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State needs better idea

June 16, 2013

While supporters of public funding for political campaigns in this state may have noble goals, New York realistically does not have the money to enact such a plan. Go....

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Jun-21-13 9:36 AM

Some bad decisions?

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Jun-19-13 8:44 AM

whoever disagreed please let me know what the Supreme Court has given us

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Jun-18-13 8:06 AM

yukion and Bob, do you even know the job of the Supreme court? They didn't "give" us anything. Their sole function is to determine if laws are constitutional or not. Read the constitution before labeling them. They are fulfilling their responsibility and any one of them is way smarter than either of you.

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Jun-17-13 7:44 AM

We already have term limits, it is called the voting booth. Imagine term limits on your job..... What we really need are educated voters. Not ones with degrees. But ones who can tell you who is running for office is and what their positions on the issues are.

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Jun-17-13 7:35 AM

Yukon, I believe you're referring to the same wacky right wing nut Supreme Court that gave us Obamacare?? The same wacky right wing nut Supreme Court that allowed the Govt. to take over 1/6 of the US economy??? Yup, that very same wacky right wing nut Supreme Court.

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Jun-17-13 6:25 AM

notgood, I agree that term limits would be a good thing. How ever your chances of getting the people that are in elected office to pass a law setting term limits because they are not going to give all that good money for kissing a##. But the sad part is that we already have term limits and the general public refuses to use them. Every person that gets elected to office he or she must run for re-election at the end of their term and the general public will just run out and re-elect the same person back to office. I prefer these term limits over a mandatory term limits because now and then we do get some one elected who does the job they were elected to do and with mandatory term limits you could get someone that just wants the position for bragging rights and not care about the job. Only my opinion.

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Jun-17-13 12:11 AM

notgood, nice. I say term limit the pants off these guys. I can only wonder how much better our area would have been without Mr. Farley or Mr. Tedisco. And let's not get started with Silver, who is now facing a lawsuit by a guy who has a good track record winning lawsuits.

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Jun-16-13 9:17 PM

Those that disagree with me honestly don't know the truth of this government!!!

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Jun-16-13 6:57 PM

I got a idea! Term limits for these over paid underworked politicians!!!!! Honestly what do they really do for the working person? I would say nothing...

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Jun-16-13 10:28 AM

DUMB DUMB DUMB Idea.....Why do we allow politicians treat US like morons?Citizens United a TERRIBLE Supreme Court decision made by the wacky right wing nut Supreme Court allows a free flow of money..Why allow these *** hole politicians a open bank vault of taxpayer money to get elected because that is the real meaning of "public funding".!

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Jun-16-13 9:53 AM

Texas State Gov. Perry doing radio commercials across NYS trying to lure New Yorkers to Texas IS the better idea alluded to. From what I've read that move has put a burr in Cuomo's shorts in a way New Yorkers have, so far, been unable to do. Maybe Austin can embarrass Albany....?

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Jun-16-13 9:50 AM

It also occurs to me that they seem to forget that any private citizen (including corporations) can pay for their own political ads to support their candidate. Public Financing is another one of those sounds good on paper ideas that will fail in reality.

Then again, who would suspect good common sense thought processes from a Governor who gave us the Useless NY SAFE act.

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Jun-16-13 9:47 AM

Here is a better idea. Take all of the contributions to all candidates who are running for an office and pool them. Then split the money equally amongst the candidates.

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Jun-16-13 9:11 AM

It boils down to this, no matter where the money comes from as long as some rich or powerful person wants an office bad enough they are going to be seated in that office no matter what or who it takes. The idea that an honest, working for the people type politician could ever get elected has gone. In my opinion corruption rules and we are the victims of their orchestrated policies every single day.

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