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County right to study idea

May 5, 2013

Municipal water and sewer services are important factors for development in Fulton County....

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May-08-13 7:34 AM

Ron, with the working population exodus from Upstate, redistricting has caused a loss in representation. Neither party is run by or has an interest in Upstate citizens. We have been on our own for many years and it does not look any better for the future. In the meantime we keep banging on Albany's Mandate door but no one answers and we're relegated to arguing about the one natural resource we have an abundance of...water. I just have a hard time believing, with all the problems facing both Fulton and Mont. County's, that this is a big issue. Instead of using our money to conduct 'studies', deduct that money from our property tax bills. You want a study? Ok, I've studied the water issue and concluded we have LOTS of water. Study finalized and it was free. Now that that's done get to lowering our taxes and quit playing 'hide the problems'.

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May-07-13 10:02 AM

disco, agreed that we neeed totoss out many of the local elected leaders. But in my opinion the best thing we can do is get us new State Senator that is from Fulton Co. and a state Asswmbly person fron Fulton Co that knows what we need and is willing to work for us in Albany, the ones we have now have been there way to long and have done very little to help Fulton Co. move ahead.

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May-05-13 7:58 PM

If Ron1960 is correct then the real problem is political 'turf wars' with the taxpayer in the middle once again. These low-rent, backbenchers called 'local leaders' need to realize we have plenty of water to use but NO friggin jobs. Stop wasting the public dime and time on BS and get to the jobs we hired you for because this crap isn't going to accomplish anything except to give politicians the excuse of 'At least we're trying to do something to better our County'.

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May-05-13 1:05 PM

Dave this editorial sounds a lot like your comment on the poll on this topic... it is logical that you approve of this message. Hill's very last sentence nailed this subject right on the head! "In reality the culprits are high taxes and over-regulation. Water districts aren't going to fix that." Consolidation of these essential services are exactly opposed to what we need, simplification of what has become complex!

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May-05-13 12:39 PM

Boy, we sure do spend a lot of time/money talking about studies. When do we begin acting upon? Of course many do not want consolidation, that would mean the elimination of some gravy civil service jobs.

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May-05-13 9:56 AM

Consolidate everything into ONE county government and as far as water and sewer, if you use it you pay. If you have a well and septic you don't pay. Very simple, too many layers of government is equal to too high taxes and poor business environment. Make the area attractive to business and potential new residents and things will improve.

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May-05-13 9:22 AM

The editorial says, "The status quo is not working as well as it should." I was not aware of problems with water and sewer districts within the county. Upstate NY enjoys an abundance of potable water and seems to be far better off than the rest of the American regions in terms of water. As was pointed out, let’s not expend a great deal of energy, time, and money to create a solution to a problem way down at the bottom of the to do list. In reality the culprits are high taxes and over-regulation. Water districts aren't going to fix that.

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May-05-13 8:41 AM

Kudos. Another good editorial written by the local staff of the LH. Can the guy in corporate and keep writing local stuff. Much better.

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May-05-13 8:10 AM

Funny that so many people suddenly know so much about this possible action and know nothing at all. First because the two cities must agree to allow a new business to hook up to the sewer that in some cases delays and even stops the new business from coming here, then because the cities own the water and should one city not want to allow a new business to have their water and the other city can not supply water to that new business that again stops progress for both the cities and the town and also limits progress for the county. Then one person says that people who don't get the service are not going to pay for it, well first there would need to be districts set up for both water and sewer and only the people who live with in those districts would be able to get the service and they would be the people to pay for and those outside the district bounderies would not be paying for it.

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May-05-13 7:38 AM

Where did this fishing expedition come from since few officials seem to know about it? Water and sewer services are not the problem in Upstate NY that keeps business's and industry out of here, it's the multitude of regulations and high taxes. We NEED mandate relief, not new Water Districts. No County property owner with their own well and septic tank will pay a tax for a water/sewer service not available to them. Finally, if this study is going to take years, how much will it cost the taxpayers?

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May-05-13 7:34 AM

This sounds just like too big to fail once again, only at a local level this time. We have seen the problems with putting all your eggs in one basket why do we want to visit that again? To get the control of the entire counties essential services they will like the article indicated have to make it benefit the cities. To do that they will use Schumerism... that is the act of paying anything they have to to get you onboard promising everything is going to be better, cheaper and much more efficient. Then when we are all on board riding that train to the promised destination, it derails and all of the wheels come off. Higher prices, less efficient and needing a bailout... just like the other entities that merged to be too big to fail. Ask Broadalbin schools if merging is a good idea!

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May-05-13 7:22 AM

Obviously, much of Fulton county would never get either of these services, so districts would have to be formed so only those who can connect to these services have to pay for them. As time goes on, such district boundaries could be expanded as the need arises.

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