everyday to all in need. To the National Guard whose stay here and whose hard work just brings a sense of security and relief to all who suffer. To our local questions asked, just shows up and pitches in. It was incredible. Not just businesses either. Area homeowners look up and there they are ready to pitch in and do!!

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Jul-06-13 1:49 PM

CHEERS to the volunteers cooking the food in Hazlett Park...THANK YOU!! To Pastor Ryan of the Reformed church and Rev. Griffen of the Methodist who both opened their doors where we could get cleaning supplies and drinking water...(JEERS to "E" at the Methodist church who is very rude and shouldn't be volunteering if one can't do it with a bit of compassion one shouldn't do it at all. YOU aren't the victim dear, THEY are). CHEERS: to also the inmates from wherever, who volunteered their time to do this back breaking work. CHEERS also to those who just come to talk and to console and just to listen. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

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Jul-07-13 4:31 AM

FireKatt, I read that in the 'other' paper too, but the Amsterdam mayor didn't refuse. The common council simply didn't have any interest in sending the dpw. also, the man that suggested that dpw send 'employee volunteers' is a known town crier who is running for election and only suggested it to gain votes. also, i bet he couldn't find the 12 people he promised he would that would want to give up a week's pay. he lied and was confronted about it at the meeting.

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Jul-07-13 8:03 AM

Agree Disco...would like to see a stat on how many people have fled Fulton Co. A family member lives in Tn of Northampton, Ful Co, about 200 yds from Tn of Edinburg line, Saratogoa Cty. It's a bit depressing when you can actually see a nearby property owner's lovely home with double the sq footage as yours, paying 50% less taxes!

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Jul-07-13 5:40 PM

Have you heard that Obama is so afraid that the employer mandate is going to crash so hard that democrats will not stand a chance of being elected that he has put off the mandate until next year?

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Jul-08-13 9:00 AM


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Jul-08-13 9:30 AM

Don't let the LH's "positivity" dupe you. Unemployment is down because of summer/seasonal jobs. So unemployment goes down for 5 months, then back up for 7 months. There are not enough decent full-time jobs in the FC to make a dent. It will only get better if the county makes businesses want to move there. Which won't be happening anytime soon due to the ridiculous taxes.

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Jul-08-13 12:14 PM

TiredOfTax, 'have you heard'? you mean inuendo, speculation, rumor, lie.

Breaking News: TiredOfTax attempts to stear conversation toward herself and Obama... again.

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Jul-08-13 1:59 PM


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Jul-08-13 2:00 PM


Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer stunned the political establishment Sunday night by announcing he is running for city controller — joining mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner as the latest disgraced politician looking for a comeback. In an odd twist, the ex-governor — who resigned in 2008 amid a high-priced call girl scandal — will be competing against Kristin Davis, the ex-madam who says she supplied him with hookers and who is running on the Libertarian line.

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Jul-08-13 2:26 PM

TOT: "Whatever happened to telling the truth?"

It ended the day the GW Bush regime started........and has continued since he set the bar so high.

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Jul-08-13 2:30 PM

HERE ARE MORE PROUD REPUBLICANS: "Disgraced former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford will announce on Wednesday that he’s running for Congress, NBC News confirmed.

Sanford, who resigned two-and-a-half years following revelations of an extramarital affair, will run in a special election to fill the seat left vacant by Republican Tim Scott, who was appointed to fill Jim DeMint’s Senate seat." ....see we can all find what we need regardless of the facts, so what exactly is your point TOT?

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Jul-08-13 3:52 PM

ToT: you can't say 'Have you heard...' and 'fact' in the same sentence.

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Jul-08-13 5:56 PM

swizzer, really???? I had no clue that it was improper to ask a question and present a statement of fact at the same time. My English professors missed that one. But I'm glad you cleared that up.

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Jul-08-13 6:30 PM

Gee, I am sorry I forgot NYC also will get democrat Vito Lopez. Classy all the way!!

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Jul-09-13 7:28 AM

Drugs, it indeed can be done, see below... and it was not hard to do! Not at all!

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Jul-09-13 7:31 AM

PLEASE. more suggest plural... you gave ONE example of a morally corrupt misrep. I am not sure why you see the need to support your parties trash. Oh sorry, your entire party is filled to the rim with useless, corrupt and morally deficient trash!

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Jul-09-13 9:33 AM

ToT - swizzer says you can't AND HE KNOWS (haha)

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Jul-09-13 12:53 PM

TiredOfTax, I am quickly reminded of that s-cumbag Joe Bruno who got hit with felony charges and still got a new stadium named after him.

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Jul-09-13 1:14 PM

So what makes you think that I would defend Joe Bruno??? He's all yours! Now on to another topic...

A Lawyer, an Illegal Alien, a Pathological Liar, a Muslim, a Communist and a Black Guy walk into a BAR.

Bartender asks.... "What'll it be, Mr. President?"

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