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Pols should look at Texas

June 18, 2013

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is challenging Gov. Andrew Cuomo over which state is more business friendly. Good. State officials must remember there are alternatives to the way the Empire State does business....

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Jun-18-13 11:02 AM

By BRITTNEY MARTIN BRITTNEY MARTIN The Dallas Morning News Reporting Texas Published: 15 October 2012 11:04 PM

Updated: 15 October 2012 11:29 PM AUSTIN — "Tea party conservatives will push next year to rescind a state law that allows illegal immigrants to pay state-resident tuition rates, and when they do, a little-known fact could be at the center of the debate: Students who aren’t citizens are also eligible for state financial aid.

Nearly 2,500 students who are in the country illegally received more than $9.5 million in state higher education grants in fiscal year 2010, the most recent figures available from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. There were 16,476 illegal-immigrant students paying resident tuition rates, meaning more than 1 in 7 get state financial aid as well."

One question; Who is footing the bill for this?

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Jun-18-13 12:03 PM

Hilltopper, and this is different from NY, How?

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Jun-18-13 12:16 PM

Scott makes a good case. I have a relatives there and they love it. I'm not sure but out of state legal US citizens pay pay the higher tuition. Go figure.

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Jun-18-13 12:19 PM

bmwfred, the difference is that Texas has a far greater problem than NY does.

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Jun-18-13 12:24 PM

Rs Texas has a problem in comparison to N.Y. ??? Enlighten us oh wise one.

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Jun-18-13 12:27 PM

Good for Texas. Not only New York but the entire nation needs an environment that promotes business development and growth. When the government created NAFTA everybody worried the lower wage jobs would go over seas; now they complain about the low wage jobs coming back. You know there is a reason they say people climb the company ladder instead of saying they took the elevator.

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Jun-18-13 12:40 PM

@ Portnoy, Those rattle snakes are easily handled with a good 357.

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Jun-18-13 12:43 PM

Well it is true Texas has a bigger illegal immigrant problem brought on by this administrations unwillingness to deport illegals, instead, they set them free.

However, to stay on topic. I highly doubt Governor Cuomo will pay much attention. Industry has been leaving this state for 50 years now. Why would he want to stop that exodus.

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Jun-18-13 12:55 PM

I like the idea of Perry coming here. Sure, he may be a bigot, but I think the objective should be to scare NY pols to the extent that they actually get a little fire little under their bottoms to do something for once.

Would I ever want to move to Texas? No way. But I could see it as an effective tool in getting those on the fence to perhaps move if they hate NY so much OR if the NY pols don't start acting as they should.

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Jun-18-13 1:11 PM

Anyone wishing to move to Texas is free to do so. All those cattle, you could start a skin mill. They probably don't have an ENCON Dept. either.

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Jun-18-13 1:21 PM

You can't move New York's biggest revenue generating industry out of the state, property taxes.

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Jun-18-13 1:41 PM

It is not even close to a contest. The only thing NYS has is less violent weather. Other than that business would be insane to move or relocate to NYS!

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Jun-18-13 2:13 PM

As industry started to leave NY State some 50-60 years ago, the geniuses who have continued to run Albany since the beginning of that exodus have had no answer but to raise taxes on property owners and the manufacturers who survived and remained in the state. If insanity is defined as continually taking the same action which produces negative results, NY State has excelled in this practice for the last two generations. New York State, "The Failed State". More and more businesses will be moving from the moribund northeast which specializes in electing self-serving, short-sighted, weak ignorant leadership. Texas has the right idea.

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Jun-18-13 2:31 PM

"Among other taxes and fees, they raised the marginal tax rate on the most successful (and most mobile) New Yorkers to 8.97 percent, the second highest rate in the nation.

It was irresponsible and it may just prove to be counterproductive, since the top 1 percent of earners account for about 50 percent of state revenue. We're the ones who can -- and will -- leave.

It's not an easy decision, but I'm being forced away from my family and friends, a pain shared by too many parents and grandparents in this state.

I'm leaving. And by domiciling in Florida, I will personally save $13,800 every single day. That's a pretty strong incentive."

Like I said, I love New York, but I'm not going to pay New York more for the waste, corruption and inefficiency that is New York state government.Tom Golisano 5/26/2009 Amazing, he personally saved so far 20 million.

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Jun-18-13 2:39 PM

Pards13 - I too am seriously considering relocating out of this nanny state. Combined with the high taxes it is becoming ridiculous.

I have relatives who have relocated to Florida, Better homes and taxe aout 1/5 of what they are here.

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Jun-18-13 2:55 PM

That was tom golisano's parting shot in the Niagara newspaper. I wish I was worth what he saved by moving. He voted with his feet as many people of means have. Most of them are happy to share but there are limits as to how much and to where the money goes.

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Jun-18-13 3:24 PM

It is no wonder that NYS is in the shape it is in now. Because many people who just sit around and complain how bad things are and instead of deciding to stand up and fight to make the state they claim to love a better place, no they just pack up and move, and then brag about how good things are where they now live. We used to have a community that cared about each other but over the last several years it has become a community of selfish people who only care about themselves. I see that in NYS when things get tough it is not the tough that get tough and fights for what they claimed they loved. Many who tell everyone what is wrong with NYS but they refuse to stand up and fight to make it better they become cowards and run.

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Jun-18-13 3:35 PM

Ron, I'm still here. In pointing out what is wrong with NY I am trying to fix it. I had high hopes with our new governor but I see that he is more of the same stuff. I asked my father in law when the last good years were in G'ville, he said the 40's and 50's. I asked him that about 20 years ago. I've tried to make this area a better place over the years but unless you know of 5 or 6 million other voters that are willing to vote them out nothing will change. I've told both of my children to broaden their horizons find some other place to call home. As far as being a coward you can call me what you want because I really don't give a dam.

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Jun-18-13 3:42 PM

Scarecrow57, Florida is certainly appetizing. I just pray you have no children in school still, as their schools rank pretty poorly.

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Jun-18-13 5:12 PM

I lived in Houston for 11 years and Texas sounds great until you have to deal with Texans.. If here are a dumber set of folks outside Mississippi tell me about them.. It's full of ignorant bible thumpers and republicans.. I suppose you could have a company that makes belts or dirt but if you need intelligent workers stick to the north

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Jun-18-13 5:16 PM

Funny they said the same thing about Democrats and New Yawkers.

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Jun-18-13 6:04 PM

RS: I agree on the school part. The only Special Ed in the schools down south is the teacher's pet who happens to be named Ed. But, If you are an old geezer or if getting your child a good education is a non-issue, the south is very inviting.

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Jun-18-13 6:04 PM

compared to NYS, it's not bad here in Pa. Income tax around 3%, simple form, usually most everybody breaks even at tax time. Weather is a bit milder, and there are opportunities. I made the move 40 yrs. ago and it turned out to be one the best things I ever did.

swizzer, the problem with most schools that are deemed "not so good" is the lack of a real student body. The big headline on this issue of the L-H is that graduation rates are up. That was never a problem before. High school has gotten to be more like adolescent day care.

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Jun-18-13 6:14 PM

gville70, like any emigrant, you are supposed to kind of begin to blend in, after 11 yrs. you should have accepted most of Texas peculiarities. But as I have seen more than once- you can take the boy out of little G'ville but you just can't take the little G'ville out of the boy.

verstehe ????

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Jun-18-13 7:42 PM

The suburbs of Philly are hardly the heart of Dixie. If you are a conservative Republican with a wariness of minorities, you can blend in anywhere. Prejudice reigns without regard to the Mason Dixon line, and a bigot can feel at home anywhere.

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