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Cheers and jeers

May 11, 2013

CHEERS — To reaching out. We have always had a disdain for the act of vandalism in our own community and elsewhere....

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May-11-13 5:02 AM

Regarding the Gloversville property tax burden, the 2013-14 Gloversville School District budget includes salary INCREASES of $19,000 for the Superintendent and $20,321 for the Business Manager. What kind of leadership is that, when Gloversville taxpayers already pay the highest taxes of any city in the state outside of New York City? Voters need to remember those outrageous numbers when they vote on the school budget later this month.

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May-11-13 7:29 AM

GReader, Your absolutly right the voters should remember those numbers when they vote later this month. How ever I don't see much of a change coming because when you have about 18% of the registered voters who bother to vote and most of them are connected to school officials one way or another. Then when there are people who own land in the district that can not vote because they don't live on that property but then those who rent and are on social services that do vote and they just do not care about the costs.

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May-11-13 8:11 AM

Taxes have always been my priority here in Gloversville. Gloversville schools have in the past put it in our face, present us with a budget that gives them everything that they want then when defeated say anything to get what they want on the second try without hardly a change. I wish that every taxpayer would take a stand. I wish that we could get them off the couch and into a voting booth to tell them that we have had it with this expense and it is time to correct it. This years numbers are simply just that, this years number. It means nothing to the low income housing people or to the employees that vote on our schools budget. Things have to change, but how is the huge problem!

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May-11-13 8:32 AM

JEERS on this weeks new that the White House changed the talking points completely on the Benghazi attack as it reflected poorly DIRECTLY on them? The left out and changed the message almost completely altering the message 180* from where the blame should have been. The scrubbed all mention of al-Qa’ida, prior warning of the attack, lack of proper security and actually anything that shed a poor image of then candidate Barack Obama and his staff. But that was not enough, they then cast blame on a film, the CIA and others in the intelligence community. How can you support this type of action? Oh yeah I remember... prior mistakes. Remember to go way, way back because everything that has been done by this administration will be all the future presidents need to point to prior MISTAKES!

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May-11-13 8:33 AM

Whether you are for or against the school budget, the argument that those of us who are merely renters that do not pay property taxes is ignorant. I have yet to have such a benevolent landlord who willingly eats property tax increases without adjustments to my rent. On the other side, those landowners who do not physically live in the district should get to vote on the budget(s) of any school where they pay property taxes.

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May-11-13 8:33 AM

Gee, I wonder why Gloversville has the highest taxes in the state? Could it be all the non for profits and tax exempt property? Gloversville also has the highest non tax paying properties in the county. Then came Kinderhook, 8 million plus in real property that will pay no taxes! How many elected officials fought that?

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May-11-13 9:13 AM

Joe, if you rent you do not pay property taxes...period. You may equivocate and think otherwise but until you have the Tax Bill in your hand spin it all you want, you still don't pay property taxes in any way, shape or form yet get to vote on how much property owners pay in School Taxes, for example. Don't try to insert yourself into a game in which you have NO skin involved. If the property owner fails to pay taxes, their property gets seized and you're booted out. Remember the old saying 'it doesn't matter the size of the ship, it's how you put it in port'? Well, that 'feel good' was made up by guys with little boats, made up just like 'renters pay property taxes too'.

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May-11-13 10:52 AM

Dear Richard: Do you realize there are fewer non-profits today than just a few years ago? Remember the YWCA? It is now privately owned. And the Jewish Community Center? It is now privately owned. And wasn't there once a big church next to where H&P was? I believe that land is now privately owned. Another church was just sold in Johnstown to a private enterprise. I suspect there are other examples too. Non-profits provide valuable services to the community and they are neither the answer or the blame to the local tax dilemma.

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May-11-13 2:43 PM

Wow, I didn't realize my landlord was such a great guy. Thanks for your logical explanation, Bob. I've gotta go look up the word "semantics" again.

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May-11-13 4:14 PM

Jeers: Mayor King & his selective memory & surprisingly poor ideas. The mayor is keen to report about the limited benefits realized by the Town of Johnstown for extending water and sewer to the few properties along Route 30A; however, he cleverly forgets to mention the major benefits that are continuing to be realized by Gloversville for the annexation of Town of Johnstown lands for the Gloversville Industrial Park, Business Park, and the lands where the Walmart Supercenter is being built. Gloversville continues to receive both property taxes (at the state's highest effective tax rate) and sales taxes while the town realized nothing, other than lost property taxes. For the sake of Fulton County, Gloversville residents must ensure that Mayor King is a one term mayor and end the King follies before the region is unable to recover. Town residents must support their leaders in opposing annexation to the city unless there is a long-term & equitiable sharing of property &

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May-11-13 4:20 PM


sales taxes. Under King's leadership, Gloversville has the state's highest effective tax rate, widespread blight, high crime, declining home values, and empty downtown, unnecessary turmoils with the police and fire departments, unkept roads, poor snow removal from city streets. The list of King's failures goes on and on. His solution is for the county to trust him with developing undeveloped town properties.

It is time for him to be replaced. The Republican Party knows how bad he is and their support of another candidate further supports the basis for his removal from office.

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May-11-13 8:55 PM

"CBS News President David Rhodes and ABC News President Ben Sherwood, both of them have siblings that not only work at the White House, that not only work for President Obama, but they work at the NSC on foreign policy issues directly related to Benghazi."

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May-12-13 9:16 AM

TOT, one fact that you ignore. Republicans are a despearate party right now, trying to do whatever they can to dirty up the President for 2014, and to dirty up secretary Clinton because they're terrified she'll walk into the White House. Those compassionate hypocrits couldn't care a hoot for those killed and are glad that it happened so they can stretch it out until 2016 but the American people are too smart to listen to their bs for that long. Get over it.

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May-12-13 9:44 AM

YMCA: New Lexington group homes dot the map and the Gates Mill property on Harrison Street went off the tax roll when the "Y" set up camp there. Every property except government buildings should be on the tax rolls to ease the burden. Why should the homeowner be saddled with subsidizing the services provided to non-profits such as the hospital, Lexington,and YMCA, all with CEOs making in excess of 100K?

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May-12-13 9:52 AM

You're welcome Joe. You have brought up 2 subjects in your posts, 'ignorance' and 'semantics'. Are you saying you ignorantly meant something else?? I can play word games too. Let me put it this way, like Social Security, rent is an income stream, and like S.S there is NO lockbox simply dedicated to one exclusive expense, its allocated when and where needed. A landlord is in business to make money, I suspect that's the part you and a lot of others don't like because it's at your expense. Welcome to the world of rent or to own.

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May-12-13 11:38 AM

typical right wing rent or to own is a choice...just like homosexuality is a choice. Wait, I don't want to own a home and have an investment. I want to rent to support some landlord and have nothing invested!! I think I'll be a homosexual because I've always wanted to be part of a persecuted minority...Bob, I made up the second one but it makes as much sense as your statement. You macho conservatives have way to much anger. Your anger clouds logical thinking.

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May-12-13 11:45 AM

John Boehner Wants To Prioritize Debt: Pay off China First Before U.S. Troops

Speaker of the House John Boehner is looking to reorganize debt repayment in the event that the United States cannot meet its financial obligations. Boehner was asked on Bloomberg TV about the Full Faith and Credit Act which if passed, it would direct funds to principal and interest payments to bondholders before payments to other programs such as for veterans, medicare, and others would come second.

Sharp criticism is drawn by skeptics who view the bill as dangerous, whereas Republicans view it as the means to maintain the United States financial obligations abroad. When Boehner was asked directly that if it would mean payments would go to China before U.S troops he responded, “Listen. Those who have loaned us money, like in any other proceeding, if you will, court proceeding, the bondholders usually get paid first. Same thing here.

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May-12-13 1:18 PM

Hilltopper: The basis of tax exemption for a charity is it improves the quality of life in a community. Government authorities realize this and would rather see the charity reinvest its money on its services rather than taxes. It's true taxes are too high in our area, but trying to get tax relief from the non-profits is short sighted. In the case of the YMCA for example, which helps the community more, the present new facility serving thousands of people as a tax exempt charity, or no Y and the Gates Mills property privately owned yet generating some tax revenue?

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May-12-13 3:39 PM

This ed. looks intentionally skewed. First of all, tax bills are based on assessment, not 'value', as the ed. states. A home 'valued' at $70 may only be assessed at $40k or $50k, and that's a huge difference. I know the editor knows this, it's just strange why she intentionally left it there.

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May-12-13 3:46 PM

So what you are saying here RS is you are the only one that can mislead. Oh and then insult to prove your point... nice quip to put this paper right back in its place! Problem is the editor of this paper is Pat Beck, she is a woman! Maybe if you call her a man it would seem more like your normal insult?

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May-12-13 5:08 PM

RS if you look there are a plethora of places that confirm this information. From the website: empirecenter. org Residents of the city of Gloversville and Gloversville school district in the Mohawk Valley pay the highest property taxes found in any city in New York State, with an effective rate of $52.40 per $1,000. YNN, A Fulton County city has risen to the top of a very undesirable list. As YNN's Maria Valvanis explains, a new study found Gloversville ranks number one as the highest taxed city in the state. If you believe that there in an inequitable comparison on values, tell us who is going to pay us a higher rate so we can all sell off and go to a lower taxed area, PLEASE!

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May-12-13 5:23 PM

usedto - I agree that our veterans should be taken care before anyone - here's a thought get rid of the free "obama cell phone" which cost taxpayers $1.6 BILLION in 2011. The program was set up with Reagan so low income individuals had access to a phone for emergencies and job searches. Thanks to Obama he made the program bigger and more expensive for the taxpayers. Now they are given cell phones with cameras, 250 minutes, texting. If one has 250 minutes of emergencies calls a month they have true problems and I guarantee one out a hundred of these phones actually will prove to show a call inquiring about a job interview. Go back to the basic land line LifeLine program and give the savings to our vets!

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May-12-13 5:37 PM

RS, Your right to a point. There is another factor that is included in your assessment and that is the equalization rate of you municipality. The lower your equalization rate the more you will pay in taxes. Example the town of Bleecker equalization rate is 100% and that means their property is assessed at full market value Their county tax rate for last year was about $8.12 per $1,000 of assessed value. The town of Caroga has an equalization rate of 42% thus their property is only assessed at 42% of the properties market value and the town of Caroga county tax rate for last year was $18.00+ per $1,000 of assessed value. so as you can see there aremany things that figure in your tax bill. Some municipalities keep their equalization rate low because by doing so gives them a little more in the sale tax distribution, how ever that does nothing to give the property owner any lower property or school taxes.

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May-12-13 8:21 PM

Jeez, Bob. I wasn't really getting into word games, just using the English language, but I guess when one crosses the threshold of two syllable words, some get quite defensive. I also never indicated that I was upset at my landlord's avarice (oops, there I go again!). If he wants the headache of a tenant like me, he deserves to make a profit. That's why I made the choice to rent rather than own -- that, and the fact that I don't want to pay property taxes.

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May-12-13 9:33 PM

Non profits should not be able to own property. They should rent it so the property pays their fair share of taxes to pay for the services they receive. Most non profits use services more than the average taxpayer does.

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