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Cheers and jeers

June 15, 2013

CHEERS — To public hearings. And jeers to those who don’t take advantage of them. Gloversville will have a public hearing June 25 on a proposal by 4th Ward Councilwoman Ellen Anadio....

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Jun-15-13 2:59 AM

King, may be grandstanding, really. What an understatement, this guy is attention starved to the state of nausea!

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Jun-15-13 6:33 AM

This 30 year old who was getting welfare from Montgomery Co. and did not live in that county is a slap in the face to the tax payers in that county. But it never should have happened and would not have happened if the Social Services Department employees had done their job and checked this person out before they approved her to get the funds. This is just proof that the Co. Supervisors failed to supervise their county employees.

and this just reflects on the Co. Supervisors who failed to supervise their county employees,

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Jun-15-13 7:27 AM

JEERS to Kinderhook! It never should have been allowed and now will cost the city taxpayers as the school in need just now gets needier!

JEERS to a grandstanding mayor King. He has been doing as he pleased all along and this is simply another way to slap the taxpayers after yet again doing as he pleases!

Cheers to doing their JOB? If the people in the welfare department did their job a lot of this waste and theft of taxpayer money would not have happened in the first place. People applying for welfare should be thoroughly checked out before a single cent is paid to them!

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Jun-15-13 9:13 AM

Exactly how is the MCBOS supposed to supervise the daily activities of employees in the social services department? There are supervisors within the department who are charged with that responsibility. Blaming the BOS because an out-of-county individual collected social services benefits is ridiculous. I do think, however, that the department should have methods in place to ensure the accuracy of information provided by those applying for benefits, as well as periodic follow-up to ensure the information remains current. This should be the case not only in Montgomery County, but every county in the state. At the same time I am confident that the various county social services agencies are not adequately funded or staffed to do the job they are expected to do. Additional funding provided and aimed at preventing this kind of fraud might in the end save tax payer's money.

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Jun-15-13 9:26 AM

Bill if there are no means of verification for benefits then fraud would be rampant. I believe that the price tag for administering our governmental services are quite high and to expect that they would do the right thing should not be out of the realm of possibilities. If it cannot be done efficiently during this time of fiscal decline... maybe we should be looking at alternatives!

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Jun-15-13 9:28 AM

One would think that something as basic as a lease or deed would be a requirement to prove residency. If you are "just staying with someone" you aren't a resident.

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Jun-15-13 10:04 AM

We don't need a mayor conducting his or city business AWAY from his office and on Facebook on a daily basis. Stop by City Hall now and then like I do..he is very seldom there!! He uses Facebook for his therapy..all his cronies on there give him their shoulder to cry on when things don't go his way and they pat him on the back and say you are working tirelessly for the city,,Give me a break!!

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Jun-15-13 11:14 AM

TOT, I think there are most likely means of verification in place, but they may need to be modified in some way. Residency is quite easy to prove. You either have a rent receipt, a utility bill receipt, a property tax receipt, etc, or you do not. If you do not, you do not qualify for public assistance in the county where you are applying.

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Jun-15-13 1:44 PM

Exactly what I was referring to Bill. If they checked a simple thing like residency then there would not have been this instance of fraudulent claims paid. So if the issuing agency had done their job...

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Jun-15-13 2:59 PM

Mr. Lair, Who appoints the department heads and the department supervisors to these jobs? Is it not the board of supervisors they are the bosses over the department head and department supervisor and should be checking to see that these employees are doing their job of supervising the rank and file employees and that the work is one correctly. Just what do you think the BOS members are there to do if not to make the county run as efficiently as possible? But then you know more about everything than anyone elses.

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Jun-15-13 3:14 PM

This welfare thing is really getting old, this state and country are JOKE! So who is going to pay me back MR. Cuomo and Obama? When will you really do whats right for the working people of this state and coutry?

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Jun-15-13 3:18 PM

"or whose circumstances mean the income they require for basic needs is in excess of their salary" hmm? Taxes are increasing rapidly, gas prices are high, grocery bills continue to rise, medical premiums and copays are doubling for many and then we will be smacked with the full cost of Obama care soon, the cost of these needs are increasing rapidly yet many still trying to manage on salaries equivalent to what they made 5 years ago...pretty soon the government will have everyone depending on them...

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Jun-15-13 10:19 PM

tot, kinderhook doesn't have its own school district. who's your rant directed at?

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Jun-15-13 11:58 PM

Mr. McLain, the BOS, like the common council, is there to legislate, not micro manage departments. Also, must be someone was doing the job correctly since the alleged fraud was found and the perpetrator arrested. The editorial does not say for how long the fraud went on or how much money is involved.

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Jun-16-13 6:42 AM

Mr. Lair, First of all the city council is there to legislate and act as a check and balance of the mayor who is there to over see the day to day actions of the city departments. But when you get to the county level there is no one other than the BOS to oversee the day to day operations of the county departments, the county does not have a mayor, governor or county administrator to over see the county departments on a day to day basis. Aand yes some one was doing their job correctly in Montgomery Co. and it was the fraud investigators if the people who authorize the payments to be paid the investigators who not have had to spend time investigating this person.

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Jun-16-13 8:59 AM

RS to answer your question lets look at the facts.

1) Everyone knows that Kinderhook does not have a school.

2) The people of Gloversville fought against and lost the battle to prevent this intrusion.

3) It stated in the article on the front page of this website all pertinent information about the location of this sub prime renters apartments.

4) Someone that touts superior education but cannot deduce the school district that a LOW INCOME HOUSING was built even with the constant news reporting and the meetings and public outcry...

4) To finally answer your question, it is anyone's guess I suppose!

Did you like the list? It is just like one of yours, totally unnecessary but looks organised I suppose!

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Jun-16-13 6:29 PM

Save your breath TOT, progressive frauds only disagree with real factual information in order to laugh as you scramble to prove something they could not care less about (facts). Cheers for keeping these frauds real..

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Jun-16-13 9:25 PM

Mr. McLain, how unfortunate you are unable to carry on a conversation or debate on any subject without resorting to insults and disparaging comments. You have done it for years on the G'Ville board, your TV show, letters to the LH editor and now here. You can respond if you like, but I won't watching. :)

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Jun-17-13 1:12 AM

The Remsen School District's gain is certainly our loss. It is a shame that Johnstown failed to retain an amazing educator and administrator like Bill Crankshaw. Perhaps the district will come to its' senses and woo him back in the not-too-distant future. Best of luck in your new District Bill!

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Jun-17-13 7:10 AM

Mr. Lair, First of all you can not stand the truth. You did not offer any response as to who on the county level is there to supervise the county departments on a day to day basis. You said in one of your posts that the news report did not say how long the fraud went on or how much money was involved, well had you read the entire article you would have seen that $772.00 was involved and that tells me that the person who authorized that person to get the benefits did not do their job and it was the fraud investigators who uncovered it and did their job as they should have.

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Jun-17-13 12:56 PM

If anyone knows anything about how government controlled programs go then no comment like Ron1960 would have never been made. Programs like SNAP (or foodstamps) due to federal guidelines and rules workers are to issue benefits that they are "entitled" to then ask questions and investigate after. That is why people are issued benefits and then later found of welfare fraud. Also other issues are that not given in these articles are that peoples circumstances change (income, residence) and they fail to report those changes to the agency and then the agency eventually finds out. Before you go bashing these workers look up the state/federal guidelines on what the process really is. Also work a day as a social welfare examiner then come and talk.

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Jun-17-13 1:34 PM

Hear Hear melly20! Folks think that the Social Welfare examers sit on their bums all day just handing out money, no they have state and federal regs that that have to follow. BTW where do you folks think the investigative referral comes from? yes that would be the Social Welfare examiners job too. PLEASE check our facts before you make yourself look like a fool.

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Jun-18-13 1:38 PM

Washington (CNN) – A growing number of Americans believe that senior White House officials ordered the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative political groups, according to a new national poll.

And a CNN/ORC International survey released Tuesday morning also indicates that a majority of the public says the controversy, which involves increased IRS scrutiny of tea party and other conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, is very important to the nation.

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