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Work with county dept.

June 11, 2013

There are still a few empty storefronts in Gloversville’s downtown, but since the Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market and Schine Memorial Hall LLC, a group of stakeholders caring for the Schine......

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Jun-14-13 12:56 PM

I like the datown better.

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Jun-12-13 9:54 AM

Pards13, Thank you at least now I know that some people who post here do know what they are talking about.

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Jun-12-13 8:53 AM

Fonda is a village and the county seat of Montgomery county which has only one city. As far as the good people of Johnstown and the bad people of Gloversville perhaps an analogy is in order. If I have the misfortune of developing cancer I have two choices, treat it or ignore it. Even though my cancer is only in my leg if I ignore it eventually it will kill my whole body. My suggestion is the whole body should treat the cancer before it kills us. Besides if I read the paper correctly Johnstown is developing some cancer too. It's spreading and we need to treat it.

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Jun-12-13 8:41 AM

To bad some people know so much they know very little. Bloated fire and police department. In most of these cases it is the state who sets the staffing level on these departments. No matter how you feel you would still have the same amount of area to cover. Then some think that having a village is going to save the taxpayer a lot of taxes, Bull. The village will still be paying county taxes and also town taxes as well as village taxes. so where is the great tax savings. Talk to the residents of the villages and see what they pay in taxes. Then most villages have their own DPW and some have expensive water and sewer districts. What this area needs is for the young people to start getting involved and voting and we need to stop re-electing the same people because they get into office they start to think that they are GODS and do not pay any attention to the residents. But then people want change or so they say but they refuse to allow any change.

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Jun-12-13 7:43 AM

"Ron1960", you make a great point. The outcome is reconsolidation of Fulton and Montgomery Counties to the former Tryon County. The population of the region continues to decline, and the population that remains is undergoing a transformation from residents who contribute to the overall well being of the region to those who demand to be taken care of, this type of consolidation makes a great deal of sense.

The Chamber of Commerce of both counties have set the path for the future.

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Jun-12-13 7:36 AM

Dissolution of the Johnstown and Gloversville will have significant cost savings through the elimination of the bloated, fire and police departments. The unions have established unjustified pay and benefits and an unwarranted staffing requirement for an underutilized fire and police force for a village. The cost savings are too high not to expediently implemented. This is the same type of benefit Fulton County is realizing from selling the poorly operated and money losing infirmary. The new owners have changed the operational model, provide much better care, and do it at a much lower cost.

The union’s tactics keep putting themselves out of business. Just look at the Thruway, the trend continues.

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Jun-12-13 6:47 AM

The Architect, First if the city of Johnstown becomes a village will it be able to continue as the county seat? I know of no village that is a county seat any where in the State. Then how many villages do you know that have representation on the county board of supervisors? Is it not a law or mandate from the state that each county must have at least two cities in order to continue as a county? Are you trying to tell us that all the Gloversville has all the welfare people in the county, and I don't believe that you know and understand the real facts about how the welfare system works. why don't you go to the social services department and get the real facts about how many people are on what you believe to be welfare that Fulton Co. residents really pay for , I think that you will find that most of the people who are getting help are getting it from the federal government. I think that you should get your facts before posting thing that you do not understand.

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Jun-11-13 7:45 PM

The concept for consolidation of the Johnstown, the county seat, and Gloversville, the counties welfare state, is dead on arrival. In concept, the idea of consolidation is great, but reality makes it almost impossible.

There is no simply benefit for Johnstown to join with Gloversville and encumber Gloversville's debt, squalor, and short-sightedness. The good people of Johnstown would never let this type of union happen either as there is nothing to gain, but everything to lose.

A more realistic outcome would be for the dissolution of each city with the establishment of the Village of Johnstown and the Village of Gloversville. This would remove a very costly and unnecessary layer of government, resulting in substantially lower taxes for the villages’ residents and businesses.

The best option for the Village of Gloversville would be to remove the extortion of the Business Improvement District (BID) that charges 25% of the annual property taxes for the BID's operation.

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Jun-11-13 5:23 PM

Wait I lived a few blocks from downtown and they forgot to add the YMCA halfway house on the corner.. It's not all sunshine and rainbows walking down there.. Yesterday there was a gang of shirtless d-bags screaming and swearing near the bank. A block north there are drug apartments selling crack.. How about planning for that?

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Jun-11-13 1:34 PM

Great editorial, and I also agree that a comprehensive plan involving both Johnstown and Gloversville is a good idea.

You don't necessarily need to bring in a consultant from outside the area, but I also think this is a good idea to get away from the "but we've always done it this way" mindset. An local exception would be Vince DeSantis, author of "Towards Civic Action" and who understands downtown revitalization. I think, though, that Vince is trying to enjoy his retirement.

I'll be following this project with great interest. Good job, Mr. Mraz.

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Jun-11-13 12:38 PM

A revitalization plan is only a piece of a larger puzzle. Perhaps this grant money can be used for the larger picture.

I don't blame the county for forging ahead on the idea, though. Something is better than nothing.

Gloversville needs to professionally work out a Comprehensive Plan (now, in academic circles, being referred to as an Action Plan). It needs to be professionally derived from citizen input and implemented with total buy-in from local government.

Until that gets done the county's efforts are really nothing more than the equivalent of a parent dragging a recalcitrant brat in the direction he should be going but refuses to cooperate in making happen.

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Jun-11-13 12:00 PM

That's it, hire a consultant. Preferably one from far away. The greater the distance the smarter they seem to be. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to have common sense ideas to revitalize the downtowns. For starters how about having those businesses be open evening hours when working people are not working. People need a reason to "stroll the main street", open stores and cafes might help.

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Jun-11-13 11:30 AM

Excellent recommendation. If a person walks down Gloversville's Main Street, you will see the beautiful flowering trees lining the street, offsetting the striking architecture from the previous century. Having a planning board will certainly keep disasters like the Kinderhook project from ruining neighborhoods. I would love to see a thriving main street.

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Jun-11-13 11:29 AM

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. It should not cost a lot to do this but it should be done.

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