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Vehicle use a sore spot

June 5, 2013

Gloversville Mayor Dayton King’s failure to keep up consistently with mileage logs for the city-owned vehicle he drives may seem like a minuscule issue to some, but to many people in the community,......

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Oct-28-13 3:15 PM

The misuse of the City Vehicle he was trusted to use for city purposes is one small example of the abuses the Mayor has perpetrated against the tax payers of Gloversville. You said Gloversville has 100 other issues, you are right, and they all have Mayor Dayton King written all over them. Vote this guy out before he does anymore damage. 150 jobs in Fulton County are currently being held up at FAGE because he has yet again displayed his inability to get along and follow the rules. When will the people realize: The King wants you to think all this stuff is personal: IT IS, It is personal that YOUR TAXES are being used to settle lawsuits caused by his inability to get along with anyone. IT IS your PERSONAL Tax dollars paying for the misuse of that vehicle and it is YOUR PESONAL TAX DOLLARS he continues to waste.

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Jun-10-13 11:13 AM

and Bob.. I don't consider myself any sort of "winger". That band sucked anyway. I am socially liberal while being fiscally conservative. I know, I know... hard for most around you to understand that most people in the US are like that, but hey, that is why people around me know MontCo & FulCo as a "beautiful place with strange people". <---actual quote from a neighbor of mine who recently visited.

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Jun-07-13 1:57 PM

MrBob, I never called Loyal a fake right-winger.

You have a very interesting way of reading the invisible.

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Jun-07-13 12:31 PM

To paraphrase Tiny Tim, God help us every one!

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Jun-07-13 10:01 AM

Laker, as of now there are three who have picked up petitions to run for Mayor. Mayor King, A Gloversville Supervisor Mike Ponticello and former councilman -at -large Jim Handy. I would tend to think that Jim Handy may be the better due to his former position and he does not have any DWI's on his record.

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Jun-07-13 8:53 AM

Being unfamiliar with G'ville politics, I'll ask a question that Portnoy touched on...Who else is running, and what would make he/she a viable alternative.

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Jun-06-13 4:03 PM

Gloversville became Gloversville because of the Cayadutta. They beat out Kingsboro due to population and industry along the Creek as Kingsboro didn't have easy access to flowing water. At that time gloves and mittens were legal tender for other products and services. Now, just about everything is gone. Maybe G'ville should go back to the beginning and try again.

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Jun-06-13 11:33 AM

The mayor should stop whining like a little girl and tell people why he should be re-elected. What have you done mayor to deserve my vote ? The city looks like crap........ blight everywhere and you are beautifying ONE house ? Where is the ladder truck you finally agreed to purchase ? When are you going to start spending time in your office ? I've been there twice in the past week and you are no where to be found. You can't buy my vote with Easter parties, pizza,and empty promises.

And oh, yeah.........give up the SUV or start explaining your mileage.

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Jun-06-13 9:58 AM

Rs, it's really funny you call loyal a fake right winger since he's the one calling it 'making 'mountains out of mole hills' and that G'ville has '100's more problems' and in your words 'encourage everyone that this is a small thing and that it should take back seat to bigger issues'. Loyal, you just got punked by one of your own. Thanks for the laugh!!!!

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Jun-05-13 8:20 PM

The issue is not a witch hunt against Mayor King, but an illustration of how he performs his duties as Mayor. He continues to demonstrate that he is incapable of following the rules for even the most simple thing.

My team members who have vehicles assigned to them are tracked in a variety of ways using readily available technology including digital mileage logging and GPS-tracking. This way there is no argument of where and when the vehicles are being used.

This is also not a election year gimic either. Mayor King's election strategy is to have as many Letters to the Editor written stating what a great guy his is. He may very well be a great guy; however, he has been a failure of a Mayor from the beginning. High taxes, low morale, and widespread blight are the anchor of this tenure.

His status will be in the voter's hands soon. Hopefully this will be the end of Mayor King's Follies.

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Jun-05-13 5:08 PM

This never would have been an issue if the Mayor of Facebook had done his job here in the city instead of playing on the internet all day. He doesn't need a car for that!

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Jun-05-13 4:53 PM

I fill out vehicle logs every week at my job and have for years....this mayor chooses to ignore that because he is abusing the use of the vehicle. I agree with earlier posts. Take the car away and let him use his own vehicle. Then keep accurate records and he can get reimbursed if the situation calls for it and his records are accurate. It is absurd that he gets use of a city owned vehicle to begin with...ALSO, For the record TOT, I am one of the 5 "agrees" with your post...there goes your theory on me...LOL

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Jun-05-13 3:19 PM

You mean that you are not supposed to do that stuff? Son of a gun.

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Jun-05-13 2:57 PM

King brought this on himself. There is a policy in place. He chose to ignore it. Now he is being picked on ? A witch hunt ? He needs to man up and do what is required stay off Facebook and run the city. All of you who think he is being maligned probably are the ones who think rules don't apply to you either,like rolling through stop signs, parking in handicap spaces, no parking, speeding, driving drunk, etc. Y'all sound ridiculous.

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Jun-05-13 2:11 PM

definition of crazy-doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Sound familiar? The next study we should do is to study how to get professional leadership. The good old boy/girl just does not work. Give a quality manager excellent pay, clear goals and get out of the way. If they can't do the job get someone else.

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Jun-05-13 1:55 PM

I believe that this mayor should continue working his other job. If a part time mayor cannot even keep simple vehicle use records... should he continue to be mayor?

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Jun-05-13 1:07 PM

Gloversville and Johnstown together are large enough to be a city. I call it a village because in less than 10 years, it will be just that. Young, educated people like myself have been leaving in droves. My wife and I left, my parents are leaving soon,and now most of my friends have moved to safer, more accessible, less taxed, and job friendly areas with less political bickering. Just because it says "City of Gloversville" on paperwork and some broken down signs, doesn't mean it offers any of the benefits of living in a city.

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Jun-05-13 1:01 PM

LoyalSocialist, I agree this is clearly a target by some wannabe-watchdog who probably has a personal vendetta against King or wants to harm the mayor's chances at re-election.

It's also funny since this scale of an issue was made with the historian Betz issue, except it was labeled was a witchhunt by the fake right-wingers.

I wonder if the fake right-wingers are going to come out and try and encourage everyone that this is a small thing and that it should take back seat to bigger issues.

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Jun-05-13 12:39 PM

Pardon me Loyal socialist, but as the former CITY Historian for the City of Gloversville, the CITYGloversville was incorporated as a CITY in 1890.

I agree with Annarondac. A city vehicle is not part of the mayors compensation, nor has it ever been.

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Jun-05-13 12:15 PM

To me, mileage reimbursement for use of a personal vehicle might be the better option, especially in such a small village. Too many people have too little to do and spend their day being "watchdogs". Funny that you rarely hear about other officials using publicly owned vehicles for personal use, but King is targeted by this "paper" all the time. The Leader Herald is turning into a tabloid by making mountains out of molehills. The village has 100s more problems to worry about before the mayor's vehicle use.

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Jun-05-13 11:37 AM

Get rid of the vehicle. Mayors before Tim Hughes used their own cars. The vehicle has been a source of contention since it was acquired. Sell it and use the money to improve roads. Simple.

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Jun-05-13 11:11 AM

Easy to take care of going forward. If the mayor does not file satisfactory mileage logs charge him for the unaccounted mileage. He will learn to file them quickly and accurately. Next problem.

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